Thursday, June 4, 2009

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Class 8: How it all comes together


Today you hopefully saw how all the individual pieces of the "exertion game puzzle" can come together: each conceptual theory piece you were introduced along the way formed the larger puzzle of what it means to design such exertion games.

And on this journey, you might have gained some insights on presentation skills, teamwork, arguing, discussing, etc.

I hope this was all useful.

Powerpoint slide of your project by midnight!
Enter project URLs into blog
Enter comments on blog before next Thursday
Enter grades before next Thursday
Next Thursday: in Stefan’s office: 4.30-7.30: feedback
1 week later: grades

For your comments below, here is a suggestion:

You all seemed to like the Nike+, and there was a good question from Michele what aspect of it is a game. Now think of all the concepts on the whiteboard: using any of these concepts, how could Nike+ be improved, and why?

Thanks again for a great opportunity to interact with your bright minds.


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