Friday, May 29, 2009

Team J

Team H

Daniel Angelone 3236600
Leigh Jackson 3238700
Jacob Paris 3238163
Rhiannon Baragwanath 3235028
Dylan Sterland 3236586

Team F

Team G

Andrew Daniel Lewis S3238104
Vicky (Tamnhu Dao) Nguyen S3135111
PekLoke Tay S3214125
Samantha To S3197261

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Team B

Class 7: design principles

Well done on the second set of project presentations!
You have also learned about different types of parallel and non-parallel play and the implications and opportunities for you as designers.


Please post your project URLs as separate blog entries and allow for comments.
Read the papers for next week.
Comment on today's lecture here.
Grade each project you have seen in its respective blog entry's comments. Use F, C, P, ...
Provide an explanation if you feel comfortable and think it is helpful.