Monday, March 26, 2012

Radical Games Exhibition No. 1

Today week 4 started, and we had a Radical Games Exhibition of all your games!
Chad will post some pictures next, and we are looking at your game ideas, associated webpages, videos and abstracts right now in order to give you your grades, in addition to the feedback you already received as part of the exhibition, including from the great Hugh Davies.

Homework for next week:

  • Read the 2 papers for next week and bring them with you including your comments on them, as you will need them to engage in group exercises around the content in the next class
  • Comment on the blog below
  • Form new teams of 3 and start working on your new, even more radical game for the next exhibition, the bar will be raised once more!


  1. As with all prototyping sessions, today was extremely enjoyable and insightful since the game ideas exhibited, not only, were fresh (since in all you found yourself behaving in ways that wouldn't normally be deemed “normal”) but at the same time illustrated what games were capable of – outside that of providing enjoyment.

    With that said, I’m assuming that we’ll be expected to discuss which game we deemed most radical and why, however to be honest it is rather difficult to say as all the concepts exhibited seemed to bring something new to the table. The game which involved interacting with your pet over a distance was extremely innovative for, as a pet owner, it allows me to monitor my dogs and ensure that it is not ruining my new shoes. At the same time means that I get to spend time playing a game with I’m dog whilst I’m at uni or work. The same goes for Mimicry and the game which involved throwing a ball in the direction of the sound as they illustrated the various roles that sound can be have in a game as well as the ways in which it can be utilised. As for the hand signing game, I found it to be a great example of teaching done through play as it removed the monotony that comes with learning a language such as signage; whilst at the same time was great at assessing your speed; along with your ability to handle stress. Though the only thing i could say regarding it would be to have the list of hand signs behind the monster so that way the individual didn’t have to constantly turn their head to see it, but then…I suppose it provided the game with more of a challenge; hence making the end outcome even more satisfying.
    With that said…I suppose that’s it.


    Ps. If I did happen to miss out on a game then I apologise. There was just quite a bit happening at one time and it was difficult to make out what was a game and what not.

    Pps. I apologise for the grammatical mistakes/inaccuracies.

  2. Ok, the game that really stuck with me today was the pet one ...or maybe that was because I liked the cute dog video... no... I actually could see it as a game I would love to play with my own puppy one day (picture of puppy here for extra points ). I liked the way it made me question whether it was a game for dogs and people (in my opinion, it's a game for both!)

    I also really liked the one where you throw the ball based off the sounds, although I think it may need to be thought out a bit better with a point system etc (or make it into a drinking game like I suggested..... ;) )

    The other one that stood out for me was the one with smells, i've never heared a game that uses smells before and I really wish that when I was a kid there was a game like that I could have played.

    Overall a very enjoyable class and i'm really looking forward to seeing the next lot of games =)

  3. Really enjoyed testing everyone's games today. It was interesting to see the three different teams who focused on using sound for their idea come up with completely different game concepts. I thought the game using sign language came up with a pretty fun concept, learning and playing at the same time is always a good thing.
    Also like mentioned above probably a favorite one was the dog game. I think it had a lot of potential, it would be easy to produce and i think would have a huge market. I also thought it would not only be just fun for you and your pet, but the person can also keep an eye on their homes during the day while they're at work.

  4. Alex Shaun Sarah - Mimictry
    i thought the absense of sight was a great touch. shows really how important sight really is. also the fact that this could be easily played by blind children provided that the card with the words are in braille. would need more variety of instruments other than percussion but that's been pointed out on the day. some of the sounds were however susceptable to being just done with onomatopoeia (words that sound like sounds) such as "quack"(i know i screwed that one up when it wasnt meant to be a mouth sound but you understand) or "woof" and etc. maybe instead of having the no mouth sound option, just rule out onomatopoeia or give less points. making instruments not a vital part of the game might mean that the game might be played anywhere at an time with the words simply being chosen by human means, not through a card.

    Anushka chris Amy - Smell this
    love the idea. the only problem i had was the smell of coffee getting on the blindfold. and one of the smells were so faint in comparison to the coffee smell that i couldnt really smell was one of the stick one, i think. also, i think you could have tried keeping the smelling objects in a small jar or something. that way, the smell doesnt dissipate off and stays stronger for longer. just an idea. i had originally thought that the smells were going to be like uncomfortable(i personally cant stand the average perfume smells) but they were pretty good. fruit smell is always a good choice i think.

    Jayden Adam Priscilla - Blind Buzz
    one thing ive noticed while i saw floyd play this was that floyd was picking where to through the ball depending on its sound and how large, and therefore easier to score, the boxes were. how about give different points for different sized boxes? smaller ones means more point or something(is this already in the game? i havent actually played it. sorry :P) also. instead of a bouncy ball, a little bean bag would work better. i would hate to have the ball bounce right out and him me in the face.

    Timothy Kamila Chuong - Metcycle
    I like the puzzle-like aspect of it, having to find places only through a single snapshot. this could work almost with anything, really. doesnt have to be a famous landmark or etc. could be a certain tree, a certain bus stop or even a graffiti on a wall. i think barcodes also work with phones, not jsut the QR codes. which means you dont have to have a big QR code thingy, just a barcode sticker or something could work. i also like the no time limit aspect. its like something you do socially and on your own time, not cycling in a mad rush to beat the deadline(and possibly getting hit by a car while being distracted)

    as a side note. Dont you just hate how the city provides the bicycles but not the helmets

    Ahn-Tu Amanda Alex - Sign monster
    i really like the learning aspect of this game. we all know how memorables game can be, some people going as far as to memorise an entire game top to bottom. for example, a lock puzzle in SH:homecoming first took me like 10 min to do. second time(played again, just yesterday) around took like 30 seconds. so memorising 26 something alphabets wont be hard. by repetition as well as having physical gestures means the memorization is strengthened even more. muscle memory and all that. like how pianists sometimes memorise the sheet. as i've said before, i dont know how exact gesture recognition is in current technology but in the future, this game can probably be made electornically, as you guys originally had planned and has a wide possibility of applications.

  5. My favourite game would have to have been Mimicry. Because it is perhaps just as fun for bystanders as it is for players, I noticed a group of people at the game for pretty much the whole session. Also I think that the blindfold plays an important part in the game, not only when trying to guess the sound, but for some reason somebody wearing a blindfold just makes things more fun.

    Sign Monster was another good game, incorporating the learning aspect into a game is always a good thing, I found that I started to learn the signs very quickly and could remember them from previous words. However I think the game was over too quickly, it would be better if the player got a chance to do more words, or perhaps longer/harder words later in the game.

  6. It was really great to have Hugh come in and give suggestions to each game. I thought his comments and feedback were really beneficial in coming up with ways to possibly follow up from the game. For Blind Buzz, he believed the game could be able to create a virtual environment through sound only and from that the player could imagine for themselves the visuals of the environment. This suggestion was interesting and his feedback actually made me want to possibly continue this project in the future. It was also great to see the games made by the other groups, as each was actually quite radical in a different way that I had not thought of or seen before.