Saturday, May 23, 2009

Push! Dodge! Balance!

Hell yeah, pushing.

We are Team E, consisting of:
Rachel Shi,
Jesse Holtham,
Rory Sampson,
John Gregg
and Anh-Tu Tran

Thank you for your time and mercy.


  1. ahahhaha you guys suked 0/10...nah nah nah its me rory hehehe just thought id get the ball rolling but i wont pass judgment on our team hehehe

  2. Great idea. Good use of the console and peripherals. This game is a great example of what Floyd demonstrated at the end of the lecture about match type sports without injury.

    Concept: Very realistic, it's something I can see Nintendo packaging off with WiiSports9000. Personally I wouldn't play it, but that's because I think the WiiFit board is a waste of money.

    Presentation: Man that video just made it. Would have been nice to have seen more 'ingame' situations (like in front of a screen), but as an advertisement it's very effective. Diagrams helped with understanding the technical aspect.

    Lost marks just because ingame footage would've been nice, and maybe some extra social aspects would have benefited it - e.g. a leaderboard on some Wiichannel, the ability to have more than two players, or tournaments.

  3. Hey Guise
    Here is my review of your exer-game Push! Dodge! Balance!

    I’m not sure what you guys were intending, but I don’t see this game as a effective cardio workout, and the actual time spent playing the game to get any physical benefit could be done in less time with a more effective workout, I’m assuming you guys realised this and your counter for it was the fun from actually playing the game. Also I don’t see any longevity in your game, it doesn’t matter how many exotic locations there are, if I’m doing the same thing over and over it’s going to get boring.

    Now for the positives, I really liked the fact that you included an online multiplayer aspect for the game, which means it can be played virtually anytime across the world, this is definitely a bonus for those who wish to exercise without constraints like weather and time, and is one of the reasons why people buy exercise bikes for those rainy days when they can’t actually go for a ride. I also enjoyed watching your group’s video, very funny. :)

    HD: 80-100
    D: 70-80
    C: 60-70
    P: 50-60
    Fail: 0-49

    Your result: 71 = Distinction

  4. The game sounds fun, there are a few aspects i don't get though, but the video was nice, the only downside to the video was the lady next door.

    Needs more fatality moves though. I can also imagine a 007 game where you try to push your opponent away to get a parachute before either fall to your demise, forgot which film that was.

    Nice game, great presentation, overall 8.002 out of 10, HD.

  5. I enjoyed your presentation and your video; you certainly made the game look fun in your ad, but I'm not sure that it would transfer as effectively to the console.

    The video was so effective because you showed the two people being really actively involved but they weren't playing in the direction of the screen (which they actually would be if they were playing) which is where I think the video is a little misleading.

    That being said, it seems your basic concept is Wii Boxing (which has been very successful) with the balance board incorporated, and I like that you're using a combination of upper and lower body activity.

    The major selling point for this game I think is that you've designed it as a shared screen game (I really hope I'm remembering the right game here), so playing online is a possibility which I think is important for next gen games and also an important step for exergaming.

    Overall I rate it pretty highly and would give it a distinction.

    Good job guys!

  6. I'd like to add to what Anthony was discussing; while I was watching the video I was thinking it would probably be easier to play push/dodge/balance without the technology; of course for online mutliplayer it adds purpose but for "split screen" multiplayer (where the screen doesn't actually split) it doesn't really seem feasible.

    Overall though I believe the concept is good, and the the video did show your intended direction.

    Final Result: 73 = DI (Distinction)

  7. Scott Battye S3201290May 25, 2009 at 12:33 PM

    Whoops, that Anonymous was me -_-

  8. The idea is really good! I really like it. And I liked it even more when you played your video, haha. I reckon the game is good for mucking around with friends, and people would have a good time with it.

    I'm just not too sure on where the player would be standing. Like, if they're facing eachother, they wouldn't look at the screen. If they're facing the screen, how would you actually lose balance. But yeah, maybe I'm missing something haha.

    Overall, a really fun game and presentation!


  9. Cool idea. Game is good and social.
    Some aspects I did not understand completely, such as player stance. Ultimately, a quality presentation and the trailer you guys put together added to that.


  10. Personaly i didn't like the game itself. Don't get me wrong its an interesting idea, but it seems to make something into a video game just for the sake of having a digital inteface between two people.

    On the other hand your presentation was well made and entertaining, witch made want to see more.

  11. The ad was fun and interesting but overall the game itself was not explained alot to us. The gameplay looks repetitive so it'll definately bore the players quite quickly. I guess it's the same as wii boxing.
    Did people gave you strange looks when you were filming your game? xD

    In the end, you guys completed your presentation on time and have an adequate game idea so i say 'Distinction'.

