Friday, May 29, 2009

Team J


  1. hey guys nice work
    the website and presentation were really good...although i cant find the link here so im freaking out i have to try to remember everything but yeah
    i think a climbing game covers exertion well and the way you explained it seemed to reinforce that also i like that it was multi player adding the much needed competition to the game aswell as self improvement also the kileer birds are a nice touch i think they add an extra kick to the gameplay and that mind body conflict(i think) as you have to climb using both your arms and catch or deflect birds meaning you have to stop but if your racing you have to beat your opponent so your mind is trying to focus on where to put your hands aswell as god damn it that birds angry. also it seems to cover originality aswell...the one thing i would say is that in the presentation i wasnt exactly sure how you play it on the machine with the screen so some sort of demo rather than just a mockup of the device(which was awesome)would have been good.
    D =distinction.

  2. Original idea. Very informative website. Lovely artwork, too.

    Your presentation was good (and the video was amusing), although it was probably a little bit too long; you could have been more concise in expressing your ideas.

    Given that you've designed this game for a social setting (an arcade), you'll automatically gain the social benefits. This social setting may also encourage players to participate in a performative aspect, due to the captive audience.

    In terms of mind-body conflict, the constant holding of the arms up over the head could cause not only pain (therefore disrupting game immersion) but also may cause muscular dysfunction.


  3. Great website.
    I like the fact you have stated that although there are no real advanced style of play, you have mentioned that the players by all means can make up their own way of playing and making it more interesting. This is a great way of leaving it open for the player to become more attached to the game by them having their own personal take on it.

    In terms of Lisa's comment about holding your arms up, stick a warning label somewhere on the machine like "WARNING: Long use of Virtual Limit may cause limb detachment" and you're set ;)

    Many extra points for the opening Fabio - i mean video. And the Stallone added a nice touch. After seeing a bobbleheaded Stallone attempting to play, i just wanted to play it right then and there.

    Good work :)

  4. i like this idea especially for new arcade games.

    Like what we have been told in presentation, with this new invented game, we can do something we cant really able to do in real life and it support multiplayer. They also include things such as physical activities and social interaction between each other during the gameplay.

    Also, i can tell that this team really put lots of effort in this assignment and this idea is very creative and original. *Distinction*

  5. Scott Battye S3201290June 3, 2009 at 1:52 PM

    @ Lisa: I wouldn't necessarily say a player would be holding their arms up for extended periods of time, climb rounds would probably go for a maximum of 2 minutes. If the player choses to play so many rounds that it causes them injury then that can't really be pushed onto us being at fault (even if they try to tell us it's wildly addictive).

  6. The game is well-designed and the use of the large arcade platform fits the game perfectly in terms of practicality and gameplay. Also, things like capturing the birds are good bits as well.

    Just looking at the game makes me shudder in fear at the oceans of sweat released by those who will play this game. The use of both the arms and legs in this game are great ways to exert the body.

    Overall, an excellent game idea. High Distinction. Well done.

  7. My mark: HD
    The initial one minute verbal pitch left me really confused as to how this game would work. This presentation however, with some beautiful conceptual paintings and 3d mock ups of how the actually arcade unit would look really clarified the idea and in my opinion showed it to be really plausible and fun. It features that same great social competitiveness as you get with most of the 2 people arcade games out there but sounds a lot more physically exerting.

  8. Your game has definately become a lot clearer and more refined than the maddness elevator pitch originally was.
    It looks like an appealing and entertaining game - with a great website and helpful 3D images.
    However it seems to lack a reason or seem attractive enough, to draw in players away from other colourful and eye-catching games -
    How does rock climing compare when put next to other arcade exertion games (like DDR)
    Im not sure, just putting it out there, but otherwise..
    A Distinction

  9. Great visuals - should have used them earlier in the presentation, because a lot of people really didn't get it until you showed them later on. You really tried to cover all of the aspect Floyd has gone over - performance, mind- body loop and all that. You used words well to make it seem like this is true - but i think a few of the things you said were just put there to cover the criteria and didn't really work. Works well in arcade - like the idea. One of the better ones out there for actaully being an exer-game as opposed to a game where you've just replaced a person with a computer. Comparitivly it is definitly an HD.
    Daniel Kidney

  10. Physical Exertion

    This is definately a physical game as physical thought & gameplay is both well described and well thought out.

