Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lecture 4: 25Mar2010 Gerard

Today you learned various other ways to make your games a reality, and you got individual feedback to your projects.

Next week will be even more about hardware and how to built 'things' for cheap, with lots of hands-on with sensors and stuff!

Remaining presentations: I ran out of paper, so you need to bring your own for your 'what I want everyone to remember when woken up in their sleep' sheet of paper for the wall!

Homework for next week:

* Comment on blog
* Report progress on your website

PS: Gerard's slides

PPS: Gerard's videos


  1. Wow.. today class was great..
    he got a lot interesting stuff to show us..
    nice video and presentation..
    he also gave us link and showed us some applications that we might use for our projects..
    I want iPhone or iPod Touch now.. :(

    and thank you very much for gave us feedback for our project.. so we can do it in simple way.. :D

  2. I found today's lecture with Gerard incredibly useful. By him effectively going through a list of affordable and available technologies (many of which I was unaware of until today), provided me with a solid groundwork for potential gaming innovations. Upon introduction to these technologies, I couldn't help but think of ways that they related to our exertion game, as well as inspiring me with new ideas that were cheaper, simpler, and potentially a lot more fun to play.

    In fact, an idea that resulted from a video of a baby playing an Unreal Tournament based ball game, seems to have gained some interest from our team and Gerard alike. It's looking like it will be much easier to implement, and more importantly, more fun.

    Kudos, Gerard!

  3. It was great to see some of the work Gerard had done. While Floyd is great it's also nice to see what others have worked on in a similar sort of area. In particular I liked 'The Captain's blog' because it was such a cute little idea. I was wondering if the blog was online somewhere still available for reading (just out of curiosity). It was also interesting to see one way that Arduino can be used as I've been researching it a bit for my group's presentation next week.

    It was great to get together in with my team and pull together all our thoughts about our game, we now have a much clearer picture of how it will work in reality and are planning on testing some stuff soon. Gerard was very helpful to us, contributing some great ideas about actual game play and helping us figure out a better way of incorporating out technology into the game.

  4. The lecture was really useful! Our group is still playing with ideas at the moment so I think knowing different ways of implentation is key to creating a good solid game idea.
    I was particularly interested in the Max/MPS programming Gerard showed us. I was intrigued with the fact that people who didn't do programming would find it easier to adapt and handle since it's so visual- sounds like just what I need. The video tracking was far easier then I imagined and has knocked down a lot of boundaries I had in my mind when it comes to the limitations of our game.
    Thanks Gerard!

  5. Gerard talk was really good, it was interesting to learn about the different projects he has worked on and the technology he used to make them happen.
    Talking to second years and Gerard was really useful on working out how we could possibly execute your ideas.

  6. Thursdays lecture was great, it was much better for me personally with Gerard because i saw him more as a peer who was explaining things to us and less of a teacher, well done.

    Christian Dirk

  7. I fully agree with what Candy said, while Floyd is a fantastic lecturer it was great to see the work of another individual in the industry, although Gerard said he wasn’t any good at lecturing I actually enjoyed the way he was able to make the first hour feel like a conversation.

    Having Gerard introduce us to new programs and technologies used for interactive media was extremely useful. I was particularly interested in the software that allows anyone to create an iPhone application. Not only was I fascinated with the idea of becoming a millionaire with one successful game application but this also opened my eyes to some more creative designs for an exertion game.

    The other thing that I really liked about Thursdays lecture was the chance to sit down with my team and work on our exertion game. In the time provided we came up with an entirely new idea which we all agreed was perfect for the assignment. Personally I think there should be time allocated in every lecture for this sort of work even if it is only 20 minutes or so.

  8. Wow that lecture was very interesting, really great fun as well. It was good being able to have a look at technical stuff for a while as it was extremely useful for getting ideas about how our group might implement our game. The lecture was also a big success because we finally came up with our game idea yay. Thanks also to Gerard for showing us the work he had done and stuff he had seen which was really interesting, especially the animation which talked when you talked...that was hilarious. It was also fanatastic to get some actual close up and personal time with the lecturer to talk about our game idea and implementation. I must agree with Dean in that it would be nice to have 20 minutes or so DURING the lecture to talk about our game with our team where perhaps Floyd could walk around and talk to us because we don't always have enough time to talk to each other as a group and your mind is really working and getting creative during the lecture...
    All in all Gerard did a great lecture and helped to inspire how our group is going to approach our game implementation. Cheers Gerard.

  9. Great lecture on thursday! I would also like to say how much I appreciated listening to someone else in a similar area, and understanding what diverse work they have achieved as well.

    The lecture was also a huge turning point for my group's assignment. We have made excellent progress, from turning just an 'idea' into a fully functional and realistic concept for a game. Thanks so much to Gerard for the approval and enthusiasm in our game, and for the few pointers he suggested in making it as efficient and practical as possible!

  10. As for as group development goes, this lecture was a great help with our ideas. Not only was it useful in terms of deciding how possible different ideas were, but alot of the demonstrations and ideas Gerard was bouncing around were equally inspiring for new ones too. They were also great ideas for some personal projects too and I wasn't expecting anything like that at all, so I was glad to be suprised.

    Just the fact that we were able to have more people's thoughts on what we were doing was useful to get a more general perspective. Also I was honestly almost suprised that the second years were still willing to come back and help us again, it's encouraging to see the positive effect this subject has had for them.
    In general, epic win of a lecture

  11. just wanted to say congratulations on a great lecture, it was great to listen to someone who is laid back and can communicate on a more casual level.

    you did wonders for our group discussion, we got so much progress done and your feedback was very helpful.

    love the work that you did how a game will react to sound and movement, it certainly gave me some ideas and opened my mind a lot more.

    - nick sestan

  12. I really enjoyed the lecture last Thursday, it was great to see a different perspective on interactive gaming. Also it was very beneficial for our group to be able to discuss with Gerard our idea's and how to go about turning our idea into a physical game we can present to everyone. Gerard was able to come up with a simple in-expensive way to produce our game. Now our group is more aware of the different programs out there in the market to produce a huge range of diverse interactive games that work by reacting to sound, movement and color.

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  14. I have to say, the lecture was outstanding!! (except for the fact we had like an hour break after the first 2 hours..)

    Gerald did splendid job, especially the way how he impressed us (at least me) with his previous graphic works! The 3D animations were totally amazing.
    Not only he fascinated us visually, he did provide us tone of inspirations as well!
    The motion capture programs he showed us informed me that there is a way for student to practice with motion capturing system for games with ease. I thought those systems are astronomically expensive to purchase until i attend to Gerald's lecture..
    Additionally, "Map My Run" a iphone app he showed to us inspired me greatly since it has huge potential to be developed into several effective exertion games.
    Thank your for the fantastic lecture Gerald! Cheers.

  15. a late pose about last weeks lecture
    Gerald really helped our group guy throwing simpler and cheaper ideas our way when we got to thinking on it, it really went a long way so i am quite grateful for his lecture and input his ideas really go to show you don't need that much cash just need an idea
    thanks for the feedback Gerald

  16. it's really helpful to our game idea, we need to think about many thing````