Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Groups & Design Teams 2012

Below is a list of the groups of two, you will be presenting to the class your chosen topic:
1. Georgie Z, Patrick W (19 Mar)
2. Anushka D.M, Christopher B (19 Mar - see email)
3. Alex J, Shaun S (2 Apr)
4. Kamila K, Ahn-Tu T (2 Apr)
5. Adam W, Jayden G (16 Apr)
6. Sarah C, Amy H (16 Apr)
7. Timothy D, Dakenum J (30 Apr)
8. Alex T, Chuong L (30 Apr)
9. Priscilla W, Amanda B (14 May)

Below is a list of the design teams of three, you will be creating your 3 radical games (26 Mar, 23 Apr, 21 May):
A. Alex J, Shaun S, Sarah C http://fyeahradicalexperiencedesign.tumblr.com/ (http://mimicrygame.tumblr.com/)
B. Patrick W, Dakenum J, Georgie Z http://the-exotic-antarctican-cabbage.blogspot.com.au/
C. Anushka D.M, Christopher B, Amy H http://bforbenzin.blogspot.com.au/
D. Jayden G, Adam W, Priscilla W http://awesomedesignblog.blogspot.com.au/
E. Timothy D, Kamila K, Chuong L http://tikachgames.tumblr.com/
F. Ahn-Tu T, Amanda B, Alex T http://signmonster.tumblr.com/

Please email us if there are any errors or if you are not yet listed.
Design teams of three must post their blog URLs below in the comments or email them to us.