Monday, May 25, 2009

Team D


  1. Pretty cool game. Throwing balls at people never fails to entertain. You should have more levels of difficulty, such as a unlockable "Hardcore" mode. Would be pretty banging.
    Could have multiple balls being thrown around the shop, dealing some serious punishment.


  2. ding!

  3. Cool idea, except:


  4. I really like you guys but am sorry to say, I was not crazy about your game concept. Hot potatoes doesn't really excite me enough to play, let alone play with technology.

    Flash Description that went along with the presentation was all good as an explantation of the gameplay.

    Website was extremely descriptive and informative and group spoke and presented well.

    Physicality, Social and Mind-body Conflict & loop were considered and sufficient but I still wouldn't play it.

    Also, like the other groups, bonus points for presenting in the first week so overall, 71% - D

    Peace yo!

  5. Although the game itself seems lacking, (probably something like entertainment in longevity) i think that it COULD be interesting to play.
    It needs something to really make the game exciting and engaging. To be honest if somebody asked me to play i would say yes to give it a go, but i cant see myself enjoying it for more than a few rounds(of course that depends on who im with and how im feeling)
    However im not really sure how playing the game would actually be, i think the concept was presented well, but from what was presented i couldnt really tell how the game would end up/come out (not relly sure what the word im looking for is)

  6. I agree with Dan, bump up the exciting factor. Awesome sound effects and competition of some sort would do it. Maybe some explosions? : P

    I don't think it's the type of game you could play entirely cooperatively without it getting a bit stale. It seems like a fantastic kids game, if you're heading for that market, and parents would love the lack of violence and physical interaction and stuff : P.

    Most of all I think you did a great job of explaining it and it's certainly a great idea.

  7. i guess this game has the potential and it is worth to play since it includes technology compared to the traditional version of hot potato. also, the rules and the bluetooth stuffs are set.

    but, like the comments above, in my opinion people may enjoy the game for the first few hours or so but eventually they will get bored after a while especially you have to gather alot of people to play together else few people wouldnt be that fun

    Lastly, i guess it is still worth to play

  8. Interesting idea, but I just don't think it would work too well in reality. I can't picture myself playing this game. I think reading instructions would take too long, perhaps it needs a more recognisable set of symbols to relate to each different move.

    I can't see it getting to physical, the idea of having to do spins and other such performance sounds like it could be fun but it could take too long for the potatoe to come back to get really tiring.

    Otherwise, what Vlad said. Shock Potatoe seems like a much more practical solution. I gave you guys a C.

    Concept :: 6/10
    Physical Exertion :: 5/10
    Mind/Body Conflift :: 9/10
    Social :: 10/10
    Emotion :: 7/10
    Performance :: 7/10
    Originality :: 6/10
    Presentation :: 8/10
    Website :: 6/10
    Bonus :: 1/10
    TOTAL :: 65/100 = C

  9. My mark: C
    I can see this idea being really quite fun (especially for its social aspects) if it was all set up and playable but a bit problem with this idea for me is just how practical it would be to play, the idea just doesn’t seem to have been thought about enough in order to make it more easily accessible or just in a better format. I can’t really see enough motivation for people to buy or play this game.

  10. Hello there team D.

    Ok so let’s grade your work. Not everything is weighed equally so don’t add it up and work out a total, I WILL give the total.

    So for the idea and origionality, yes it is basically a game that has been done you just modified the way in which it is played. The name is also still the same I see ‘Hot Potato’, so for here… 4/10.

    One thing that I found a bit of a contradiction was that the object of the original game is to pass the object on as fast as possible however in your game the player still has to receive the object then read and understand his or her objective. Not to big an issue though because you did explain the time limit linked to the complexity of the question, this links nicely to the body-mind conflict. All in all not bad…7/10

    Your website was ok. A few more pictures demonstrating the game play would have been nice…5/10

    Presentation was good, I enjoyed it. There were 1 or 2 aspects that I was uncertain about but were explained later on…7/10

    The game does have a social aspect linked to it. I think it might be a bit more on the mind conflict side that a balance. The actual technological side of things could have been explained a bit more in detail but I understand what’s going on. Overall not too bad, I definitely would give it a go. I think it needs one or two small tweaks and it will be perfect…6/10

    So in the end I would have to say….64%

  11. I'm going to try and get this to be as short as possible.

    Social interactivity, this is where you guys do well. Your game, using a ball (no, don't put a screen in it please), gets players to interact with each other. No, it's nothing new, you have football, soccer and basketball which all use a ball, but the difference is the style or "gameplay" the games are played in. Each has its own unique sets of rules. Your game has its own rules which challenge the mind and body.