  12. A fun looking game making excellent use of existing technology. Video of the in-game experience was great to watch. Great Social, Emotional, Physical and Mind-body Loop aspects to it. As it is more about silliness and fun with a friend, I guess the Mind-body conflict is not as important as you don't seem to need much thought to play as it does not challenge the mind in any way.

    Website???? I couldn't view it, only got the weird blog when I tried...

    Presentation, not bad ... extra leniency cos you were in the first group of presentations.

    Overall, I'd probably give you 71% which only just slides into a distinction.

    Cheers yo!

  13. As much as I enoyed your presentation/video ad, I don't think I quite grasped your game properly. The main problem is I can't visualise how it translates on screen.

    Overall you guys scored pretty well, but I can't see myself buying it. I don't think there's enough depth to it.

    Top points for social and "bonus". I think the mind/body loop would be quite tricky in this game. Trying to defend and attack with different parts of your body, sounds like a fun challenge.

    On originality, I think I'm in a similar boat to Vlad. It just seems like a sort of cobbled together thing to cash in on the Wii. I suppose it's kind of similar to the game you play on a canoe (we did it at a school camp and it was awesome).

    Anyway you guys just miss out on a HD, back luck!

    Concept :: 7/10
    Physical Exertion :: 6/10
    Mind/Body Loop :: 8/10
    Social :: 10/10
    Emotion :: 9/10
    Performance :: 7/10
    Originality 6/10
    Presentation :: 6/10
    Website :: 8/10
    Bonus :: 10/10
    TOTAL :: 78/100 = D

    Oh by the way. I don't get why you have a lightswitch as the website interface?

  14. When you first introduced the concept i must say that i was not impressed. I thought it was too similar to wii boxing and a little boring because of a lack of depth to the game, but after seeing the presentation my mind was changed.
    In fact, i like the idea of the game now - i think that the video sold the game incredibly well and it did actually help to clarify what the game was about. I still think it is simmilar to wii boxing, but i would much rather play your game to it.
    In terms of the game itself i probably wouldnt buy it, only because it isnt the kind of game i would normally play. Although im sure there are people who would love a game like this and im sure i would enjoy playing it with a bunch of mates too.

  15. You have outdone yourself presentation wise I give you that.

    There are some aspects which we learned about that I did not really see inside. Those I thought lacking were

    1 - Performance
    Did not really see the game giving me any chance or reason to perform.

    2 - Social
    Definitely a social game, if you could somehow add more players, would be better yea.

    I think it is a great idea and requires a bit more thought about it and it would be an excellent game.

    Overall - Distinction for you. I was really impressed with your presentation style. I mean Really.

  16. By the looks of everyone else comments, that video really sold it. And I agree. The concept itself is good, if a little boring. Cherie mentioned it being packaged in WiiSports and I entirely agree. It seems more like a minigame for a WiiSports like design than something bigger. The repetition would probably get boring without added layers of difficulty etc. Still, Wii tennis is gosh awful repetitive but it's still one of the most played games on the Wii : ).

    The video explained everything very well and made the presentation fun and no doubt easier for you on the day, so good work : D. Still, I think glasses-Rory will haunt my nightmares for years to come : s.

    Overall, I have to give you what everyone else seems to be giving you, but not for that reason alone. Great presentation, great concept, lacking in depth; so 70% seems about right : ).

  17. 69/100
    I didn't really like the idea myself, but it was a very original idea. The ad you made was awesome aswell.

  18. The presentation was nice and i enjoy the ad.

    Like mark said its very original and main point is yes it is a very physical games :D.

    Also, this game can be played anywhere anytime and in any circumstances with anyone you saw . maybe in class and etc.

    Overall i like this idea and the gameplay itself

  19. My mark: DI
    A pretty fun sounding game idea, I can certainly see how it would be fun, social and have an amount of performing. There’s a considerable amount of hardware but I guess that’s fine, these ideas are meant to be out there. I found it really hard to understand what the game idea actually was at first, i think the video confused me a bit, once I finally understood the idea fully i like the idea a lot more.

  20. I like the sound of Push! Dodge! Balance! It’s simple mechanics could allow for really great, fast paced gameplay.

    Physical Exertion

    This game did focus on the physical part of the game somewhat, as I can imagine the constant pushing and dodging to be quite exhausting after a wile.

    Mind Body conflict

    The use of extra activities outside the title of Push! Dodge! Balance! Make for an interesting conflict, in that you are on one hand, trying to defeat your opponent, as well as avoid their attacks by balancing and dodging. This could cause too much conflict, or a lot of hilarity as an obstacle in the mine cart level approaches.

