Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roly Poly

Blog is up for our game.
We're group A.
Sophie Bryson
Raphael Chung
Thomas Eccles
Gan Cheng
Timothy Goschnick
Victoria Na





  1. I love the graphics and thought you all put into your webpage design so most of the marks I would be giving you are based on that aspect, as well as a good presentation that went with the page. Extra points as well for Gan's ass slapping, a joyous pleasure to watch, I must say. I am not sure if you have found a good balance with your mind-body conflict. There seems a bit too much body conflict which would overpower any mental processing capabilities. Social aspects are fine, because it would be rather funny to watch a player attempt the game. Performance is tricky due to the nature of the gameplay so I am not convinced there as well. Overall, well done, especially as you were the first presentation which is often hard.

    My mark: D for Distinction

    Close to a HD but not quite because of the issues I've outlined so sorry guys...Peace Yo! :)

  2. Im not going to give a grade because i not sure on the marking criteria.

    What i liked:
    - cute characters

    - the fact that is an arcade game, not a $1000, 250kg accesory for the home user. it may actualy be plausible.

    What i didn't like.
    - slipping on a ball and fracturing my face on the padded bar.

    - im assuming you need a fair amount of upper body strenght to support yourself considering the ball is either going to be loose and slip around allot or be stiff and require you to push hard to make it move.

  3. Scott Battye S3201290May 22, 2009 at 12:27 AM

    I think this idea is fantastic, you analysed the social aspects well and put a lot of thought into the game. The visual description (the animation) of the gameplay mechanics was very helpful in understanding the overall flow of gameplay and for the first presentation it went quite well.

    Just one question before I give you my personal opinion on marks; how exactly does the ball detect that you're running in the middle or the side?
    It didn't really occur to me until I watched the animation again.

    My Breakdown:
    Creativity: 9/10 basic is good =)
    Awareness of "exergaming issues" (mind body conflict etc.): 8/10 (I agree with what Pranee said, probably balanced more toward physical than mental, still balanced though).
    Sweatability: 9/10 (Looks like the kinda game that'd make you sweat from running too much)
    Overall: 26/30

    Final: 86.667% Which gets you a HD in my book =)

  4. So, I think it looks like an engaging game, certainly physical, although I'm maybe thinking too physical, but as it's targeted at an arcade venue, it would most likely cost at least $2 a pop. So spot on. Great visuals. Cool game idea. I'd like to run over people whilst rolling at full speed full of food or whatever it is you pick up in this game (Explain more on your website). Overall great. When are you making it? :D

    Physical Exertion

    The game targeted the brief of designing a physical exertion game well. I can see the running and jumping involved in this game getting people moving, involved in the game, and probably a very good cardio workout. This game does seemingly little to involve the arms, but holding yourself up when jumping and leaning to run on the side of the ball would be quite strenuous on the arms as well.

    Mind Body conflict

    I think this game handles the mind body conflict well for the majority of the design. The actions represent what is happening in the game, running, jumping, leaning/or turning. I can see little reason for the game to be too taxing on the mind, as these are general actions that every able bodied person can perform.

    The mind body loop also gets a mention here, for the same reasons. Being everday normal actions, this game would be easy for anyone to pick up and play, but difficult to master, I suspect, making it a rewarding game to play.


    The games looks very social, the avatars ingame representing your opponents, or rather, friends. The idea to crush them, or beat them in some way makes for a great challenge, and exciting time with your friends. The recent lecture on games as social play has shown that being in the same room, with your mates, or even someone you don’t know, and sharing that experience makes it a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience! Also see point about taunting in performance.


    How could this game not be fun to play? I think it would make people very happy. Adrenelin would be pumping, people would be fighting to crush each other


    A great addition to the game is the performance aspects. Taunting your opponents is always a great thing to do in a game, if you have the time! This game seems very faced paced. Performing a taunt may take some amount of time, and distraction from the game play, whilst putting the players avatar at risk, could also make for exciting game play. Ie. Wanting to taunt your rival, and escaping imminent danger could make the taunt all that much more rewarding. There was a comment regarding falliung off if you attempt to “Slap your arse” as a taunt. I believe the ball doesn’t need to be as high from the ground as diepicted on your website. If the ball had a larger radius, the curve of the surface would be less pronounced, and lower to the ground, allowing the player to step off easier, thus avoiding injury, and maybe a safer way to perform taunts.