    If your game had more than one team and one ball for each team, you'd have some competition going on which would encourage better performance.

    I like the fact that you guys were able to demonstrate your game to the class, great job on that. Using Facebook as your website was pretty weird, haha.

    There's one point that's troubling my mind, and it's the fact that, in my opinion, you've placed technology where it's not really needed. You can play this game without a computer telling you who to throw to. The only possible place that I see technology working with the game is when you're having team battles with teams on the other side of the globe.

    Overall I shall give your game a 74%, keeping in mind that you were in the first week of presentations.

    (that didn't end up being short >.<)

  12. I would have liked the throwing the ball to represent something. When you think about it - all you're doing is playing catch with a computer telling you what to do. I think something deeper that had a game to go-along with it. Currently it doesn't seem like an exer-game just catch with AI telling you what to do.

    I think i'll go with the 65% out there. I really thought this would be a less harsh forum, now i'm getting fearful for ours.


  13. Ok, the concept of hot potato is not an original one, and putting a twist on it, say like adding a computer to tell you what to do isn’t very exciting either. But I think this game is more than that. I believe that the game required more space, and a bit more rehearsal to show its potential. Hopefully I’ll explain that below.

    Physical Exertion

    This game didn’t look very physically exerting in the presentation, but I think the audience needs to remember this is a demonstration of a game idea, not a finished product. But finished or not, the game still has merits as a physical game. If the space were bigger, and the game play more rehearsed, we would of seen the ball being thrown greater distances, players running for the ball, trying to catch it, and concentrate on where to throw it next, whilst possibly running in to catch the next round of events. It has the potential to be very exerting.

    Mind Body conflict
    It’s almost very evident from the physical exertion section that this game has a very strong conflict between the mind and the body, concentrating on the physical aspects of the game, the players must also read what is happening next. OR as was suggested in last weeks question and comment time, it could have audio as well to aid players. I don’t think that having a mind body conflict is a bad thing, it is a good thing, and as I assume we’ll find out next week (tomorrow) creates either good flow, or bad flow, depending on a) the game, and b) the players.
    Nice social aspects, getting people to interact with each other. I can see alot of fun and laughs being generated from this game. Nice work.

    The emotional investment in this is somewhat limited. If the ball was actually hot, or there was some stronger need to pass the ball, besides points or something like that, I think there would be greater emotional investment in the game. Maybe if you dropped it to many times, acid starts to leak out. Or the computer starts shooting rubber bullets at you. Something to convey the emergency of the passing.

    The performance is strongly tied with the physical, as this game is heavily based in the real, tactile world, with only a computer aid to help score and determine the activities. There is not much freedom for individual expression, it’s almost simon says. It would be good if you could implement something that allowed players to bring there own expression to this game.

    Not highly original on the surface, but deeper down this game shows some original development for getting people physical. Getting the computer to generate where and how far the ball must go dictates the exertion. This is nice.

    The visual style cannot really receive comment, as it is a game based more in the physical world rather than virtual. But this topic gets points for adding things such as spinning after throwing the ball etc. Adding variety into the actions.

    I found the presentation a bit lacking in rehearsal, and therefore sometimes quite confusing. But overall, the messages came across and had some great electronic aids, such as the flash, and a physical demonstration of the game. Well done.

    The use of facebook was original, but can you view that without an account? Yes you can, never mind. Would of been good to see more content, maybe the flash content, a photoshopped picture of you guys playing the game, with the computer in the background.


    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 8/10
    Social: 9/10
    Emotion: 7/10
    Performance: 6/10
    Originality: 7/10
    Style: 7/10
    Presentation: 7/10
    Website: 7/10
    Conclusion: 8/10

    Total 74/100

    D (Distinction)

    Still accepting bribes, I will now accept potatos. Mashed only thank you.

  14. Your demonstration of the game made it easy to understand how to play. I liked how the ball knows where it is at all times, technology is simply amazing.

    The flash was a great way of showing examples of different ways an action would occur throughout the game. I can see this game being played in an open area outside like a park.

    Also instead of using a screen i believe like some1 said in class, sound would be a much more simple and easy option. 79.5%

  15. Scott Battye S3201290May 28, 2009 at 1:14 AM

    The game sounds alright, a few aspects that would need to be focused on if it were to be made into a real game (tech aspects and such).

    Presentation was good, overall there were a few aspects of it that were kinda hard to understand at first, but like the others, a read of your website in my own time and speed gave the answers.

