Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lecture 12: 27May2010 Final demo night!!!!!!!

This was final demo night!!!!!!

Awesome games by everyone, fantastic fun, it was great to be part of so many creative ideas!
Thanks to all of you for joining every Thursday night, and thanks for creating, designing and developing such awesome exertion games! Everyone was really impressed!

If you post your webpages, your promotional pics and youtube videos here, I will collect them and make a nice demo out of it that you can send off to the press!

Thanks again for making this such an awesome time, I have learned a lot from you also, for which I would like to thank you very very much!
Keep up the good work,
your exertion gamer

Dark Horse Defender Nerf Game Webpage

Waterfall climber's webpage

Spongeoline's webpage

Pin the Tail's webpage

Peak Hour BMX's webpage

Team M's webpage

Team Nymphora's webpage

Team Popzat's webpage

Team M's webpage


  1. Team F - Waterfall Climber

    Our video is already up there, I've also got the flash game (the one projected onto the rock climbing wall):

    ...and I've also got some pics from the night (including our sticker-count):

    I'm not sure on our webpage and promo pic so my teammates will post them up, I think they have some better photos too.

  2. Okay, my bad, that's an earlier version of the flash file where there were less rocks and they moved slower, I'll have to get the other one from my laptop later.

  3. Great stuff guys!! Loved (most of) your games!! ;)

  4. Team P = The Rainbow Rambos (Cake Hunter)

  5. Further information about Team F's Waterfall Climber game can be viewed at this separate blog address with all the relevant information:

  6. Team K's PopZat

    All information can be found at:

  7. Team Ossome's Video, sorry its a bit late we had some technical issues with youtube.

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