Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lecture 11: 20May2010 Bringing it all together

Hi all,

Thanks for joining tonight. During this lecture, you saw how all your hard work on the presentations and the posters came together to help you in your career when it comes to talk about and analyze games such as Guitar Hero or the bar game. You have also seen how the theoretical work from the various game academics worldwide you were exposed to during this semester can support you in your quest to create more awesome games.

I am looking forward to playing your game next week!

* 1 exertion game without a conventional screen
* 1 website that describes the game and its benefits (example see pacmanhattan)
* 1 video on youtube
* promotional photograph (collage)
** 1024x768 landscape
** gametitle
** 1-2 sentences describing how the game works and why we need it
** URL
** team
* Promote demo night
* Bring cameras etc
* Report red dots at end of demo night
* Return hardware at end of demo night

Please post in the blog any feedback you might have on the use of the design dimensions in you creating your upcoming game (or any other games where you might have used (any) dimensions).

Hanging off a Bar

Thanks to Luke: