Thursday, June 4, 2009

Team L


  1. love love love. awesome. this concept of physical exertion combined with incentive based punishment is fantastic and it reaches out to an audience that we've not yet thought about...


    great job guys - i would play this in an instant!

  2. Scott Battye S3201290June 4, 2009 at 11:58 PM

    Still reckon this would make an awesome replacement for the Beep Test xD

    Probably one of the best ideas out of the bunch. I too would give this a fair go.


  3. Lovely idea guys. Great insight on behind-the-scenes stuff, thank you for that. Having the little shock is a great way of getting people to follow the rules :D The music being part of the game is good also. If you could get some sort of rhythm thing going on, where the lasers are sent out according to the song would be fantastic.

    The only downfall I can see with this game is that the LEDs will probably not be bright enough to play in a lit area (whether it be outside or indoor with bright lighting). And if you've already put that into account then I see no problem with your game.

    I would really like to see "cooperative gameplay" with this game, where playing in a team would affect the outcome in some way.

    Besides that I think you guys did a really good job. Thank you for sharing your game :)



  4. My mark: HD
    Love this one. A game of infinite potential and sounds like something that would really make your day just to play it. I play paintball occasionally and I when someone was saying this is similar to paintball I thought that was in some ways true but its different enough and offers enough uniquely fun aspects that I wouldn’t ‘just play paintball instead’ as someone said. I particularly like how music and performance would be used in this game to make it in some ways like an awesome-and-hurty-dance-floor (and therefore make it a lot more social than paintball or whatever else). It’s great to the level of tough that has gone into possibilities of game-play as well as the exploration and planning gone into the technical viability of the installation.

  5. Awesome game to play - i would go try it out!

    I give this a HD

  6. Both the idea and presentation were awesome. I would definitely try this game out! Having the shock thing is really good too, cos it gives the game an extra spark.


  7. Love this! I would definitely play this game.
    The idea of electric shocks and lights with music just seems like a good combination ^_^

    There is a good level of exertion in this game and I think that as it gets further into the game it would almost become an endurance test, just like someone pointed out in the lecture, about this being like the beep test. If this was the beep test you wouldn't have to ask twice, I would WANT to participate in it xD

    There is a lot of potential with this game, you are not limited to music style or lighting patterns really; and like Chad mentioned about, sending lights out according to the song would not only be fantastic, but it would up the level of exertion and make it a lot more challenging and enjoyable.

    Your website demonstrates and explains the game quite well.

    You get a HD from me.
    Well done!

  8. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 6:06 AM

    Really like this concept and I can definently see it being set in a similar type of environment as a laser tag arena. I can definetly see this game coming to life but I think that you need to drop the shock thing, because I don't know if you know this, but regardless of how small the shock some people tend to shit themselves (excuse my language). So things could get messy. Definently go with a points based system. 9/10. Great work.

  9. Very well-thought of game. HD! Well done.

    Nicholas Lim

  10. No comments abt it. HD

  11. Both the game concept and the play area concept were very original.
    I just think you dragged on a bit too much about how the mats would work.
    Although really great to see you've planned that far ahead.

    as both concepts are original and a great level of exertion not only physically but mentally aswell.
    Cause you'd be so scared of getting shocked which adds to the thrill/exertion of the game.

  12. Synopsis: Bangacore
    Which means flippin awesome in my books.
    I would definately go out and play this with some mates. Would get pretty damn intense. Concept is well thought out and convincing.
    Probably the best idea of the batch well done.

    High Distinction

  13. when i heard this idea in the elevator pitch i knew it was going to be fantastic, ufortunately i think the concept got a bit lost in the restrictions of reality but the overall outcome was still outstanding!
    This game just gives me the image of going to a club, with an awesome dance floor, with people that you actually like, and with an actual incentive for everyone to dance; Brilliant!
    I dont see much point in exertion games uless they are going to be really fun games; i would certainly pay for this game.

