Thursday, May 13, 2010


Here are all the wonderful posters you created during your presentations:

The difference between Microsoft's Natal and Nintendo's Wii for game designers: Again

Please post here in the comments (bullet points please) what the difference is for you as game designers between the technology behind Microsoft's Natal and Nintendo's Wiimote (Plus).
Can you think of a game that you can design with one, but not with the other?
Use the language from the posters in class and the design dimensions.

So far:
- Wii: expands the magic circle by supporting social play between players who cannot see each other, i.e. cannot anticipate their next moves

- Natal: supports tactics such as offense and defense in the physical space (i.e. players pushing each other to gain an advantage), as technology can distinguish body positions relative to one another

Lecture 10: 13May2010 The Mousegrip and Pushing Pixels

Hi all,
Thanks for joining tonight.
Today you have seen how to make an Exertion Game for <$15. You have also experienced an Exertion Game that allows asynchronous interaction. Supporting asynchronous interaction is one big reason why computers can offer different experiences beyond what we already know from sports.

Again, thanks for filling out the survey form, it is truly appreciated. And thanks Seph for taking care of them. 

Homework for next week:
* Blog: a) Comment on the lecture OR b) repeat the most important point you have learned for those who could not attend OR c) describe the difference between Wii and Natal for designers AGAIN, IN A NEW AND SEPARATE BLOG ENTRY
* Report progress on your team website/blog
* Promote demo night on facebook, twitter, etc. Invite friends, companies you want to work for, the press (remember, everyone gets dots)
* Start working on your video, promotional picture and website for your game report about Exertion Games demo night and class

An interview on about the Exertion Games demo night and the class and students, with all the links included!