Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Groups & Design Teams 2012

Below is a list of the groups of two, you will be presenting to the class your chosen topic:
1. Georgie Z, Patrick W (19 Mar)
2. Anushka D.M, Christopher B (19 Mar - see email)
3. Alex J, Shaun S (2 Apr)
4. Kamila K, Ahn-Tu T (2 Apr)
5. Adam W, Jayden G (16 Apr)
6. Sarah C, Amy H (16 Apr)
7. Timothy D, Dakenum J (30 Apr)
8. Alex T, Chuong L (30 Apr)
9. Priscilla W, Amanda B (14 May)

Below is a list of the design teams of three, you will be creating your 3 radical games (26 Mar, 23 Apr, 21 May):
A. Alex J, Shaun S, Sarah C http://fyeahradicalexperiencedesign.tumblr.com/ (http://mimicrygame.tumblr.com/)
B. Patrick W, Dakenum J, Georgie Z http://the-exotic-antarctican-cabbage.blogspot.com.au/
C. Anushka D.M, Christopher B, Amy H http://bforbenzin.blogspot.com.au/
D. Jayden G, Adam W, Priscilla W http://awesomedesignblog.blogspot.com.au/
E. Timothy D, Kamila K, Chuong L http://tikachgames.tumblr.com/
F. Ahn-Tu T, Amanda B, Alex T http://signmonster.tumblr.com/

Please email us if there are any errors or if you are not yet listed.
Design teams of three must post their blog URLs below in the comments or email them to us.


  1. Hey it's Anh-tu, so I'm alone in a group ?

    1. Hey Ahn-tu, that's something we'll have to figure out soon. There are still people who are on the class list but haven't shown up to class yet. If they do show up we'll get you to form a team together. If not we'll probably have you join an existing team.
      That's something we have to figure sooner than later though, we don't have class next week. Perhaps ask your fellow classmates if they have room for an extra person?

  2. Hi Floyd and Chad, the blog URL for group D is on blogger, the URL is: http://awesomedesignblog.blogspot.com.au/ . Amanda also wanted to know if its okay if she could join our design team (Group D) for the project as she hasn't joined a group yet. Thanks, Jayden.

  3. Is this where we post our critical reflection for this week? Are we even supposed to do one this week? Oh well I'm putting it here anyway! >:D

    I was very interested by the topic of how the established educational authority and the pressures and risks placed on us as creative thinkers tend to force our thinking into a mold. I don't fully agree with it because I believe that any viable idea (whether derivative or not) still has an element of originality to it. Yes some games have more than others, but over time I think this adds up. Given time, after FPS after FPS I can see whole new game genres and play styles evolving. But that's just me.

    A point I wanted to raise when we were talking about how much research and involvement a designer has to have when making a game (e.g. The example given was having used a gun to make an FPS) was this: I believe that for the first FPS designers would have had to have had some experience with the activity (I.e. shooting a gun), but this would not be as necessary for designers who were producing the second, third or fourth generation of FPS. Instead I can see designers extrapolating from the initial game and adapting it for a game experience. For instance, in a real world war scenario I'm fairly sure that once shot, stabbed or generally wounded: a soldier wouldn't continue fighting, however in games this happens all the time. Although it would be cool if a game incorporated this sort of realistic mechanic, I could see it as becoming more of a simulation than a game. Sometimes realism has to be suspended in order to produce a fun game, so I don't see it as a requirement if you're producing an already developed genre.

    Regarding the class readings/presentations. I personally don't see why a presentation is all that necessary. It seems that people get far more out of the articles and their topics by reading the papers on their own and then having an open discussion about them in class. This is essentially what eventually happened anyway. Just a thought does anyone else agree? Because I think we could get a lot more out of it if we just sat around talking about a topic like we did today.

    - Alex Johnson

  4. Group B.

    Patrick W, Dakenum J, Georgie Z


    thats the blog.

  5. http://signmonster.tumblr.com/ - our blog