Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pseudo-intellectual vapidity of the day...

Apparently global warming isn't going too well. That's a pity. I liked Antarctica.

Shame about the global recession too. Having an economy was a good trick to keep all the economists busy, so they wouldn't bother the rest of us. And buying stuff was fun.

And I hear a few people have died of the flu. That's sad. Not quite as sad as the few million people who died of HIV/AIDS, but I hear it could get worse.

Then there's the millions of people who die from hunger, poverty, childbirth, wars, preventable diseases and the rest.

Oh, and I'm single. Tragedy!


With all this misery going on, I'm curious to how can we justify studying a frivolous thing like computer games?


  1. With all this gloom and doom it becomes ever more important study frivolous things. We may as well accept the horrible state of things and busy ourselves with something we enjoy. Thats right, ignorance is the way to go!

    And yet computer games might hold all the answers! Surely making good games will make more people buy them, thus stimulating the economy. And if everyone's inside glued to their screens they wont be out spreading hogflu. It is also theoretically possible to make a game so good ( it will stop global warming.
    umm not sure what they can do for your love life, but thats most global tradgedies averted.

  2. i think about this all the time. I suppose game design is what i'm best at and enjoy the most(of everything ive attempted so far). So as far as i'm concerned, i'm contributing to society the best way that i can. Many people are inspired in different ways, so the same way you were inspired to study computer games, your subsequent game may inspire someone else to study architecture or law.

    And the opinion of said architect or laywers importance is relative to the person pondering that question once again.

    Not to mention there is no way that you will excel in any field if you doubt the relevance of your work. Always look at the bigger picture and have confidence in what you're doing.


  3. Well, with all of this sadness we need to make something to distract people from all the misery.

    And what better way to do it than making an awesome game! Our audience can immerse themselves in another world with different rules, a riveting storyline and awesome graphics! This can distract them from the misery, make them smile and enjoy themselves for a while.

    And that’s an awesome job!! Its great to think we can distract people from sad things and make them happy while they play our games.

    So that’s how I justify it. Also I am totally in love with the gaming industry, and want to do it for the rest of my life, that’s another justification.

    All I have to say is: Yay for Games!

  4. pfft.
    When someone is sick you give them an antidote. If they die give them a pheonix down.

    Duh, what kind of crazy world are you living in?

    As for aids. The only aids in video game world are the ones that belong to Sonic.
    it's why he is so skinny nowadays.

    All i can say is that this blob needs more dinosaurs.

  5. Making games that turn people into nerds helps reduce the AIDS numbers.

    And there's an article i read somewhere, basically saying no matter what befalls the people, be it the recession, plagues,wars, or Obama, people will still play, not only video games. So in a sense, no matter how the world is, our research will still matter.

  6. Kim,

    I hope you have realized by now that physical games, especially those involving exertion, have the potential to support social rapprochement.

    Many of today's issues are associated with a lack of mutual understanding and trust between arguing parties. So why don't you use your project to facilitate such a rapprochement between players who would otherwise never play together, yet alone meet? If they play together, they might start talking to one another and begin to see each other's views. For example, you could create a physical game that brings Palestinians and Israels closer together. Or disadvantaged rural aboriginal kids and rich city school kids. Or create an exertion game that helps fight obesity. Or let a divorced parent play with her/his kids miles away. Or a christian school with an arab community. Or ....

    There are many examples of if people would only start talking to one another, the first step would be much easier. Games in the past have been able to help with that, see the social power of sports. Computer games with their technological potential should be even better at it.

    Good luck with your first project,

  7. Not worried about the flu?
    I bet you weren't worried about chicken flu either.
    And more research has been put into HIV/AIDS than any other virus. Influenza (chicken flu, swine flu etc.) has the potential to kill a LOT of people. In 1918, 2% of the world's TOTAL population died. Unfortunately I hadn't even heard of the 1918 flu until I read a book about it and other influenza viruses

    Maybe we make a few games about awareness :/?
    Personally I think of video games and movies and all those sorts of entertainment are about escaping this shitty world. If people only ever heard the crap stuff, they'd lose their moral quickly.

    So go video games! Lets make fun for everyone so we don't get depressed.

  8. People will always play games, and people will always be suffering.

    If you can convince the world to change their minds and actions on either of these two issues, then game design is not the career for you!

    So until you can, just make great games that entertain people when they need to feel good.

    Make a game that Robert Mugabe will play, and see the error of his ways. A game that will inform people politically/socially, or any other 'lly'.

    One day, maybe, those who suffer will no longer suffer, and they will find your game, and enjoy it. :)

    If you are still really that worried about it, maybe study politics? Take over the world and be a 'good' dictator!

  9. Yeah Rob. Bang on mate. I know why I study video games, because video games are fun!

    If you still feel bad perhaps you should look into the Venus Project. They're trying to do stuff like save the world.

  10. Hi people, just poping in to give my humble opinion.



    Maybe if we all hoped hard enough a huge meteor of Tiberium or some alternative alien resource will be introduced and miraculously cure pressing global issues like the polar ice caps melting, swine flu,spawncamping, and perhaps AIDS/HIV.

    At any rate, we who contribute to making video games are creating a great source of entertainment, and most multiplayer games give people a fair reason to get together and have loads of fun.

    And yes, I'm sure we are all enjoying ourselves in this course so far!

    Nicholas Lim Chong Hock

  11. My comment below is a simple comment from a simple mind :)
    Games are Fun,
    Having fun often makes people laugh,
    Laughing helps alleviate disease (if you believe the SECRET) and also helps us live longer. Even if we don't live long, at least we've enjoyed the ride and laughed our way to the end.

    Therefore, making games is beneficial for society in the long-run cos it makes millions of folks happy :)

  12. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 1:48 AM

    Entertainment, like everything else makes the world go round. If we dwell on all the sad things that are going on in the world then we wouildn't be human, (actually now that I think about it thats all the media dwells on, and they are human, i think). Anyways games are evolving to be more than just games. They are becoming more immerssive, phisical and dare I say it, educational. If we didn;t have these forms of entertainment or education to keep all the bad things out of our heads then we would be living in an even sadder world.

  13. Hm. It is a strange thing.

    But then again, why do we have confetti machines, little plastic umbrellas, or silly putty? Video games might be used for entertainment now – but who knows what they’ll be ten years from now. In my heart, I know we can change things and help future generations *not* become couch potatoes.

    Hey, we all start out playing games – but one day I’m sure we’ll be making things that matter. It’s true, human suffering will never truly end, but our industry can help people.

    Don’t believe me? Then check this out. Educational laptops for children in third world countries:

    “A small machine with a big mission. The XO is a potent learning tool designed and built especially for children in developing countries, living in some of the most remote environments. It’s about the size of a small textbook. It has built-in wireless and a unique screen that is readable under direct sunlight for children who go to school outdoors. It’s extremely durable, brilliantly functional, energy-efficient, and fun.”

    Sama (3239506)