Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lecture 11: 20May2010 Bringing it all together

Hi all,

Thanks for joining tonight. During this lecture, you saw how all your hard work on the presentations and the posters came together to help you in your career when it comes to talk about and analyze games such as Guitar Hero or the bar game. You have also seen how the theoretical work from the various game academics worldwide you were exposed to during this semester can support you in your quest to create more awesome games.

I am looking forward to playing your game next week!

* 1 exertion game without a conventional screen
* 1 website that describes the game and its benefits (example see pacmanhattan)
* 1 video on youtube
* promotional photograph (collage)
** 1024x768 landscape
** gametitle
** 1-2 sentences describing how the game works and why we need it
** URL
** team
* Promote demo night
* Bring cameras etc
* Report red dots at end of demo night
* Return hardware at end of demo night

Please post in the blog any feedback you might have on the use of the design dimensions in you creating your upcoming game (or any other games where you might have used (any) dimensions).


  1. Stop the presses!
    Maybe you've seen this, but it's basically a bunch of people who rigged a car so the driver sees in third person; out of a camera mounted behind the car.


  2. Lol, looks like people have given up on the blog commenting action.

    So... was a decent night of lecturing. Guitar-Hero was pretty fun, although it might have been more fun if I knew what the buttons/switches/things did. Kept finding I had to look away from the screen to check where my fingering was, the guitar was so small :/.

    Also, I just realized I'm not on the Contributors list :D Guess it doesn't matter so much at this point.

  3. It was great to see how everything Floyd taught us fits together as a whole. Maths and Physics is probably one of the best organised subjects I've done. A big thanks to Floyd for his excellent lectures. I'm sure everyone's games will do justice to your hard work. :)

  4. Watching real guitarists play guitar hero like metal gods was definitely more fun than watching people play normally. I found myself watching the TV rather than the people playing in the first two games. To be honest though, I hate watching other people play videogames anyway, I'd rather play them myself. In fact I can't be bothered playing videogames, I've got too much homework to do about them...

  5. I was absent from last weeks class, but id just like to note that I've really enjoyed Floyds classes, who knew 3 hours of discussion could be so engaging. And cant wait for the games night, looking forward to see what everyone has come up with.

  6. Wow. Blog is going off. Anyway lecture was good fun with the guitar hero stuff and I must agree with Tim in that it ws way more fun to watch chester and will being crazy than to watch the other peeps - i watched their screens.

    Shame that this course is over but all good things must come to an end.

    Good job Floyd and I wish you the best in the interesting life you have ahead :)


  8. that's our game dark horse defender, here's the blog link.

  9. This is our promo video (Team F):

  10. Kane, to you and ur group that deserves a hi5! anyone who's ever run around the bush with a stick smashing their mates in what they claim to be a sword fight will love to have a crack at that game haha. Im not strange tho *shifty eyes*

    Team F your game looks nicely implemented, tho it looks like the falling objects were just coming from the same 2 places every time and amy was just swaying back and forth lol.. seems like you cud just stooge it and shoot up the side :P

  11. s'far as the posters go, i think they all had very helpful and concise points for analyzing and designing games. I know I've used them when considering decisions in my games and same goes for the design dimensions.

    Having said that i don't think anyone can really remember anything much of the content without prompting as Floyd first insisted in the opening weeks of presentations (waking us up in the night and such).

    In my opinion i think towards the end of the semester we could have got more out of some short implementation activities in the lectures as we had enough understanding to read through the papers ourselves, make sense of them and after a small discussion put something into practice. After all, Learn by doing :P

  12. Haha don't worry Tim, the animation has the rocks falling randomly from anywhere at the top of the screen, check it out here:

  13. Looking forward to next week's exerting awesomeness! Also, completely off-topic, does anyone know if there's a waiting period on renting stuff from the AV department?

    Oh and Rhyl, don't fret I too couldn't find my name on the contributors list, oh the shame!

  14. Team H with Spongeoline:
    Our Poster:
    Our Blog:

  15. Team B (macjr)'s PIN THE TAIL youtube link:
    I tried making it on youtube, but I entered its birthdate as 1/1/2010 and blocked me from making an accout :(

  16. Hey Floyd and all. Here is team L (The cycling game)'s website!

    I just want to say wow. All my life I have felt like dozing off in lectures, but this course has just been so inspiring and superb. I've learned so much!

  17. ^ it has the youtube of our video embedded.