Saturday, April 18, 2009

Groups needed

Hi all,

Please make sure you have your 2 groups posted before the next lecture, in particular, we still need a group to present the second paper next week asap:

We already have a group for the first Wii paper (thanks!), so if you are interested in the Wii, or especially if you do not think the Wii is the best thing since sliced bread (the paper is much more critical than the first one), you should take this topic on!

It's rather short, but exciting, and asks some fundamental questions about physicality and computer games and high-end graphics (and how/if they relate).

If you are excited by this, please start working on it asap so you can present in the next lecture.

Comments on 3 other topics:
  • Arduino: I am trying to organize you a couple of boards and sensors etc.
  • GlovePIE: Let me know if you need access to Wiimotes for development and demo.
  • Social play: You should be able to get the book (chapter) through the library, but I am also trying to get you a PDF version. You need to select the highlights of the text to focus on, but it makes up for it by being very clever. So if you think most computer games are boring because they do not understand the social aspect, you should read this.
please make sure you do your homework! There are still comments missing, and groups to be formed!

Couple of thoughts for the 2 groups presenting next week:
Everyone should have read the papers by then, but because I don't know you enough yet, I am not sure if everyone will, so please include a little repeat into your presentation what the text says before you go into the discussion. Please make sure you aim for under 30 min so there is enough time for discussion. Please also decide for yourself what you think is the most valuable point of the text (or its references!) for your fellow students to learn about/discuss/think critically.

If you need the Wii to demo, let me know and I'll bring one in.

Any other questions for next week? Post into comments!