    Although, this did seem a little, “Oh, how can we add performance to it?” type addition at the end, would like to see something more in-line with the game-play setting.


    This game isn’t wholly an original idea, see super monkey ball, Mario kart. But it does combine great aspects of various games to make a good overall package, and I believe would be a welcome addition to any arcade gallery or theme park.


    I probably wont do this for every mark, although I should. But the style was great, and seeing the character concepts taken a little bit further since Project Madness was great. Really cool looking style. But would of liked to have seen some environment concepts. (I know, it’s a short presentation, and not much time to develop assets).

    To be continued...

  5. Presentation

    This group presented their game well, although could do with more confidence in public speaking, and maybe a rehearsal to make sure everyone knows what they are doing, and where the content they want to show and display is. But overall a good presentation with humour, and delivered a good understanding of what the game is about and how it is played.


    I expected more information. Tell me more about the game please.


    Physical Exertion: 9/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop 9/10
    Social: 8/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 7/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Website: 6/10
    Conclusion: 8/10

  6. Err total:


    D (Distinction)

    Will accept bribes in the form of PS3 games for extra marks, see me after class.

  7. Centrifugal SpawnMay 23, 2009 at 5:15 PM

    Adrienne here 3236467. I loved the concept of your game with the rolling ball. I did have a few minor issues with some factors however. I feel that the game was presented very well, and I loved Tom's little animations, which enabled the concept to come across much easier.
    As it is intended to be an arcade game, I realise that the controls would have to be relatively simple, however being able to turn rahter than followiong such a linear path would be more interesting.
    Also as mentioned above, I felt that in terms of originality it followed other games such as monkeyball and mariokart. But the characters and concept of the game were really creative and I loved the idea of crushing your enemies by eating too much, then flashing them with an image to rub in their defeat. 0___^
    Though there are the handlebars, I still believe that if the player is running too fast or makes a quick shift, it is still possible to get hurt. Perhaps a way to make it a bit more safe? But in terms of physical exertion etc, there is clearly a lot of it required, and especially considered the great visuals and concept, it would be really easy to get into this game.
    Physically it would be quite demanding, given the running and stomping. Although I wonder if it imbalances the mind-body loop idea.

    Overall I give you about a 7-7.5/10.

    Personally I can see myself playing this game, if not to utterly annihilate my opponents with a giant rolling ball of spiky fur or a ducky with a helmet.

  8. rory says hello
    hey guys i really like your game, i thought your presentation was well done and it was clear you had put effort into the visuals, i would enjoy playing this at an arcade and think the taunting was a nice touch and agree with roberts comment above , that it could place your avatar in danger and it would be more exciting if you had to escape the imminent danger.
    the physical danger is also there staring at you....have you ever seen some one slip on a tredmil then get get thrown of it as the land ...would the ball stop or just keep going if you stopped running?...or do you you have to hold your self up and wait for it to slow down before jumping off? ( 10 years of video games has left my body with out muscle in my arm and i dont want to have to support myself lol)....but overall i still would play it if i saw it in an arcade so yeah a good game

  9. Like many other people, I'm unsure of the marking criteria, so I'll just give feedback then make up something at the end.
    Concept: Seemed fairly solid, although there is the obvious point that you WOULD get injured while playing. That said, if I saw it at an arcade, I'd hope on for a shot. Just not sure it would pass health/safety standards.
    Presentation: Very well done! You got the point across with ease. This was helped by a clear website, and entertaining + informative animation.