    Mind Body conflict
    The birds seem almost an after thought but still a worthy addition to provide slight mental challenges to complement the physical nature of the game. Nice work.

    I can see how the emotion of fun was considered as with most of the games so this is sufficiently covered but not exceptional.

    Possibly interesting for others to watch but due to the highly physical nature, the player may be too focused on the game (too much mind/body conflict?) to enjoy it's social aspects.

    This has been described well and i like how you connected and enhanced possible performance, taking into account the mind-body loop. Especially with you enabling the player to do cool "virtual moves" that they may not be able to achieve in real life.

    Rock climbing isn't necessarily original but no one has incorporated it into a computer game, as far as I know so nice one!

    Great flash example for your game presentation.

    Spoken & put together well with great visual aids. Sweet.

    Could possibly have gone into more depth with regards to the game but looked great & it was nice to see the example of the game set-up/ playing device.


    Physical Exertion: 9/10
    Mind Body Conflict: 8/10
    Mind Body Loop: 9/10
    Social: 6/10
    Emotion: 7/10
    Performance: 8.5/10
    Originality: 8.5/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 9/10
    Website: 8.5/10

    Overall, that gives you 81.5% which I think is a HD

  11. Great site, it contains lots of information and great visuals. Mountain climbing seems kind of boring but if i was playing as Fabio with his hardcore strength, it would be awesome. Adding more obstacles like the killer birds that you have to squish was an interesting way to make the game more challenging. Overall you get a High Distinction

  12. you guys were awesome!
    I thought your idea was pretty cool initially during the minute madness and was curious to see how you guys would develop it and i'm impressed.

    you guys put a lot of work in obviously, your illustrations, site, provided information, and advert were all amazing. i especially loved your bobbing stallone <3

    i would love to play this game and i think you guys spun the idea perfectly.

    score: HD.

  13. Hmm this seems like DDR on a wall, not neccessarily a bad thing. I think the evil poisonous birds would make it cool but im unsure as to the speed at which the game moves. Any comments about having your arms above your head for too long are rediculous, you would have much worse problems in this regard from actual rock climbing, and at least with this you can hold on easily with one arm, or sub out with a friend if you get restless.

    All in all, i say well done. Distinction

  14. I wasn't that into this idea in the 'Madness' phase, but it's come along nicely!
    Your website looks very professional, and the game seems very...exerty, for want of a better phrase.

    My only problem with it is that the rock face looks very drab. You need to zazz it up with some more interesting levels i think. have crags and boulders jutting out that you cant get past. Places where the rock gives way to sky where you cant climb, or have to jump past to continue.

    So yeah, a D i reckon.

  15. I could say .. your game is a perfect game design with student. Game concept, game designing, game virtual...all is great. with two 2D screen , player could get more emotions, more mind and body conflicts , interesting and take part into the game easily. About performance , I'm quite not sure that what should i do for performance to play a game and how can the game console ( pc or screen) know what you are doing... using a camera or sensor tools.

    80 for you , HD

  16. This was a really awesome idea for a game. The execution was really thought out well also. It seems like a very social and competitive game that would make many people, including me break a sweat.
    Overall, 78/100. D

  17. wow this game is really interesting. i wouldn't mind playing it myself!
    and it's quite original so good work!

    idea: 4/5
    exertion: 5/5
    social: 4/5
    performance: 3/5
    emotion: 4/5
    presentation: 3/5
    website: 5/5 awesome stufff

    score: HD

  18. Ben Taylor s3168518June 4, 2009 at 12:33 PM

    This looks like quite a social game, and seems very exertive. You tried to mix it up and change it from just rock climbing which you can get just about anywhere, which is great. Great website, great presentation. I am really having trouble finding problems with this.
    So, outstanding HD.

