Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Magnificent 7

The Magnificent 7
(from left: Chad, Carla, Lauren, Courtney, Ned, Gregg, Mark)


  1. Logan Gray s3235083April 29, 2009 at 8:44 PM

    Hey there, Logan Gray here. I felt (in regards to the 1st group's topic) they covered all the bases in regards to the wiimote's emersiveness including the topics of Emertion and Emotion. The exploration of emotion and emertion made a great foundation for theirargument and if their presentation was to be graded on entertainment grounds i would give them 8.5/10. On other topics, i look forward to presenting our group's assignment next week. I also am a little worried about the design brief for our group of 5... im not too sure but the brief seems a little too general in my opinion..i hate to compare but the last assignment was "involving physics" where as this one is a "physical game" that leaves anything open from poo flinging to cartwheel races. i dont know ... i think i may be overthinking it. Its actually kind of a blessing in disguise!

    ah well, just me being a retard. Great session this week guys,

    hope you score well magnificent 7 !


  2. Ok I don't know where everyone else is posting there lecture 2 comments but I'm doing mine here.

    My main comment about the presentation, which I didn't think of until after it had finished and I had written it on the board was "How do you become immersed/emotionally involved in 'normal' physical games?" By normal I mean real/physical sports like footy or basketball. I think that needs to be addressed before you can look at the emotional/immersing factors into digital physical games.

    It feels like a kind of funny question. Well it seems rather funny to question it since I've been playing sport my whole life.

    I would say that as soon as I step onto the field I'm immersed in the game because that's all I'm thinking about. I'm concentrating on the ball, my opponent, my team mates, trying to read play and get myself into good position. That sounds like a lot now that I list it like this but it's not something I'm necessarily conscious of while I'm playing.

    Also, the emotion factor in sport. I think it has a lot to do with the energy/time you invest into the outcome. It seems obvious that an AFL team is going to be so ecstatic when they win a premiership. They started working towards that goal 9 months earlier and have often pushed their bodies to their limits. Alternatively, the losing team is going to feel an equally strong opposite emotional reaction.

    You don't see the same level of emotion after the grand final of your social basketball competition where you don't train or have such a mental drive to win.

    So I guess relating that back to the Wii... The extra physical exertion (even if it isn't much) will generate bodily reactions such as increased heart rate in the user. So when they get the positive or negative result from spending that energy/effort, naturally they're going to have a more emotional response.

    I can't remember if the Magnificent 7 mentioned the James-Lange theory or not. But I think their theory is pretty representative of what I'm saying. You don't act based on your emotions, your emotions are based on your actions. I can't decide if that's necessarily a rule for all emotion but I think it's pretty good.

    Anyway, sorry to write so much guys! That's just my thoughts.

    Geoff Walker

  3. bahahahaha!
    best group photo ever.

  4. kudos to whoever wrote ORGASMIC. real subtle.

  5. Bec here, Sorry this comment is a bit late, totally forgot about commenting. Anyway, just in time for tonight's class. In regards to last class, i think it was a great presentation, really well thought about and kudos for going first. I thought most of their arguments were covered and backed up with evidence. I think the very end point, on how it needs to be improved was good. I agree that it does need to improve but come on, its pretty awesome what it can do, right now. Yes, its not as awesome as the ps3 or xbox360 and the graphics and all that, but it doesn't have to be amazing to be successful and do its job as a gaming console for basically anyone! Thats why its being sold, especially at an affordable price for the family to enjoy! Woo!

  6. Cheung Yi Kai S3232755
    hi. i remember one of your team metion that we got strong emotion is more because of the sound, graphics and storyline. I strongly agree with that! But i wanna say i got the emotion when i need to swing my remote with a lot of energy, adjust your remote angles and got clump while u shaking your remote. Games like Rayman, star war Unleashed, Metroid Prime Corruption and no more hero are good example. The hand movenment also make me feel Awesome when i do a prefect combo in Star War Unleashed. And i believe wii remote create a strong emotion because it is like we doing body language while our presentation.... well that is just want i think :) Even a game like cooking mama can be so much fun when u can pretending the gameplay.

  7. s3200763- fantastic presentation by the fantastic 7. good points were raised about the wii remote's pros and cons and what effect it has on emotion. fun = emotion wii = fun

  8. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 1:28 AM

    Great presentation and I do agree with some points that this group made. However I don't belive that a physical game, such as the wii is more immersive. It definently reminds us of what reality is, as I stated in my previous post, but at the same time it keeps us aware that we are playing a game. This is from my experience anyway. An example would be me playing Zelda the twilight princess,( a game that I clocked if anyone cares) anyways I fould myself immersed in the game because of how it was built, the art was great, the settings were beautiful, and the story was... well immersive. However, the controls through the wii mote, made the experience a little less sublime. I found myself constatly having to swing the wii mote and shake the nunchuk slightly silly, and therefore I was reminded of the fact that I am a human being playing a game and waving two silly plastic toys around. I mean dont get me wrong I am a huge fan of those devices, but I dont think they add to the immersion of the game. At least not for me anyways.

  9. Is the Wii more immersive than other consoles? I don’t think so – not completely. I mean, it’s a different *experience*, a different take on a game or a situation. You can use the wiimote as tool; you get a little physical buzz out of it. But I wouldn’t say that’s any more immersive than playing with a regular remote or on a regular console.

    Either way, it’s still fun to play a game! Whether you’re making funny hand gestures or mashing away. :)

    Anyway, great presentation!

    Sama (3239506)