    Overall I'd give it a 7/10
    Marks were lost because of the safety issue - I think a ceiling harness that activates only if you slip could have been good, coupled with the ball being a lot bigger (to minimize slipping)

    Oh also with the taunting I imagine a TF2 style freezeframe of the guy who killed you. That would be very effective =]

  10. Regarding the marking criteria:
    please grade with a P(ass), C(credit), D, ... the same grade you get for every class!
    For criteria: Rob used very well what he has learned, see his comments and learn!

  11. Excellent presentation guys, I would love to destroy my pretty face while failing at your game in an arcade!

    You put great effort into the website and examples of how the characters move (the little video was great).

    Art was minimal but effective, I can definitely see how your fat little characters would roll around the screen.

    Placing it in an arcade was a good idea as it'd be pretty hard to make a home-friendly version.

    Only problems I see with the game are saftey issues:
    - Falling on the ball (which could be avoided with non-slip finish on the ball and padding etc. which you did touch on briefly
    - Silly users letting go of the bar and faceplanting
    - Users overestimating their fitness level and passing out from overexertion

    Using Rob's criteria I scored you 8 out of 100 with 10s for exertion and style.


  12. Really fun and creative game guys! I can see it working, but also being just a tiny bit dangerous, so hopefully little kids don't play it.

    Like everyone up there have said, having it in an arcade is really smart, cos you don't wanna have a giant thingy in your loungeroom and such. Oh, and it's good that it's in an Arcade because you can usually get a good crowd of people around you watching, and who doesn't love showing off.

    Overall, really great presentation and concept. I'd play it.


  13. Mannn, Roly Poly...
    On a scale of Banging to Core, this concept is quite simply put;


    Well done, qaulity presentations with cute illustrations. Would love to see them rolling around the shop, decimatin' foes. Sounds absolutely rockin.
    Animations within the presentation were very well done. Supreme clappage for the individual who constructed those.

    And yes I agree this game is quite worthy of being placed in an arcade.

    High Distinction

    On another note, my driving instructors name was Roly, perhaps you could integrate him as a character... please? His physique would be perfect.

  14. I love it, so cute and it looks simple to play - it sort of reminds me of that rotating barrel on the kids' playground, where you stand on this barrel and hold onto the side bar handles and run like crazy and it's easy to stop it too so i dont think this game isn't too much of a safety issue, in my opinion. Unless you have crazy daredevil players then you'll might have lawsuits on your hands :P

    The gameplay looks easy to pickup - basic running and jumping etc. The characters are cute and lots of people will be attracted to it. Good setting to be placed in an arcade area rather than at home (expense) and the animation was very helpful to explain the gameplay.

    Overall, i say HD :D

  15. Really like the concept guys. That's a game I definitely want to see in the arcades, I'd pay 2 bucks to play it!

    I'm just going to borrow Rob's marking criteria, it's quite suitable.

    Basically I didn't give you great marks for the website because there wasn't enough information on it. Your game reminds me of Katamari and those rolly things at playgrounds (as Bao said) I think it would be a lot of fun to play and get quite tiring!

    Also, I reckon this game would be awesome fun in multiplayer. The reason I didn't give it maximum marks for social is that it doesn't require multiplayer. So I guess there's the potential for it to not be social at all.

    Otherwise I thought your presentation was fairly solid. You explained everything pretty well I thought.

    Oh! I gave you maximum for "Bonus". I just made this up for anything that wasn't required as part of the brief. Those animations were excellent and I liked your character designs and how you assigned different speed/weight attributes to them.

    HD for you!

    Concept :: 9/10
    Physical Exertion :: 10/10
    Mind/Body Conflict :: 8/10
    Social :: 7/10
    Emotion :: 10/10
    Performance :: 7/10
    Originality :: 7/10
    Presentation :: 7/10
    Website :: 5/10
    Bonus :: 10/10
    TOTAL :: 80/100 = HD

  16. Although your game seems quite simmilar to ours, i still like it very much. To put it simply i love the idea of the game, and would definantly play it if i had te chance.
    It looks extremely entertaining and fun, and i can see a range of demographics giving it a go. Unlike some of the other comments, i dont think it really needs to be changed in terms of safety...- yes i can see the hazards- but so long as it isnt too difficult to stay on the ball i honestly dont care. The game looks too tempting to be put off by something like that, and a bruise or two would make for a good laugh later.