    High Distinction

  14. WHAT THE?
    you guys seemed to be under heavy fire in the lecture but all i see is HD?

    Seriously this was probably one of my favourites.
    Yous did a good job at presenting it. people concerned about the pain factor "DONT PLAY"
    just like yous wouldnt play paintball...a game that inflicts greater pain, and is actually being played.
    This is good though because i dont think you can smash down drinks and play paintball at the same time (??)
    Anyway ill add to your evergrowing list of

  15. Raphael Chung Shang Yuen S3242135June 8, 2009 at 10:55 PM

    Great game i see, potencial it has.

    Yeap, like the idea, i always wanted a game that gives players a bit of hurt or pain, although this one seems mild. But the contractions of tendons seems abit hard for present tech. Complications might arise too, if you pull the tendons of the player's leg he'd probably go tip toe'd and fall.

    But all in all, great game, more visuals would be nice. Distinction

  16. blueprints of arena was very clear to me. game is very virsitile. would like to play.

  17. This game stood out to me. I liked the idea of it being another dark zone / paintball sort of game. Seemed very fun, social and exerting. I'd definitly play it. Great presentation. It was well presented, very detailed, along with the website.

    Score: High Distinction

  18. Samantha To s3197261

    Blueprints make it look high tec, should have warning for people with weak hearts and all, even ifs it a little stock its still bad for health.

    = D

  19. heya guys i give you a distinction
    i like this game although in the presentation i got a litle lost but in the whole it was good...also id be afraid that people will be to busy laughing at each other to play as each time somebody gets a shock their buddies will crack up at the stupid face and pose they pull.....then get distracted and end up gettin shoked aswell.

  20. OMGOMGOMG This is the kind of game that will attract a massive audience!!
    Its not just awesometastic its totally awesomesaurus (and i dont say that much!)
    It really combines the highly intense situational feeling of a game like Skittles, with an added injection of adrenaline from the 'electrifying' gameplay.
    The Social aspect of it seems to be a little better than in skittles as well, heightening the experience and would really help to 'open up' the game - where people will be able to make up 'outside' rules, or play a little more.. um, lets say cunningly.
    It would also have that extremely addictive experience that you only get in these highly intense and exciting games, that will surely sell if it was ever made...
    In fact if you ever were to make it, make it with a bedroom cos i would live there :D
    *High Distinction*

  21. this is a very original game a bit sadistic but still quite original, the only things that detracts from the game is potential to be hurt BUT I do agree that if you don't like the risk then don't play.. & the floor would have to be a soft surface so people could dive dramatically & etc. Not too crazy about serving alcohol with it
    definitely HD

  22. I think it's a great idea. That kind of sadomasochistic gameplay is surprisingly popular these days : P. Loved Gregg's rather passionate speech on the various layers : P.

    Only point I could make is a request for various gameplay choices (such as purely point-based for the shock scared).

    H-igh D-istinction!!!!!!!

  23. Physical Exertion: 10/10
    This game looks incredibly physical.

    Mind Body Conflict/loop 9/10
    good mind body loop, calculating best way to get across lights

    Social: 10/10
    anything that can encompass all your friends is very social, can be played in the same way 'laser warz' or paintball is played.

    Emotion: 6/10
    emotion would generally come from pain.

    Performance: 6/10
    decent performance sport, interesting to watch, much better to participate in.
    Originality: 9/10
    clearly inspired by arena sports such as paintball, but this has a very special twist. It hurts!

    Style: 8/10
    website and game has great colour scheme and style.

    Website: 7/10
    Good blueprints, didnt like the socks idea, thought there could of been a better way to track movement than cameras (ir?)

    Grade: D

  24. I like your game both idea and creative design. It's great .86 (HD) for you guy.

    However one thing I hope your team should consider again about social aspect. Is it a dangerous game for player?!! IF you have warning message on your game , do your game could target a large number of player?!!is that a good game to play?!!