    This game could be very social if played together in the same room, but this might not always be the case, and I am wondering how much of the social interaction would carry across a network. Being able to see and laugh with your opponent makes the social aspect much stronger. The competitive nature of this game could also detract from the social aspect when playing online.

    The parallel/non-parallel aspects of the game worked well, turning what in real life could be a violent physical game into a friendly fun social game where no-one (hopefully) gets hurt

    Getting physical always invokes emotions, and it will be hard to find a game that doesn’t in our lectures. I find that the direct correlation between the motions of the player and the avatar work well to draw more emotional investment in the game, and this game does this well.


    The video clip showed a really great collection of instances where performance is obvious and it was a very performance based clip. Feeling like you’re on a plane, or travelling down escalators could draw some performance. But probably not as much as thinking you are a rock star, eg. Guitar hero. It’s hard for me to see other areas of the game where performance could rise to the surface.


    The game is very original for a video game, and incorporates some great physical movements into the gameplay. I think the use of the balance board is inventive, as is using the wiimotes to push the other player. I was very impressed with these simple uses of the wii controls.


    There wasn’t much to judge the visual style of the game upon, but the video did show great attention to the type of game it would be.


    The group presentation went fairly well, and the demonstrated use with the wiimotes was great.


    The website was inventive, but not easy to navigate and find information, but there was enough information present. More diagrams or pictures on what the game looked like, or played would be welcome.


    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 9/10
    Social: 8/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Performance: 6/10
    Originality: 8/10
    Style: 7/10
    Presentation: 7/10
    Website: 8/10
    Conclusion: 8/10

    Total 77/100

    D (Distinction)

    Still accepting bribes, queue up after the first group.

  21. Hello Team E

    Ok…idea and origionality, not too bad. It definitely wasn’t something I would have thought of or would have expected but it needed to be explained more I was a bit confused…7.5/10

    Even though there is something about the game over all that seems to be lacking. I just realised something, if 2 people are playing this and they are facing each other AND their heads are turned watching the TV, someone is accidentally going to get hit. I think because of the wee’s limitations and infant state your game is going to have more mind conflict rather than body. There are countless ways one can ‘cheat’ using the remote. However I do understand what’s suppose to be going on…6.5/10

    Website looked fairly professional. Enjoyable video and rules are there but the actual look of the game itself is missing…8/10

    Presentation was ok. A bit more enthusiasm and articulation is in order but I got the just of what was being said.7/10

    Socially it’s getting there but it almost seems to be a petty fight between players rather than a game. It seems good in theory but I’m not too sure how it would play out in real time. Overall the impression I was left with was that I would like to try it but I’m not expecting Jesus’ 2nd coming…7/10

    However in the end I definitely am impressed. I think it has some potential, thus…70%

  22. Ok so as a member of this group I'm going to try to be as unbiased as possible.

    I feel that our idea was solid, but the presentation was somewhat lacking. We needed to articulate the way our game worked a little more clearly. Many of the points that have been raised above were discussed at length by our team.

    Still, it was a conscious decision to make our presentation more entertainment based. We certainly had a lot of fun making the video. ^^;

    Overall I'd give rate us:

    Idea: 8/10

    Presentation: 7/10

    Anh-Tu tumbling down the stairs: 4/10

    My awesome hill rolling action scene: 10/10

    OVERALL: 7.5/10

  23. I'd never consider playing it - GREAT MOVIE THOUGH! Most people get that it was supposed to be IN GAME footage - would have been good to express that somehow cos not everyone listens to words coming out of other peoples mouths.

    I really, really REALLY don't like the game, HATE the balance board - but I think I'm biased by how much the game sucks so i'll try not think about that just how you came up with it and what it could do as a game with all those things he wants it to be.

    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 6/10 - I dont fight like that. I move my legs when i push somebody
    Social: 8/10 Very social if you play it in public places
    Emotion: 7/10 - Strong Emotion embarrassmentPerformance: 5/10 - Not much oppurtunity to perform
    Originality: 6/10 - WII boxing - so its not pushing but come on.
    Style: 5/10
    Presentation: 9/10 - movie rocked can't remember the rest
    Website: 8/10 - haven't seen it so i'll stick with 8
    Conclusion: 8/10 - Can't remember

    Total 71/100 i think - not sure if i counted right


  24. I'll have to agree with what Geoff said, the game wasn't clear enough to me. You guys said we should see the presentation as the 'in-game' footage. So does that mean that the avatars in-game will be holding wiimotes?