  17. 76/100
    I really like the idea but I'm not sure I'd actually play it myself, but I can see the appeal to others.

  18. HD!

    i really like this game especially the graphics and the demo of the gameplay itself. nothing to talk about that just .. its very nice . i would like to play someday hehe..

  19. My mark: HD
    I really like the idea, which would make sense given how similar to ours it is :P, but I especially like how plausible the idea would be as a real arcade installation and how highly physical it would be. One concern with the idea would be the implementation of the whole taunting thing; I just don’t see how that can practically fit into the game play of running flat out of a giant ball.
    But yeah, overall a nice and marketable idea.

  20. All right, hey there Group A

    I found your game idea pretty cool I must say. Running on the ball is new to me however the rolling animal character in the game I have seen and played. For origionality and the idea…7 /10

    The 1st and biggest thing that came to mind was the safety aspect. No matter what those hand rails are made of you will knock your teeth out if you fall forward. I know solutions were mentioned but that was only after the questions were asked. In my opinion the player should be closer to the ground. However still I like. Nice balance between mind and body…7/10

    I have clicked all over your website and I can’t seem to find any more info on the game. However what I am seeing is fantastic. Lovely art work, gr8 flash movie, it pretty much explains what’s going on. This I like…8.5/10

    Presentation was good. I understood what was going on. You guys got the message across…7.5/10

    Socially it can work in an arcade, like I said nice mind body balance. The reason I’m not giving you and HD is just because of the small bits here and there I think were missing in the presentation and website. I want to read more about it, know more about that ball you running on like its size, texture and resistance against your jump and running and I want to know more about actual game.

    Very good thought, would definitely play it…74%

  21. Logan Gray s3235083May 27, 2009 at 10:24 PM

    Very unique game, really looked interesting and as i recall no one has really thought of this.
    i would certainely love to play this although im not sure of the accessability of it to casual gamers ( maybe at games arcades or something?) anyways it looks like an exciting game i could really see myself getting into, and the physical part is pretty straight forward, but it would be challenging... in my opinion the physical part has to be simple so that a wider variety of people can grasp the idea.

    overall i'd rate it 8/10.
    aka high Distinction, Low HD

  22. Concept :: 8/10 I liked - I know someone else is doing similar but you didn't know that
    Physical Exertion :: 10/10
    Mind/Body Conflict :: 7/10 - Not really similar
    Social :: 7/10 Arcade - if you say so. Again BALL ain't gonna work
    Emotion :: 7/10
    Performance :: 5/10 - That bum spanking performance is a load of bull... Two arms on bar no time to perform - but don't worry you can get me back ours has shitty performance too.
    Originality :: 7/10
    Presentation :: 7/10 - Cool pics and animation saved the day
    Website :: 7/10 - neat little blog
    Bonus :: 5/10 - Taking marks for impracticality - As if you could make a ball 1 metre wide and not slip off it the whole time - And i've thought about this lots cos I really WANTED to do something like that for our group but there is no way it would work.
    TOTAL :: 70/100 = D

  23. Great game!

    I like the fact that you've targeted a specific audience. Having it in an arcade erases so many problems ^^

    I really liked the flow of your presentation. The videos were very visual and it demonstrated perfectly well the way the game is supposed to be played. Great work on that. I wish you guys had more examples to show.

    The ass slapping wouldn't work in my opinion. You wouldn't be able to stop, even for a second or two, to take a clip of yourself WHILE you're spinning full-speed on the ball. It'd probably have to be something pre-recorded, maybe before beginning the game.

    The game would be physically tiring, lots of exertion going on, good job on that :P

    Overall I'd like to give your game an 82%. Wish you guys had more on the website.


  24. I liked the visuals and the concept of your game. The main issue of safety that people are talking about i feel actually adds to it.