    72%, good job, more details would have been nice but as we're all aware, time is a major constraint here...

  16. Interesting idea, good concept and presentation.
    In class, we talked about screen on ball. I think it a good idea too if you guy use it. When you play in a long distance, Big screen is not enough for you to give information to player. It's not convenient when you're playing game and trying to see the screen.Using the screen o ball, you could give information to player quickly and make the game more interesting. If you don't like to use screen on ball then could be you a speaker on ball.That is my idea.
    Well done "hot potato"
    Mark for you guy: 72


  17. Sorry guys, but I dont think the game was thought out well. To be honest, it did not get me really excited to begin with. All the aspects we learn for example performance (my favourite bit) was not exactly present in the game. The mind body conflict is also a little confusing. Like you will be too confused mentally to plauy the game most of the time. Maybe make it easier to distinguish the moves you have to do/?

    Overall, I'd say a (C) for credit. A near miss for a Distinction for me.

  18. Yeah i wouldnt play it soz dudes

    i really think you have got to much to try and think about for a simple game of hot potato. try making the use of the screen easyer like merging it so the user can always see it clearly and easyly eg: in the ball or a headset? also add maby some audio component and it would make it simpler and more user friendly.

    mark: B

    josh platt

  19. It's a D!
    - because:
    You are idea thieves! But that's okay, we've changed ours now...
    I also thought you could've been a bit more accepting towards comments from the audience - I agreed that it would be interesting to have no visual screen in your game
    It was a very social game so you gets lots of points there
    Your presentation was very good - nice demonstration

    And Vlad, those about those Shock Balls, my brother has one and he says it doesn't work... but I dunno if I should trust him. Also, it advertises it's self a a ball that shocks and then as a side note it mentions that you could play hot potato if you feel like it- the game came as afterthought. I don't know how all this is relevant, but I thought it was interesting.

    -Kalonica Quigley

  20. My major issue with this game is that if you managed to get all that fancy technology into the ball, i wouldn't be willing to just hurl it around.

    But still, the strength of this game relies on it's simplicity, and the seamless blending of a well know game with technology. However waiting for commands from the ball might interrupt the flow of the game.
    I don't think i would play this game, but thats perhaps irrelevant because it seems more targeted toward kids, which is a good demographic to aim a physical game at.

    You get a C from me

  21. CHEUNG YI KAI S3232755May 28, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    i'll use same as Geoff Walker & Shea's marks report style to summarise my opinion of HOT POTATO. :D Because i think it is a good way to explain our view point clearly. :D

    1.physical Exertion - 8/10 I believe you need to move a lot to play this game! someone may get hurt too.. which is execllent!
    2. mind body - 8/10 Which is GREAT as well! you need read the catch >> watch the screen >> think >> throw!! It is not too hard and not too easy too.
    3. social - 8/10 Yes it is a team game and it can involve team work too!
    emotion - 6/10 it can be emotion... but it can be boring... if u get what i mean...
    performance - 5/10 yea! it can involve a lot performan (But only if u are good at balls game)
    originality = i don't want to talk about this. Cause all ideas alway inspire by some other ideas....
    style = 4/10 Fail! Maybe put the screen on the ball as someone metion during the leacture. Also reading the words on screen? At least a logo...
    presentation = 6/10 good speech! I'm sorry to say that but the 2 girls should be more active to play the game..... make your game looks more fun...
    website = 7/10
    conclusion = It can be a good game! But i think it is only fun if u play with fun people... and not much people good at throwing ball which is very important!!.. 7/10 :D

  22. Liked this! I'd play it. It does need improvement though, I don't think having the screen either in the ball or as a TV would be effective. Sound would be good as someone else mentioned. Not coming from the ball though; it would be useless if the person with the "potato" could hear but the person receiving it couldn't. Maybe coming from a radio-esque apparatus separate from the ball, and with that, headsets + mics for the players? Formerly indoor gaming equipment used outside. It'd certainly be original.

    Robbing Rob's marking criteria again, lols -

    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 8/10
    Social: 8/10
    Emotion: 6/10
    Performance: 6/10
    Originality: 6/10
    Presentation: 7/10
    Website: 6/10

    I'd give it a high C overall.

  23. 70/100
    It is a very physical game that will get people sweating and thinking about their actions. Its downfall is that it needs more refinement that will make it more interactive and playable in like a park or something.

  24. I didn’t really like your game concept, hot potato seems a bit fail. It lacks the physical side of what I expected an exer-game would have. However you guys have explored the concept well, with things like motion sensors, id tags, etc.