  25. Interesting idea.

    When I heard the elevator pitch for this one, I was a little dubious, because I misunderstood and thought the electric shock administered was supposed to be quite painful (which is not so much fun, emotionally speaking). But low grade electrical stimulation is not very painful, and the involuntary twitch it will incur will add an interesting element to game play - not only will the player feel the shock, but all the other players will SEE them get shocked due to their muscle contractions. Then everybody gets to laugh at them for looking like a dweeb. Sort of a forced involuntary performance.

    The social aspects of the game are quite interesting too; as it allows for social play. Do you hold your mate down so they get shocked or do you pick them up and save them from the incoming shockage?

    High Distinction

  26. I love the game, it seems like a lot of fun - especially in a large group of friends. The electric shock was a little unfair to me, but now I see that it could be worked in without seeming like a terrible thing. And the sheer work that you guys put in is amazing!

    Simply awesome.


    Sama (3239506)

  27. Punishment based rewards system. Interesting, although not quite my cup of tea.

    Physical Exertion
    This game definitely is physical, but so is Boot Camp! Being able to use your whole body to get our feet off the ground is a great way to engage every muscle in your body. Although, couldn’t you just sit on the ground to avoid your feet touching the lights? But smart-ass comments aside. The physical aspect is there!

    Mind Body conflict
    A great game pitting reaction speed, body-eye co-ordination against risk of certain electrical shock is great. This game would get very hard once the lights are speeding up and changing direction. This game would be easy to play, but hard to master. I think you’ve done well here.

    Very social, nothing like pushing your mates into the oncoming lights, or having some spare coloured socks to make them get zapped instead of yourself! :P
    A mass of people playing all at once would be a riot.

    Fear is definitely an emotion, and it definitely exists in this game. This game will have you concentrating and scared out of your socks! Haha.

    This game by design doesn’t incite any kind of performance based moves or actions. But socially, these kinds of things could develop, and players could impress each other by doing cartwheels or backflips to avoid the lights etc..

    Great idea, a bit like the games we used to play in primary school, where you had to jump the snaking skipping rope. But good execution and targeting the right audience, with the music and lights, making it an exciting game to play.

    As this game doesn’t really have visuals, the patterns and way the lights can vary was demonstrated well.

    Nice presentation, covered all the topics, but possibly a bit too much on the technology. I think a brief explanation would of been enough. More about the game, and the exertion game elements of design would of been better.

    The website contains great information about the physical technology, not enough about the game.


    Physical Exertion: 9/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 8/10
    Social: 9/10
    Emotion: 7/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 7/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 7/10
    Website: 7/10
    Conclusion: 8/10

    Total 77/100

    D (Distinction)

    Shockingly surprising game...

  28. This Is a great idea! I really enjoy the social game play side to ur concept it really seems to me you would have a great market because it can be suited to all age and physical types. Also using shock as a means of punishing a player is a cool idea, the only reason i play paint ball over lazer force is because it involves pain :P and i think its more satisfying when you get a physical consequence if u make the wrong moves!

    this idea defiantly deserves a HD and also displaying a great website :)

  29. I'm sick of long comments so...

    A fun, way to get your adrenalin pumping. Great thought has been put into the social, physical & technical aspects & associated images. Might be a bit unbalanced with the mind-body conflict... if it's revolving fast, it might be hard to react but that depends on how fast it goes. Website is informative & all good & so was the presentation. Made me think of Mission Impossible mixed with skipping. Overall, nice work!


    Physical Exertion: 10/10
    Mind Body Conflict: 7/10
    Mind Body Loop: 8/10
    Social: 10/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 9/10
    Style: 7/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Website: 8/10

    Overall, that gives you 83% which is a HD

  30. Ok, some people may call me a masochist... But I really love the idea of copping pain (just a little bit) for losing! I reckon this would find a massive/alternative market.

    Conceptually, this is a pretty good. Except I think there needs to be more un-parallel gameplay.

    Your presentation was pretty good, although I'm not sure if your idea for hit detection is the best...

    I think this game could be a fun enjoyable game, but I think you need to design it further. It's definitely an interesting idea to take something people usually consider a chore and try and turn it into a fun game.

