Saturday, February 25, 2012

Radical Games

New class 

The year 2012 introduces a new class in the games program: Radical Games (codename: Experience Design)

Radical Games are unconventional games that advance the gaming field significantly by challenging our understanding of what games are and play is, confronting us with our assumptions about the way we play and design games, and provoking us to reassess our believes in our work. Radical Games are often considered ground-breaking, advocate extreme change, are labelled as breakthroughs and being ahead of their time.

We will be focusing on digital Radical Games.

Learning objective

You will learn about the following:
What is a radical game, what makes a radical game, how do we recognize a radical game, how do we articulate what a radical game is, how do we design one, and how do we argue that our game is radical?

This is a research-focused class, preparing you for a senior position in industry or academia.


You will produce a portfolio of games which includes research papers about your games.