    To combat one of the issues from your presentation, about players not being able to see the screen, your ball should just incorporate a speaker with the commands being read aloud. Then the players have both an audio and visual representation of the instructions, making it easier for the game to be played.

    Your version of the game is definitely better than the original!

    HD: 80-100
    D: 70-80
    C: 60-70
    P: 50-60
    Fail: 0-49

    Your score: 74 Distinction

  25. Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind body conflict: 5/10
    Social: 8/10
    Emotion: 5/10
    Performance: 6/10
    Originality: 4/10
    Presentation: 6/10

    Your Score: P

    Sorry guys, I didnt really feel this game would appeal to a wide audience....

  26. Adrienne 0____^ 3236467May 28, 2009 at 2:25 PM

    Heya guys, Team D. Hmmm, time to grade your game.
    While I liked the concept, I do feel as though there isn't much physical exertion involved other than the extraneous pumping of your biceps if you really get into it 0___^ The suggestion that was brought up about putting hte screen on the ball I felt was a good idea to implement, as it also gives a sense of urgency to the game and makes it a lot easier and portable. Overall here is my mark.

    Physical Exertion: 7/10
    Mind/Body conflict: 6.7/10
    Social: 8-9/10
    Emotion: 6.5/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 5/10
    Presentation: 7/10
    Website: 6.5/10

    Overall: About a C-ish sorta grade. I like it, but it'd be something I'd have to play with a big group of friends, or can see my younger brother playing.

  27. Ben Taylor s3168518May 28, 2009 at 2:33 PM

    Not very original. And the whole idea does seem to have a few flaws that needed to be worked out, namely how it was possible to have a screen that tells you what to do when you’re not going to be able to see it properly. You kept the game simple at least, and a facebook for a website seems a little half hearted. The information on the website seems quite long winded, you wouldn’t want to read all of it, so cutting down on the amount of writing you have on there would go a long way to making it all make sense.

    Physical Exertion: 6/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 8/10
    Social: 7/10
    Emotion: 3/10
    Performance: 4/10
    Originality: 2/10
    Style: 5/10
    Presentation: 6/10
    Website: 6/10
    Conclusion: 7/10

    Total: 54/100 (54%)

  28. Andrew &quot;Dooshie&quot; DemetriouMay 28, 2009 at 2:35 PM

    I didn't particularly warm to your game concept, to be honest. However I think it could be very enjoyable with the right people. I'm thinking that it could be potentially boring, but also potentially awesome.

    As with most multiplayer games, it all depends on who you're playing with. The concept is all right, but it's not very original.

    One thing i do like, however, is that there will be a lot of physical activity. It will definitely live up to the name "Physical game". I can see people running around and thinking on their feet, which is good. Also I can see communication being vital, and this will increase the social aspect greatly.

    So i guess it's not that bad when i think/type about it xD

    And i DO like facebook....

    Physical Exertion: 8/10
Mind/Body loop: 6/10
Social: 6/10
Emotion: 4/10

    Performance: 6/10

    Originality: 3/10

    Presentation: 7/10
Website: 7/10



  29. I wasnt there last lecture, but it does sound good and i would probably play it.

    Who doesn't love throwing balls around?

    Regards Bec

  30. i think the concept is most limited by the avaliable space that would also be limited by the communication power of the device but all in all a pretty good idea.

    D for Distinction :D

  31. As has already been mentioned, this game doesn't mediate the mind body conflict very well. It would be very difficult to concentrate on the commands issued in the format mentioned and play the game - I second the suggestion that the game could be improved by simplifying the commands to something less interruptive (like a colour change on the ball).

    I also agree that it doesn't encourage performance as it fails to offer any reward to the players for being creative or expressive.

    It has a good social component, however - and well done on the demonstrative presentation - it can be quite difficult to get up in front of everyone and demonstrate your idea physically like that (as opposed to through a video).

    Good job,

  32. Rhiannon BaragwanathMay 29, 2009 at 11:13 AM

    Hey guys, great presentation. The hot potato concept doesn't really thrill me but it has potential. I think that as a game, hot potato works better the way it is though (as an average physical mini game). Combining it with technology doesn't quite fit - I don;'t think it would make the game.... more fun? But the idea definately has potential. Add some crazy graphics and theme music on a screen. Who knows, it could be the next guitar hero!

  33. Ive written in detail above but i didnt give you a letter only a percent so in the end i gave the group a c

  34. I'll give you guys a distinction.

    Sure, we as older kids might not be thrilled at the idea but I don't think I know a younger kid who wouldn't love to have this. I like the simplicity of the game and I think the way you've designed it would make it pretty affordable for familys (assuming kids are the target audience). A simple game is a good one and I think you guys did the right thing by not overcomplicating it. I agree with Rhiannon, some music in the background would probably amp up the tension but apart from that great job.