    Perhaps if you made it a little more surreal. By that I mean creating more unique/less realistic situations you needed to clean in. Or creating intelligent muck or something.

    I think the control scheme is fine. I can see peoples arms getting tired really quickly! (which I think is a good thing)

    Overall I reckon the gameplay of your idea would be solid. But I think design wise it's a little bit thin.

    Great video though!

    Concept :: 9/10
    Physical Exertion :: 8/10
    Mind/Body Conflict Loop :: 6/10
    Social :: 8/10
    Emotion :: 8/10
    Performance :: 8/10
    Originality :: 10/10
    Presentation :: 8/10
    Website :: 7/10
    Bonus :: 5/10
    TOTAL :: 75/100 = D

  31. Ok Obviously I accidently copied and pasted some stuff from WiiMaid.


  32. This game looks like a whole heap of physical fun and i could see myself playing it. One thing i didnt like though was using the different colour socks to detect who gets hit with a laser. Using for example a small sensor that the laser could hit similar to the way you play laser tag might be a better option.

    The game contains a lot of potential by the way heaps of people can join in which makes it very social and a great way to have a fun time with friends. Overall i give you a high distinction

  33. this game was awesomeeee.
    i could see this taking off just like laser games etc. It could be cool if you had springs in the floor too so players could almost bounce into each other, or maybe even had just certain areas super springy?
    anyway, the game is rad. two thumbs up from me.

    score: HD

  34. Everybody loves it - so i won't feel bad speaking my mind cos it won't even effect your HD muhahaha.

    Socks - 30 colours - ain't gonna happen and how accurate do you expect these camerasensors to be - they might zap everyone from violet to indigo and back. Also if you get someone to lie down with their feet in the air they're safe and anybody else behind them is cos they block the camera.

    Pain? - How many batteries and lawsuits do you want to go through.
    Have you noticed how huge and heavy a 12 volt battery is? and have you then put your fingers between the pos and neg? nothing happens right? Correct! They're gonna be in pain from lugging around 50 kilos of electronics just to get a tingle when they fail to jump with the stuff on!
    And lawsuits - oops he was wearing a pace maker! - All it takes is some cry baby to claim you over-zapped them and like poor pedofiliac Michael Jackson every Tom, Dick and little Johny will be after you.

    Disco is a nice idea.
    I'd rather play paintball though. And i asked what made it better and you simply said they're not the same thing - you are correct but you happened to be comparing them 5 minutes earlier which kind of pissed me off cos you made me look silly after you'd already been talking about them together.

    The other thing is that you are competiting with paint ball cos not many people are willing to risk pain to have fun - trust me i tried to put together a group of friends to go paintballing "But it hurts!" they all yell.

    You've taken away the guns and add music. So in my mind - taken away the fun bit and added annoying noise - i hate music.

    Preso-wise - We didn't need to see 30 techinical drawings of the system. If we didn't get it after 2 drawings we weren't going to get it - btw most of us got it after two.

    On the technical drawings - won't people trip over the bumping bubbly bits? No of course not cos they're wearing super cool socks that glow in the dark - somehow are sensed by cameras and analyed in colour down to 100 nm in wavelength and can also clean your teeth as well as hovering safely over bumps.

    30 people? How? what? huh?
    30 bodies in a room where you have to spot a line of little LEDs buzzing across towards you . People will be too busy looking down and around at the LEDs trying to find where the next one is coming from to enjoy the music - or avoid running into the 29 other people plus staff doing the same thing. This is because it is pitch black, the only light from the line of LEDs some glow in the dark socks a couple of those glowing wrist bands - conveniently mentioned when someone asked the question during the preso.

    Everybody loves you and your painful game. So you shouldn't mind if i be the grinch and give you a Credit.

    Also a most of that was exaggerated minor flaws.

    Daniel (s3237937)

  35. Logan Gray s3235083June 10, 2009 at 11:35 PM

    Here we go! a good good game, really enjoyed the website and presentation, VERY thorough (maybe too thorough(sp?) technical extraction pictures? )VERY cool idea regardless, the sock comment made me lol.

