Monday, March 5, 2012

Second Class on Radical Games: Design Workshop

Today we learned some strategies on how to come up with a Radical Game. Basically, sitting on your own and waiting for your creative spark is probably not going to do it! 
Try instead to:
  1. Design the game FOR someone
  2. Gain empathy with this someone
  3. Interview deep (ask "WHY?")
  4. Reframe what you found in your own words
  5. Check what others have done to address the challenge
  6. Articulate the
    1. Novelty and
    2. Contribution
  7. Get feedback from who you are designing the game for
  8. Ideate (jot down as many ideas as possible)
  9. Re-frame: ask outsiders for feedback
  10. Iterate and re-iterate through getting feedback
  11. Build and test 
Next week is a public holiday, so we meet again on the 19th, again in the Exertion Games Lab, 9.1.27.

Prepare a 90 sec elevator pitch for your team's (design team of 3) radical game idea (1 presenter): Finish with the sentence "it is novel because ... and the contribution of our game is ...". Practice it. (We will cut you off otherwise!). In the next class you will get feedback from everyone Madness-style!
Update your design team's tumblr (design team of 3)
Read the papers for next class
Prepare your group discussion task (group of 2) (check the schedule to see when you are on)
Write critical reflection on blog below

Thanks for participating in the design workshop today!