  19. Andrew &quot;Dooshie&quot; DemetriouJune 4, 2009 at 12:51 PM

    I'm a retard for not typing the coment in notepad before putting in the textbox here... because it keeps CRASHING!!

    ok.. anyway, i think your game has developed from a good idea with a mediocre way of playing it to a really awesome idea with an equally awesome way of playing it.

    I like how you guys took on board the comment and critiques and obviously used some of your own ideas to amp up Virtual Limit. I like the removal of the chin-up bar; the new console/thingo is much more sleek and easy to play without losing the feeling that you're rock climbing. The collecting of birds is a good idea to add a different flavour to the game and the player will not find themself bored with just climbing. The co-op mode willr eally test their fitness aswell.

    Good stuff!

    Physical Exertion: 9/10
    Mind Body Conflict: 6/10
    Mind Body Loop: 7/10
    Social: 8/10
    Emotion: 9/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 8/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 6/10
    Website: 7/10 (the 'Virtual Play' page keeps crashing my INTERNETS!)

  20. oh by the way, HD

  21. Amanda Joy BaileyJune 4, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    good stuff good good stuff you get a C (:

  22. Amanda Joy BaileyJune 4, 2009 at 1:35 PM

    oh typo i meant D sorryy ):

  23. Centrifugal Spawn the Spleenless 0___^June 4, 2009 at 1:59 PM

    Adrienne Giuliano 3236467

    Good lord, peoples, this was an awesome idea. It was really original and the artwork made me internally devour my own spleen in pure awe. Despite not finding much of a purpose in this game, I figured it didn't matter too much. Anyways, now that I am spleenless, let us get on with the marking.

    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind/Body Loop: 7-8/10
    Social: 7/10
    Emotion: 7/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 8.5/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 9/10
    Website: 7.5/10

    Overall, my semi-digested spleen says you get an HD.

  24. I give you good points on artwork and presentation style. Though if this was the real world, I would keep Fabio out of this as totally random stuff does not get your point to the audience. Still his isnt the real world yet so whatever. About your game, an interesting concept but from what I gather from the presentation, its going to be very repetitive along the way. Maybe think of more stuff that would make it interesting.

    All in all, a distinction (D)

    Sorry a lil busy with other stuff at the moment. Cant comment too much

  25. i loved the presentation. i can tell a lot of work went into your game idea.
    Arcades need more games like this. original ideas and interesting machines.


  26. This was my favorite presentation. It's obvious you guys put a lot of effort into this. I can imagine the game being quite exhausting which is great. Love the website.

    HD from me.

  27. Good work guys! I loved the concept art by David, but he never dissapoints :) haha. Great website, and amazing diagrams, which we are given a clear over view of what the game includes and the ideas that are being expressed throughout it.

    HD :)

  28. yeah I really liked this idea! Mainly because it allows people to "experience" climbing a mountain & that idea appeals to me on a deep & aesthetic level...Oh the beauty of nature sort of thing! the interface & controls are very suitable for what you're doing & it's arcade setting is ideal & it's very physical & it's could get people interested in real rock climbing...the only thing that SLIGHTLY annoyed me was the swatting down of birds... not because I'm protective of animals I just thought it was a boring obstacle for the player to fend off.. that aside! High Distinction

  29. Ned here.

    I think you guys have put in a LOT of work in putting together the art and concept for this game, and I think if you were going to do a rockclimbing game in an arcade, this is definately viable.

    My problem is with the concept of a rock-climbing game in an arcade. Rock climbing centres are affordable, safe, and the majority of people can get some enjoyment out of a beginner wall.

    Why would I play this when I could just go rock climbing, and actually FEEL the rush of being up high off the ground. Sure, Bowling is easily accessible and Wii bowling was a hit, but the key difference here is that Wii Bowling has the convienience of being in one's home.

    If you are already going to leave the house and make the journey, I don't think that the bird mechanic is deep enough to warrant me skipping this for the real thing.

    All the same, you guys did an awesome job on presentation, art and website.


  30. Scott Battye S3201290June 4, 2009 at 11:41 PM


    "My problem is with the concept of a rock-climbing game in an arcade. Rock climbing centres are affordable, safe, and the majority of people can get some enjoyment out of a beginner wall."