    If i saw one of my friends even a stranger fall, i would point and laugh at them which when you think about it adds to the social aspect of it. Simply add a warming sign that (pain may occur) an throw in some protective stuff for those who need it and problem solved.

    Nice work, 84.5%

  25. Wow!! I just wanna say that. Your game is interestingfun and easy to play.I love to play it . Hope you guy could continue this project and make it become a real game. Then, everyone could play game ( children, young and old people).
    Your game could eb one of intreting exertion game.So you should get D for this project.


  26. It’s a HD!
    - because:
    You followed the brief- it truly was an exertion game.
    You had obviously taken what you learnt in class and used it to design your game – you spoke about emotion, social, performance and the mind body loop in relation to your game.
    The design was cute.
    I also thought it was interesting and original that you chose to design an arcade game, good work.
    My only concerns were about safety – just because something is padded doesn’t make it safe.
    The presentation was very well done – the Flash animation was spiff.

    Good work :)
    -Kalonica Quigley

  27. Holy **** I'm very impressed with the art and presentation of the game video. Those elements alone are of High Distinction standard, I believe.

    The gameplay, as seen in the video, seems easily accessible and playable by anyone interested, which is of course, a good thing. The idea of moving and jumping on a large ball is certainly entertaining and surely challenging (though impossible to play if you have a damaged inner ear, but that's beside the point that this is clean, fun game).

    Also, as noted by others, there is a slight chance of suffering injury while playing, but as noted by Jesse, (to have a warning and encourage protective gear) with those suggestions, all should be fine. Yet at the same time I'd like to add that the protective gear should be lightweight and non-restrictive so as to not disrupt the flow of gameplay or worse still, create more chances for injury.

    Overall, a great effort on the part of the team that made this game. I also appreciate that the physical exertion portion of the game is greatly emphasised (obviously) and really makes players sweat oceans of well, - sweat.

    Nicholas Lim

  28. Lemme say about performance bit, first off, not sure why the ball is so high from the ground but it should be on a platform where you could just place one of your legs on it while performing. And by experience, players would do anything to get back at others who have been saying "ZYou suck, flaming etc" Trust me. In all online game I know, players would sacrifice stuff just to get back at someone they hate.

  29. Forgot to mention, ass slapping is just an example,like I said its up to your creativity how you want to taunt, point the finger at your friend, take of your shirt, go wild, unleash your creativity.

  30. Right, time to judge my own group. I will attempt to be impartial.
    Obviously a super HD++

    but seriously though, there is the issue of safety which wasn't fully covered by the padded bar. Also the ball controlling the character on screen is a little flawed as running forward on the ball will roll the character forward, despite the fact that it should be rotating the other way, if you get what i mean. This will be counter-intuitive and possibly hard to control.
    On the upside i think we tackled the exertion aspect quite well if i do say so myself. The flash was great to.

    I think a D is adequate.

    will try to recount my awesome comment --

    Brilliant game, I loved it thoroughly. Agreed that it's super dangerous though - if installing harnesses aren't to your liking, maybe design the platform a little differently? Non-slip padding and all that jazz. Or maybe don't have a ball at all, but a parabolic treadmill apparatus. Just ideas.

    Cuteness of characters was out of control, mini animation was brilliant, great job in those departments.

    Exertion-wise... I don't know how anyone could give anything lower than a 10/10 for that criterion. In fact I'd probably die playing it, considering my current level of fitness. Maybe have a Super Easy setting for unfit noobs like me? Yeaaaah.

    RE. Gan's butt-slapping demo: experience immense second-hand embarrassment in class, however got major giggles whenever I thought back to it. A sensational performance in retrospect. A+++++++ 110%

    Now for marks! ROBbing (ahaha) Rob's marking criteria, they're quite good.