  35. ah you guys are all rad and it's clear that you took time in creating your page and presentation, but i'm not a huge fan of the concept itself, how different is it to playing hot potato with that wiggles toy (i think it's the wiggles toy or something?)
    Plus, it's not overly original, it's more like you took an old game and turned it digital.

    I still think you guys did well though, and as i mentioned prior you put the time into your presentation etc.

    Score: D

  36. hey it's vic here
    i wasn't all 'wow' for this game, prob cos it's very similar to the original hot potato but with technology.
    idea: 2/5
    exertion: 5/5 involves throwing and moving around to catch it
    social: 5/5 involves a lot of people
    performance: 3/5
    emotion: 2/5
    presentation: 3/5
    website: 3/5

    score: credit

  37. I forgot to throw in a grade when i commented. Sorry xD.

    i believe the numbers i gave make up a credit.

  38. Amanda Joy BaileyJune 4, 2009 at 1:47 PM

    D.. the idea is fun and a good effort its very physical and i love playing ball games although i suck at throwing them at a great distance

  39. i like the idea of the ball piffing, you deffinately coverd the exertion, social however the performance in my opinion is kinda what recks it the whole constant looking at the scren for instructions.
    there wwere suggestions of putting little monitors in the ball thats a pretty cool idea i guess sort of like the 8 Ball shake things and they answer you with yes and maybe.

    overall i rekon a C

  40. by the way I, Damien said that just then

  41. i like your idea but can't help since it seems so procedural at first because of the signal system of looking at the screen & etc, gives it a learning curve that may detract from the immediacy of a physical game but I think once the player gets over the learning curve i think it could be really fun & exciting to particular people who like sports. I feel like it doesn't really offer allot in the "video game" department but is a fine game. Giving this a Credit

  42. s3200763 good idea. how about 2 hot potatoes on the playing field?

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  44. credit, but it was very close to a D :)

  45. The idea was not a great deal original and I guess in some way you could increase the amount of exertion and make it more physical, because it kind of reminded me something you would see primary school kids play >.< Also, I know Floyd said that if it is not on the web, it doesn't exist...but facebook?
    Sorry but I would give it a credit.

  46. This concept didnt really strike me as something that would work. When I thought of hot potato I didnt really think of the way you guys laid this game out. I don't think it would work as well as you planned it, things could get a bit messe and confusing and I only see people getting about an hour of fun from this game. Jus my opinion. 7/10. Good presentation though.

  47. Hey guys,

    I think the main problem with this is the technology required for such a simple game as hot potato would outweigh the practicality in this game/product.
    Hot potato isn't that funner game.
    It's cool how you've added the bouncing and spinning and such.
    But these rules could be made up by just speaking to one another.

    It seemed as though you were just attaching technology to something that doesn't necessarily need it.

    Originality: N/A
    Fun: Low(as the rules such as "throw one meter in the air" seemed really hard and would get frustrating if you couldn't get it right.)
    Exertion: Low

    Sorry but I have to be honest and give this a mark of:

  48. Sounds like a great idea. Hot potato is a fun game and i could imagine playing this.

    I think it'd be a lot funner as an outside game. Have everything you need inside the ball. This would mean you wouldnt have to buy a tv + console + the bluetooth attachments which would all cost a lot. They'd also restrict you from where you can play it. I think you could just have the ball change colours and use sounds to tell the players what they need to do, and the players can enforce the rules. The game doesnt always have to monitor all the players and enforce all the rules. The players are perfectly able to do it themselves. This would also allow more freedom to the players to make their own rules.

    Your presentation was thorough and i liked how you demonstrated the score board and gave a physical demonstration

    I think you could have gone a step further with the presentation / website but it was still good.

    Score: Distinction

  49. This game is inpractical in a few ways, how would we know who to pass to etc. The fact that the game would be played by younger kids is canceled out by your audience being able to do all the things this game does using their imagination. The immersion levels could be high depending on how frantic the instructions were.

    Grade: P

  50. You're game would work well with a younger audience, but you'd have to really spruce it up and make it much more appealing - a much more hip and fun version of hot potato.

    Its simple, but I can see it being awesome.

    Sama (3239506)

  51. Logan Gray s3235083June 10, 2009 at 11:47 PM

    the game mechanics in this werent thought of too well in my opinion, i can see it being better in the future, through more development but at the moment its a diamond in the ruff