    So I take it this means you don't mind heights?

    That comment is a perfect example of the difference in preference of some people. While one person might enjoy climbing an actual wall, another might prefer to stay closer to the ground.

    "Why would I play this when I could just go rock climbing, and actually FEEL the rush of being up high off the ground."

    Refer to my previous statement, this is all about personal preference.

    "Sure, Bowling is easily accessible and Will bowling was a hit, but the key difference here is that Wii Bowling has the convienience of being in one's home."

    So you're basically saying if we made it for Wii you'd be happier with it? (continued)

    "If you are already going to leave the house and make the journey, I don't think the bird mechanic is deep enough to warrant me skipping this for the real thing."

    Because the fact that it's an arcade game that sits around hundreds of other arcade games is totally not worth the journey when you could stay home and play the Wii version "Wii Limit".


  31. Loving the feedback, pros and cons, thanks everyone :)

  32. s3200763- site was very clear.

  33. nice game, nice idea, nice artwork, nice website :) you guys obviously put effort and time into this, appreciated, thank you :)

    i don't know how big the actual game machines will be, but looking at the website, i think you can get away with making it a little smaller, and possibly, adding more units, so it's more than two players. no problem if you've thought that through beforehand.

    "That comment is a perfect example of the difference in preference of some people. While one person might enjoy climbing an actual wall, another might prefer to stay closer to the ground."

    i can see what you're trying to say here. but i think Ned's point was in the following sentence:
    Why would I play this when I could just go rock climbing, and actually FEEL the rush of being up high off the ground.
    (keyword: FEEL)

    as far as i know, rock climbing is considered an 'extreme sport', meaning it has a certain level of risk and a lot of adrenaline involved (see: Wiki: Extreme Sport). take out the risk and you have little to no adrenaline (fun maybe, adrenaline not as much). can you imagine yourself lying on the floor looking into an lcd screen and watching yourself fall from the sky?

    besides that, and the birds (you guys _may_ have trouble with bird lovers :P), I think your game is great, lots of physical action going on (i know for a fact that bobbing down and standing up can be VERY tiring), not much else to say.

    D, keep it up.


  34. Scott Battye S3201290June 6, 2009 at 2:12 PM


    The point I was trying to emphasis was the fact that even though there is adrenalin and risk involved in rock climbing the rush that comes along with it and heights might not be someone's slice of cake... If someone wants to feel the rush, they're quite welcome to go and climb a wall; otherwise they can play Virtual Limit.

    It's all about preference.

    Thanks for the feedback :)

  35. Sounds cool but it does sound funny to stick yourself against the wall like a gecko and move your limbs up and down. Makes it a good laugh at the arcades - however still a good game and let some people experience rock climbing without the worry of heights and falling off and of course pain or dying >.O"

    i give this a D

  36. This idea is original and I like the capturing of birds, it is different.

    This game is very exerting. To those who say why not go rock climbing to begin with than play this game? I think it may be a matter of preference, in real (not indoor) rock climbing the element of death is actually REAL. If you fall you are going to die and that is where virtual reality comes in. We are still able to physically experience the same, if not, a similar environment with minimal or no risks to ourselves. Sure both virtual and reality can be considered games, but this is what I find intriguing about this game it makes the virtual reality of rock climbing a more realistic and physically exerting game without the risk of plunging to your death hundreds of metres below you.

    The website is excellent, and I love the characters ^_^ I can see a lot of thought has gone into this and the concept art on the home page is awesome ^^

    You guys get a HD from me.

  37. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 5:52 AM

    Very cool concept with alot of potential, I'm still a bit confused as to how it would all work but I guess thats just me. Very professionl looking site and great 3d modelling to demonstrate this game. Overall a great idead. 9.5/10

  38. Very well thought out game.
    The smashing the birds idea and Sylvester Stallone are freaking awesome haha.
    It just adds a whole nother level to rock climbing.

    Have you thought about two player where you race.
    But as you go up you can whack hte other character or put them off or something.
    This would be really cool and add more to the fun levels in the social aspect of the game.