    Physical Exertion: 10/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop 9/10
    Social: 8/10
    Emotion: 7/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 9/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Website: 6/10
    Gan's performance: ∞/10

    Overall, HD. Yaaaay

  32. HAHA this game made me lol!!! so yes it its awesome.

    i like danger and knowing wow if i play this i could die! well yes it sounds mad fun, and i really like the social side where you can slap ur bum at ur opponent!!! (quite possibly the coolest thing iv herd in a while... yes that's sad)! it seems very physical as well which is a real plus and it was well explained and great use of flash to explain ur concept

    Mark: A+

  33. CHEUNG YI KAI S3232755May 28, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    HEYYYYY!!! I think your game is the best one on that week!!!
    Physical Exertion: 9/10: Run >> Jump >> Balance
    Mind Body 8/10: good! good! good! your game is better that the wii remote! coz it involve your whole body
    Emotion: 7/10: it will be fun.. i will like to play your game and beat my friends.
    Performance: 8/10 it is a Arcade game which is public! I am sure lot of people will watch u playing this game
    Originality: 10/10 when i heard your game... i am so jealous because it is such a Awesome idea!!
    Presentation: 9/10 You need sound!!! if u have sound u will get full score... But your flash that speech are great! well prepare too :D
    Website: 7/10 can be better :P

  34. CHEUNG YI KAI S3232755May 28, 2009 at 12:02 PM

    your overall score is

    9/10!!!!! :D

  35. Ben Taylor s3168518May 28, 2009 at 2:25 PM

    A good idea, the taunts look fun, but seems like it needs to be more like a facial expression than a whole body movement like Gan illustrated. Seems really exerting since the characters movement is reliant on your own movements. The characters are cute and interesting, the whole idea seems really natural therefore not conflicting much with getting into gameplay. Your website is straight forward, but having more than one page would have been nice. Also nice video.

    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 8/10
    Social: 6/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 9/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Website: 7/10
    Conclusion: 8/10

    Total: 78/100 (78%)

  36. Physical Exertion: 9/10
    Mid body conflict: 9/10
    Social: 6/10
    Emotion: 7/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 9/10
    Style: 7/10
    Presentation: 9/10 < I loved the animation!
    Website: 7/10

    Overall: HD.

    I really liked this concept! I found myself wanting to play it later!!

  37. Andrew &quot;Dooshie&quot; DemetriouMay 28, 2009 at 2:53 PM

    The animation was absolutely wicked, and i love the game concept. I would totally play it at an arcade!

    I think it has replayability up the yin-yang, because of the hands-on multiplayer aspect. The gameplay seems very involving, with nobody bored at any time. Any second out of rolling over somebody would be spent planning on how to do so.

    People will really have to get into the game in order to do well, and the features of the game, I imagine, would make it pretty easy to get "immersed" in.

    hehe, i made a naughty.

    Physical Exertion: 7/10
Mind/Body loop: 8/10
Social: 7/10

    Emotion: 6/10

    Performance: 6/10
Originality: 6/10

    Presentation: 7/10
Website: 8/10

  38. High Distinction.

    Excellent presentation, excellent use of visual aids (so cute.), well done on the flash demonstration.

    The overall idea was original and fairly solid - injury concerns aside.

    Social and performance aspects were covered with the arcade multiplayer style and the taunt cam. I also feel that a player would get very emotionally invested in this game - jumping on the ball violently to bounce their friends off the track.

    The mind body conflict was the only concern - as has been stated the extreme exertion caused by this game would make it difficult to focus nmentally.

    Well done.

  39. my main concern with this game is "heads up, here comes a law suit" because i can see a lot of people slipping of this. The only way i can see this working is if it were on a treadmill that worked to the same effect but that completely ruins the entire ball rolling concept.
    D for Dangerous and Destinction :D

  40. i now realise i spelt distinction wrong.

  41. Ive written in detail above but i didnt give you a letter only a percent so i gave you an D

  42. Idea:
    I love the idea! It'd be a great idea for an arcade game so im glad you designed it that way. It'd definitly be worth $50 in $1 coins. It seems a little unsafe, even with padding, but there's not a lot you can do about that.

    The presentation was great. I loved the video you made for it. Showed the player and the gameplay footage, so it was very easy to imagine myself playing it.

    Colourful, clean, simple, to the point, easy to use. Good work.

