Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Class contributions 2009

There are four ways in which you will contribute to class:

  1. Group assignment: You will form your own groups, of 6 or 7 members each, and select a topic related to physicality and games from the class blog that interests you. You will announce your topic and group members by entering your group name and individual names (once you have all members together) on the blog in the comment section. You will then create a discussion around the topic on the corresponding date with all members of the team: the goal is to reiterate the topic to the rest of the class, and deliver the topic in a memorable way so that it helps your and the class’ future development. You can make a presentation, role-play the topic, demo it, whatever you think is most appropriate to deliver the topic and initiate reflective thinking about it with your fellow students.

    You will have 45 min on the day, this includes at least 15 min for discussion as part of this, so plan on not talking for longer than 30 min.

    This will count towards 15% of your final grade.

  2. Project idea: You will present a physical game project idea in a team of 5. This team should comprise of different team members from the other group assignment for your own benefit. You will present your game idea (suggested format: motivation, problem, approach, result, conclusion) through a demo, play or sketches to the rest of the group. Your presentation will need to be supplemented by a webpage that you can use during the presentation. You have to post the webpage’s URL to the blog before your presentation.

    ADDED: I would like to see you come up with a physical game. This means NOT a mouse/keyboard/gamepad game. (Simply because you have plenty of opportunities to do them in other classes).
    You CAN do a physical (not exertion) game, but you might need to argue that it is physical (see for example a tabletop game). Considering the topic of the class, you should try to make it very physical and utilize exertion: this is your chance to try out something new and challenging, so you should take it!

    This will count towards 20% of your final grade.

  3. Class discussion contribution: Your contribution to class discussions will count towards 30% of your grade.

  4. Critical reflection: You will write a comment about each class on the blog before the next lecture in which you critically reflect on what you have learned. You can also comment on ideas it generated for you, what comments you have on the presentation style, or what it inspired you, or what you disagree with. Pretty much anything goes that shows you are an adult thinker. You need to leave your blog comment in a way that clearly identifies you (so please use “Derek A.” if there are multiple Derek’s).

    This will count towards 35% of your final grade.