Thursday, March 4, 2010

Class contributions 2010

There are four ways in which you will contribute to class:

  1. Group assignment: You will form your own groups, of 6 or 7 members each, and select a topic related to physicality and games from the Schedule 2010 page that interests you.

    On the day when your group is scheduled, your entire group will stand in front of the class and  create a discussion around the topic with all members of the team: the goal is to teach your chosen topic to the rest of the class, and deliver the topic in a memorable way so that everyone remembers it! You can make a presentation, role-play the topic, demo it, whatever you think is most appropriate to initiate reflective thinking about it with your fellow students.

    You will conclude with a large sheet of paper on the wall that summarizes what you want everyone to remember!

    You will have 30 min on the day, so make sure your equipment is running beforehand and plan your timing wisely!

    This will count towards 15% of your final grade.

  2. Game Project: You will present two physical games in a team of 5 (1 game mid-semester, 1 towards the end). This team should comprise of different team members from the other group assignment for your own benefit. You will let everyone else in the class play your game (or have a video of other people playing it and demo it to people on a laptop if it is unfeasible to set up in class). You can talk people through your game (suggested format: motivation, problem, approach, result, conclusion) to convince them that this is the best game ever. This is your chance to try out something new and challenging, so do it!

    Your game will be accompanied by its own blog, in which you will document your progress weekly. Use the blog to convince everyone that you are making the game better every week and therefore the result is the best game ever! Post your URL and team members (photos, student id) to this blog so people find yours.

    As part of the final demos, your blog contains two 'demo description' pages (1 for each game) that describe the games for everyone to see.

    Combined, this will count towards 20% of your final grade.

  3. Class discussion contribution: Your contribution to class discussions will count towards 30% of your grade.

  4. Critical reflection: You will write a comment about each class on the blog before the next lecture in which you critically reflect on what you have learned. You can also comment on ideas it generated for you, what you would like to hear more about, or what it inspired you, or what you disagree with. Pretty much anything goes that shows you are an adult thinker. You need to leave your blog comment in a way that clearly identifies you (so please use “Derek A.” if there are multiple Derek’s).

    This will count towards 35% of your final grade.

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