    Score: HD

  43. i absolutely loved your game from the first time you guys spoke about it in the minute madness.
    i think the idea of the game is awesome and something anyone can enjoy, its cute, it's funny, it's physical but fun at the same time etc.

    you guys clearly put work into this, the illustrations and site are rad and make me want to play it right now ha. my birthday is on monday... maybe you should make a prototype and give it to me? you will? awesome. thanks guys.

    Score: HD. one of my favourite games for sure!

  44. ok i guess i have to assess our own game.

    idea: 4/5
    exertion: 5/5
    social: 5/5
    performance: 3/5
    emotion: 4/5
    presentation: 5/5
    website: 3/5 yeh i thought our website could have been better. would we get remarked if we make it better???? lol

    score: HD, cmon!

  45. hello boys and girls. i forgot to give you a tasty letter.

    D i say, D!!!

  46. Amanda Joy BaileyJune 4, 2009 at 1:25 PM

    great game idea. cute pictures and website i like i like. sa cute. i give you guys a big fat D (:

  47. this game would be coots for an arcade joint, i also liked the character concepts and animations in your presentation i would describe as Zazzy. the animations deffinately demonstrate the functions.

    MARK: D
    Damien s3235475

  48. This game would look brilliant in an arcade.

    I don't care if some think it's unsafe. We can't live sheltered, padded lifes of comfort forever! how can we grow up without breaking a few legs play arcade games?

    we can't.


  49. I'm thinking this game deserves a distinction as it's a very simple & cute it's content and design, the controls are easy to follow & intuitive to common physical activiet. i.e running on the spot & ass slaping & works very well with the racing gameplay, very easy to envision it in arcades!

    so it's a Distinction

  50. I think the simplicity of this game and the amount of involvement are just a great combination. The pictures are cute too ^_^ very appealing. Only thing I would critique would be the website, it would be nice to have a few more images and a bit more information about the game. Other than that, well done!

    I shall give it a: Distinction

  51. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 2:39 AM

    Very intersting game design but it does raise several issues with safety, I think there could be alot of people , tripping and smaking themselves against the railing, even if it is padded. Also, this is definently a physically exerting game, but I think average people would only be able to play it for about 5 mins at a time as it requires you to constantly run on the ball. Other than that it is a great concept that I would definently love to see at an arcade. I'd give you guys an 8/10.

  52. this game would be heaps fun to play at the arcade,
    squashing hte other players and such,
    but i can see it a bit hard to slow down haha
    and i think maybe the webcam shots was a bit silly as you'll be too busy running,
    unless the game slows down or stops for u to take ur photo :)

    Originality of game: Medium
    Originality of contraption: Medium-High (going in different directions would be hard with what u have there.. maybe some controls on that on the bars would help there)
    Fun level: High
    Exertion level: High


  53. I love the idea, but it seems a tad unsafe. I’m not sure how you’d be able to maneuver on the ball without having some serious arm and upper body strain. One false move - and slip! You could have a safety harness or some kind of seat to strap into, just in case a fall takes place.

    On a positive note, your website is lovely and the animation is simply adorable. The cute characters would make for some fun gameplay, but just without the giant scary ball.


    Sama (3239506)

  54. Physical Exertion: 7/10
    You could definitely exert yourself with this game, however you could also smash your head open just as easily.

    Mind Body Conflict/loop 9/10
    Good mind body conflict, using different characters of varying stats for certain levels.

    Social: 4/10
    can't see any social aspects, besides the implied atmospheric socialization.

    Emotion: 6/10
    a lot of the emotion that is placed in this game would generally be in some relation to fear and or balance, if this was the designers intention they have done a good job.

    Performance: /10

    Originality: 10/10

    Style: 9/10
    great art style

    Presentation: n/a
    i was absent for the presentation

    Website: 10/10
    great animations,demonstrates how the game works perfectly.

    Conclusion: 6/10
    Game is well designed but the premise doesn't sound very entertaining, nor does it look very safe. Game is explained well, using an amazing little animation.