Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Schedule 2009

See also details on the projects etc here:

Please post in the comments 2 items:
The name of the group members for the presentation (6 or 7 members per group)
the name of the team members for the project (5 members per team, except two teams will have 4), depending on what you want to present/when you want to present your project.

Please make the names easily identifiable for me (Jay K. if you share the same first name)


Group 8: Anna B., Bella C., Charly D., Dough E., .... (6 or 7 members)

Team D: Peter A., Ralph B., (5 members per team, except two teams will have 4)

First in, first serve!

Schedule of lectures:

16 Apr

  1. Physicality and Games
  2. Introduction cont.
  3. Contributions explained
23 Apr

  1. Exertion Games
  2. How the Nintendo Wii will get you emotionally invested in video games (Group 1)
  3. Persuasive Games: Wii’s Revolution is in the Past (Group 2)

30 Apr

  1. Guest lecture
  2. Guest lecture
  3. Guest lecture
7 May

  1. Dance Games and other Exergames: what the research says (Group 3)
  2. Report from "Foundations of Digital Games 09", Orlando, USA
  3. The Rhetoric of Exergaming chapter from Persuasive Games book (Group 4)
14 May

  1. An overview of what physical games can be developed with Arduino (Group 5)
  2. Project presentations Madness
  3. The potential of the Wiimote using homebrew techniques such as GlovePIE (Group 6)
21 May

  1. Rules of Play: Unit 3, chapter 28: games as social play (select only highlights) (Group 7)
  2. Project presentations (Team A, B, C, D, E)
  3. Persuasive Games: The Missing Social Rituals of Exergames (Group 8)
28 May

  1. A theory of fun for game design, chapter 5: what games aren't (Group 9)
  2. Project presentations (Team F, G, H, I, J)
  3. Flow in games (and everything else), explain how it relates to games such as flOw (Group 10)
4 Jun

  1. Pervasive games: bringing computer entertainment back to the real world (Group 11)
  2. Project presentations (Team K, L, M, N, O, P)
  3. Fish’n’Steps: Encouraging Physical Activity with an Interactive Computer Game, and compare it to Nike+ (Group 12)