    High Distinction from me


  36. Ben Goodvach-DraffinJune 11, 2009 at 1:23 AM

    You know its a little sick...just want to put that out there. BUT, as a party game i can see it having some high points to it. Just be wary of the roaming emo's that come lurking about.

    However, people's obsession about asking dumb hypothetical questions for a (not dumb) hypothetical game for 30 minutes was a little painful...just needed to say that.

    HD - as i think you could actually market it

    Ben Goodvach-Draffin

  37. Yup, a super fun awesome game by the sounds of it! Well done. Totally satisfies the most important criteria, those being sociality, emotion, performance and physical exertion. I'd be concerned about the long-term effects of the electric shocks on the body, and the idea of 30 differently coloured socks made me lol too. Something minor that I particularly liked was the music thing; how it would go from calm/classical stuff in the beginning to hardcore fast rave music near the final stages! Rad. I give this HD.

  38. this would be soo cool with violence, was very in depth yous defiantly planned the mechanisms and all that techno stuff
    Damien S3235475

  39. Since courtney is sitting next to me at the moment, I have to give you a HD.

    You got the exertion bit down, and almost every other aspect down.

  40. Well thought out and developed
    Effectively uses negative reinforcement to encourage the players to exert themselves
    The website is very good - explains everything clearly - including the techy stuff

    It's a High Distinction!

    -Kalonica Quigley

  41. I can see this degrading into a contest of who can keep their face on the floor the longest. I guess thats why there are the refs.
    Good presentation, although it got very technical! perhaps too much information there. You could have just said 'it just works ok!' and i would have been happy. Nice concept though, very exerty.

    a distinction i do believe.

  42. Okie doke!
    I absolutely loved this game, i truly did. It made me wish that it was already made and i wanted to play it. It would be the best game to go out and play with mates and this is owed to the fact that electric shocks are involved. If it was only "hey buddy, you wanna go jump a line of light?" The answer would be "umm how bout no Scott, that sounds lame!" but with the added effect of shockingness and a drive to win and to watch your mates get zapped, the answer is "hellz yeah!"
    I think at this place during the day could be family friendly and the shock element to the game is negated so as kids can play and have more fun because i don't think most kids would enjoy the whole pain/weird sensation thing, but then at night for the adults the shocker is on and the bar is open and a great time can be had by all!

    Fantastic, well thought out and plausible game. This game plays up to the simple yet effective rule.

    Well Done.
    Hiiiiiiiiiigh Distinction

  43. sorry for this reply:

    idea: 4/5 you might have talked a bit too much bout the floor pad...
    exertion: 5/5
    performance: 3/5
    social: 2/5 i don't think people would like to "shocked"
    emotion: 4/5
    presentation: 4/5
    website: 4/5

    overall score: D

  44. OMGSH! This game was absoulte awesomeness.

    I loved it.

    Concept :: 9/10
    Physical Exertion :: 9/10
    Mind/Body Conflict Loop :: 8/10
    Social :: 8/10
    Emotion :: 10/10
    Performance :: 9/10
    Originality :: 10/10
    Presentation :: 8/10
    Website :: 8/10

    HD, I would so play this game and can see it being a big success with hardcore gamers


  45. jump SHOCK you guys are cruel...your game makes me cringe... but i love the idea even so (: sorry for a short post but running low on the internettt grrr D (:

  46. Andrew "Dooshie" DemetriouJune 16, 2009 at 2:05 PM

    Sick idea. I would play it 100%.

    I don't really have anything constructive to say. If i did.. i probably forgot it a week ago :\.

    ANYWAY I like the idea, and i enjoy that it's not a replacement for paintball (jeez), it's just another competitive physical game that's mainly based in real life.

    I think the adrenaline would be crazy, and implementing more ways to play it would be a good idea.

    Love the way you guys described the physical aspect of actually creating the game.

    Physical Exertion: 11/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 8/10
    Social: 10/10
    Emotion: 10/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 8/10
    Style: 7/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Website: 6/10
    Conclusion: 7/10