    Your video was very entertaining, great work on that, I think most people are giving their marks to the video :P

    Overall, I like the concept. But, yeh, it's lacking in depth. It seems fairly enjoyable though, a good social game to play with a friend :) Interesting website.

    I give this game 76% for the original idea and the nice video :) Good job!


  25. Im gonna try an clear up some things.

    The purpose of our presentation was to make it look like a fun game which is one of the main reason we made the video.

    The video was spose to be a realistic representation of our game. We did this because we could not accomplish making something that could be well presented in flash.

    It was set out to be more of a mini game then a fully developed one. Some people may think the pushing, dodging and balancing actions may get boring over time, but we simply used that concept and tried to work from it which is why we added different levels, scenarios and (pow) effects etc.

    Try playing the game without any technology an u'll see that its a fun physical game. We simply just did what floyd explained an made it
    so that anyone has an equal chance to defeat the other person.

    If this made no sense its because it is very late and i am tired. ZZZZZZzzzzz

  26. Great game idea!! Your video presentation is interesting an fun. I like the way two people interacting together by remote. That could be a great idea. And, i just think , the game could be funner if you guys use one more tool, wii mat. Player's body will moving a lots while it is conflicting with mind.

    You should get D for this project.


  27. Nicholas Lim

    Quite an original game idea, that's simple(pushing) but undeniably effective, as its got rules and a "fair" method of play. As far as gameplay balance goes, I think that part was handled well, because all players should have a 50-50 chance of defeating the other player.

    However, in terms of game longevity I think its slightly limited, but that's probably due to the direct and simple design of the game itself.

    Hope this group gets a Distinction!

    Nicholas Lim

  28. its a cool game!

    a little lazy to my liking :P i think it need more exertion elements :) i think it could be a great social experience and a lot of fun and customization can be applied to this game like lvls and characters also awesome preview vid :)

    Mark :A

  29. Great game idea methinks. the combining of various wii controllers was a good move.
    The movie gave a good feel for the gameplay, however i was confused as to why the characters on screen had wii-motes in their hands!

    I think that the game needs some development though, as the novelty would soon wear off. but there is definitely allot of potential.
    Also the social aspect is the best part of this game. I can imaging playing this with someone and having a hoot.

    so yeah, good original idea, fair amount of exertion, good stuff.
    i shall rate it a D

  30. It's a D!
    - because:
    The presentation was pretty good- the video was especially well done (although after a bit of thought, it didn't really make much sense- that they hold Wii's in the in game footage? But, I'm happy to ignore that..)
    The game idea itself is also pretty good. It's social and exerting and everything it needs to be. I also like how you have focused on how the players will play. But I agree with some of the other comments- it wasn't quite clear enough and it's not a game I would personally play

    Well done
    -Kalonica Quigley

  31. Ben Taylor s3168518May 28, 2009 at 2:14 PM

    You thought about the idea pretty well, and it does seem like a wii game. It fits in well with the console itself, but the purchase of more than one Wii balance board does seem costly. The idea seems pretty origional and fits in well with what Floyd was talking about with the contact sports over distance. Your website was a little hard to understand, and navigation wasn't clear.

    Physical Exertion: 6/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 8/10
    Social: 7/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 7/10
    Style: 7/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Website: 4/10
    Conclusion: 8/10

    Total: 71/100 (71%)

  32. Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Social: 8/10
    Mind body conflict: 5/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Originality: 8/10
    Presentation: 9/10 < great vid!
    Website: 8/10
    Overall: D

    Good job, I liked this concept!

  33. Adrienne 0____^ 3236467May 28, 2009 at 2:32 PM

    Hmm, I didn't mind this game, although to be honest I don't know just how intense the physical involvement can get. Personally its not a game I'd be into, but it is still a good concept. Alrightey then, grading time. 0___^

    Physical Exertion: 5/10
    Mind/Body loop: 7-8/10
    Social: 6.5/10
    Emotion: 6/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 7-8/10
    Style: 5.5/10
    Presentation: 7.5/10
    Website: 4.5/10

    Overall: Hmm, sorta C-like. I like the concept, but I don't think it would be engaging enough for me. Also, I would find it difficult concentrating on the screen and the person in front of me at the same time. Non-multitasking people like me 0___^


  34. Andrew &quot;Dooshie&quot; DemetriouMay 28, 2009 at 2:45 PM

    I liked the idea, but I have a bad feeling that watching the video would be more fun than the game. You gotta spice it up somehow. I know that exergames aren't meant to replace actual real-life actions, but I don't really have faith that your game would have replayability in the state that it is in now.

    Props on the vid and the site, though.