    Game concept: very original
    High fun level
    High exertion level

    HD :)

  39. appreciate the feedback.
    and thanks bek :)

  40. Raphael Chung Shang Yuen S3242135June 8, 2009 at 11:07 PM

    Nice game concept, but i feel Mr Stallone is a lil too harsh.


  41. Your game is original, fun and exerting. Love the idea of the arcade game too. I'd play it.

    The website layout is a bit weird.. what with the black / white theme mixed with multicoloured spots, but the content is good. Your presentation was a little out of order, but good nontheless.

    Score: High Distinction
    p.s nice concept art / model

  42. Samantha To s3197261

    Nice art and idea, takes the idea of rock climbing to the next level.

    = D

  43. Physical Exertion: 6/10
    Not sure how exerted you would get touching a screen. It appears you move the screen yourself/ climb at your own pace. I suppose the birds can create some intentse moments. Stretching is an obvious exertion plus.

    Mind Body Conflict/loop 7/10
    Mind body loop appears to involve moving between points and determining what points to move. The inclusion of a system where you can touch a ledge and reclaim your spot stops this game form becoming trial and error.

    Social: 6/10
    game modes are included to create a more social environment. However i believe it works better as a performance sport as the experience is quite insular.

    Emotion: 7/10
    realistic walls wont convince you, your rock climbing but this is sill the closest thing you will ever get

    Performance: 7/10
    top performance sport. More suited for personal use thought

    Originality: 9/10
    very original, good idea.

    Style: 9/10
    well designed unit.

    Website: 10/10
    3d,flash and beautiful art.

    Grade: D

  44. Great presentation and website. It seems like an original concept and the implementation is an improvement of the initial designs. Rock climbing without actually rock climbing? Sounds great!


    Sama (3239506)

  45. Hey guys.

    Well done with all the work, I liked your presentation, done very well, very professional. I must say, your web page is fantastic, very well set up, lots of info… Very Nice. Not a bad idea, it does catch my interest but I do find it a bit hard to actually picture this game working well. The exciting part of climbing is the element of danger and knowing you did all that work under your own strength.

    Everything seems gr8 in theory but I’m not too sure if it would be any fun practically. You need that feeling of earth under your hands and that pull of gravity to make it feel like climbing.

    I‘m writing this on all the projects I mark. These are points I think are most fair to mark each group on.

    Mind Body Conflict: 7/10
    Emotion: 5/10
    Originality: 8/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Website: 9/10

    D - Distinction

  46. Awesome idea guys i think u did a great job in making a physical excursion game that looks very clean and well planed. It has really interesting game play and quite cool designed system. Its also good to note that you used the time to improve the game from when we had the quick presentation where you got feedback. The website is also very user friendly and simple.

    Mark: HD

  47. Logan Gray s3235083June 10, 2009 at 11:39 PM

    Hey!, nice game here.. but the actual practicality of the arcade simulator seems a little off... i can see myself playing this game in an arcade sorry. THE WEBSITE AND IDEAS THOUGH!!!! amazing. i nearly cried from laughter from the stallone character.



  48. Pretty pro game! Presentation could have been brushed up some, but the website + animations make up for it several times over. Super original, very physically exerting, and would overall prove to be a great workout. Amount of fun to be had would be debatable, but such is the case for every game out there I suppose! I like how it was stated explicitly that the game was intended for an arcade setting; promoting those peripherals for an in-home setting would just be laughable. I give this a D.

  49. the websites pretty mad, intense pictures definitely presented the idea clearly in both the presentation and website SNAZZY.. whats with the cheeky stallone crazed...

    Damien s3235475

  50. The website, the movie, the animations and overall design is very good
    The idea has been developed well since the Madness session
    The concept is a good one - and was cleary explained

    It's a High Distinction!

    -Kalonica Quigley

  51. Physical Exertion: 9/10
    Mind Body Conflict: 7/10
    Mind Body Loop: 9/10
    Social: 5/10
    Emotion: 7/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 8/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 9/10
    Website: 8/10

    A HD for you.

    I liked this game, you presented it very well and the game design is good.