    Physical Exertion: 8/10
Mind/Body loop: 4/10

    Social: 5/10

    Emotion: 4/10
Performance: 6/10
Originality: 7/10

    Presentation: 10/10
Website: 9/10

  35. everything seemed good but the thing i keep thinking is that if you are tyring to balance you unbalanced virtual self by swaying on the wii-fit board, your balanced real self will hence become unbalanced causing a very confusing dilema! thats what i would call a mind body conflict :P
    D for Digitalism and Distinction :D

  36. The social aspect was great, it looked like that aspect of it was working - but the game doesn't really encourage player performance. The game made good use of the mind body loop though - the balance board being used as a way to rebalance your character.

    Fantastic job on the video - very entertaining :)


  37. everything seemed good but the thing i keep thinking is that if you are tyring to balance you unbalanced virtual self by swaying on the wii-fit board, your balanced real self will hence become unbalanced causing a very confusing dilema! that's what i would call a mind body conflict :P
    D for Digitalism and Distinction :D

  38. Ive written in detail above but i didnt give you a letter only a percent so in the end i gave the group a D

  39. Idea:
    The idea was alright. Personally i wouldnt play it, i'd rather just actually push the other person over, but thats just me. I think you need to look into its replayability. How long would that be fun for? Why would people play this instead of the real thing? It doesn't seem necessary to spend lots of money and turn this simple physical concept into a digital game?

    The video was a nice idea but it lacked any gameplay footage. All i saw was 2 ppl pretendin to hit eachother with wiimotes. Obviously you'd need a console and a tv involved and i would have liked to see how that would have looked. However, your presentation presented your idea thoroughly.

    Website: The website's ok, however it seems pretty dodgy. Also, whats with the lightswitch?

  40. your idea was pretty cool, and from your presentation it was evident you guys put a lot of work into it, your site is pretty rad, a little confusing with the switches though (it is a cool way of navigating around the site, but maybe if it was to the side or bottom it'd be a bit more user friendly)

    cool idea, i also like that you guys took the time to make a video advert type thing, it really showed the fun of it all too in my opinion.

    score: D

  41. hi, it's vic
    your idea was quite cute hahaha prob cos of the vdo demo.
    ok make it quick:
    idea: 3/5
    exertion part: 3/5
    social: 5/5 think it'd be funny to watch, just like in the vdo
    performance: 2/5
    emotion: 1/5
    presentation: 4/5
    website: 4/5

    that gives you a credit.

  42. i forgot to give you guys a letter as well.
    i'd give it a C

  43. Amanda Joy BaileyJune 4, 2009 at 1:30 PM

    hey guys i didnt actually see your presentation ): but i checked out your webpage took me a while to figure out how to look at stuff on it, lol but good job (: you get a D

  44. deffinately an interesting idea alot of thought has been put into it, yourve used the wii device things well for the purpose of your game

    MARK: D

  45. i'd play it!

  46. The video was awesome ^_^ well done guys.
    In terms of the game, there is a fair amount of exertion and social interactivity. I think the novelty would wear off after a while :S as it lacks a little substance but it would still prove enjoyable. The website, is interesting. The switch is a nice effect :P and you explain and showcase your game well.

    You get a distinction from me.

  47. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 2:54 AM

    Interesting concept, but not something I would get overexcited about. probably could work as an arcade thing, where there are heaps of spectators cheering the people on. I dont think the idea was as well thought out as it could have been. Good job on the presentation guys. 6.5/10

  48. i'm still a little confused as to how the game works with the pushing and the dodging and the balancing..
    i think maybe some more showing of how u actually play it in real life in a real situation (like infront of the tv) would have been more helpful.

    originality: medium
    exertion: medium
    fun: medium(would get a little repetative after a while)

    Credit(but a high credit haha)

  49. I'm also not 100% on how the game works, although i do like the way the gameplay has a very rock paper scissors style to it. On the other hand, this game isnt very physical and nor does it need to be physical. A lot of this game has to do with a 1/3 chance of tagging another player, this is not very fun. Great video.


  50. Pushing, balancing and dodging, not something I would play too much of but I can see its got a great potential audience.

    The concept is fun and Wii-like. The video is hilarious. Your group totally deserves a D. :)

    Sama (3239506)

  51. Logan Gray s3235083June 10, 2009 at 11:48 PM

    epic video, looks really fun :)

    i can see this being developed further though, push that envelope!!!



  52. Ben Goodvach-DraffinJune 11, 2009 at 2:40 AM

    Nice advertisement video, wish i had that idea for our presentation. Cool idea, i see a lot of young siblings fighting because of this, amazing. Don't know about the kinetics of it though, A lot of people will probably fall over due to have nothing to push against.

    Ben Goodvach-Draffin