Thursday, June 4, 2009

Team M


  1. i think the comment about "why would you play this when you can actually clean" are rediculous. there are aspects of this game that relate to the real world but dont directly correspond with it - ie. if you knock something over in the game and don't catch it, you don't actually have to explain to mom why theres a broken ming vase. also, you get to hit kids. i liek it. very good idea and very fun presentation/style. i also think the physical aspect is good and it could get quite a decent workout going with the whole scrubbing thing you have going on.


  2. I like the idea. And like Mariah said, I think that type of comment would be a careless one. It's like saying "why play tennis on wii when you can actually do it in real life" in a way. To me it felt like the game was actually challenging the whole idea of doing things in real life/virtual world. It gets people thinking.

    The presentation was entertaining :) Thank you for the efforts put into the video.

    It seems like there's quite a variety of things you can do in the game. I like it :) People will have a lot of fun playing this game, it seems to be a very sociable game. I wish there was more body movement involved in it though.

    D for you guys :) Good job!


  3. BTW the url for our game is:

  4. My mark: CR
    Rad game. I really liked the video you guys put together; it did a great job of illustrating exactly how the game would work in both physical and virtual space. Also, the game seems to feature some pretty incredible and lifelike graphics.

  5. Ehh.. cleaning isn't so big for many people considering people don't bother to clean their own house so why they want to clean their virtual home - unless it somehow teaches people that cleaning is easy and fun. The movie is hilarious however! This game would go with Cooking Mama or those "imagine" series for girls.

    I give this game a CR

  6. This game reminds me of an eyetoy one, if anyone has played it, where you wash the windows. Click Here
    not the best video, but it show's you what the game is like However having said that, your game still possesses originality. There are far more things to do and it helps to create a good social atmosphere that people can enjoy and not take too seriously.

    The video that you guys made was good ^^; but Bao Di makes a good point, why do people want to clean a virtual home when many people do not clean their own houses. Games are more or less about escaping reality and entering another domain where the existence that we partake in everyday is different, it is not govern by the same rules and/or responsibilities.

    Back to your game, there is a good level of exertion in this game and you could maybe increase that by having time limits for cleaning areas?

    You're website is good and explains quite a lot about the game. Well done!

    You get a distinction from me.

  7. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 6:01 AM

    Sorry guys but cleaning is the last thing I would want to be doing for fun. I really don't see any potetial in this game at all. I mean I guess they could use to rate a maids performance or something but as a game it just wouldnt work. The video was quite entertaining but thats about all I can say about the presentation. 5/10

  8. Scott Battye S3201290June 7, 2009 at 3:16 PM

    I would have to say Credit because the game wouldn't jump out at me on the shelf and after browsing through and seeing it I wouldn't buy it. The video and presentation were well delievered though and the video had some comedic elements to it.

  9. When you presented your first presentation about JUST cleaning..
    I was really hating the idea haha.
    But the fact you added the whole "bad kid" part to it where u just crap on everything in the house is awesome.

    I really think this adds more appeal to the game.
    But i feel the person who gets stuck to clean it up would still be like "oh great i got the maid... fun.."

    haha but still it would add to the social aspect and make the game more fun.

    take it in turns and such..
    Other than that I'm not sure how the game would exactly work as the screens u showed of it being first person.. may be a bit hard to play on the wii just with the aspects of knocking things over and catching them and such..

    But with all that aside.
    I give this a Credit:
    Level of exertion: Medium
    Fun: Medium to low (cause of maid player)
    Originality: Medium
    I just think you needed to work more on how the game would play rather than the video.
    as entertaining as it was haha

  10. at first i was abit hesitant but after the video you guys put together it put a more comedic twist to your concept. I found it quite amusing.
    I probably wouldn't play this though, not my type of game but then again I'm not exactly a Wii fan either.
    Someone mentioned "why would you play this when you can clean your own house"..... for crying out loud that pretty much applies to most interactive games that try to capture reality. A fine example... guitar hero... think of allllll the hours youve spent pushing those plastic buttons when you could of invested that time learning to play an actual guitar. Same scenario, regardless of the qaulity of the game. Probably been said a thousand times before too.
    For cying out loud I tell ya! :P

    Anywho i grant this group a Credit.

  11. I dont think this game would be great, however i feel the concept was well thought out and certainly well presented. You guys look like you put a fair bit of thought and effort into all this.


  12. Hmm ok i know these aren't games arent actually going on the market but i dont think you guys would get high demand if they were. Just because majority of people to hate cleaning (that is, its a pain in the arse to do) so i think that would put people off. But i think you guys did put heaps of effort into your game and i thought the video yous made was awesome!!
    I think you guys should get a
    DISTINCTION *powerful echoe*

  13. Cheung Yi Kai (Jason) S3232755June 8, 2009 at 9:10 PM

    First of all I’m glad you all like our video :D

    There were a few comments that suggested people are not interested in cleaning in every day life and that’s why they won’t like Wii maid.
    But I believe our game can break though the boring atmosphere of cleaning and become a fun party game.
    Because in this game.. cleaning is not only to keep your home clean. This game makes cleaning (and dirtying) into a challenging and fun activity to engage that will engage the player to move around and ultimately enjoy the experience. It is easy to get started as well
    Also one of the main reasons why people hate cleaning is because we hate to smell or touch the dirt and squish bugs.
    In this game you won't feel that which covers the disadvantages of cleaning. This game may help to educate children on how to have fun and clean at the same time.

    Some other comments mentioned this game is not physical enough.. I think maybe we haven’t explained clearly what is involved in the players experience in Wii maid enough during the presentation. Players need to shake your remote to clean and to clean faster u need to shake faster and harder.
    players also need to balance on the Wii balance board to clean an elevated object. you also need to clean your brush or towel by wringing your remote to squeeze the water out. And players need to slap the cockroach and then clean away the messy left overs.
    All those actions will make you sweat if you play this game with your friends for an hour...

    And why player will want to play this for an hour?..... We designed the bad kid Vs. the maid to make this game like a competition. The maid will try harder to clean mess that the bad kid makes. And the bad kid won't let the maid win without’ a fight.
    Also our game will contain new weapons (brush) and customs to engage player to continue the game. We also have Difficulty setting in our game to suit different kinds of players.
    So the game will not be too hard or too easy.

    I may still agree that cleaning (wii maid) may not be aesthetically attractive as Gears of War, Diablo, etc... And male player will think this is a gay game too :( But my team mates and I all agree that this is a unique and quirky game... this is actually fun! And some girly game like cooking MaMa still achieved a global market success! And many boys like it too! :D

    During our group meeting we also had an idea which involved much more movement.. A specialised Wii maid game room with 4 projected images on the 4 walls and floor. The screen will display the dirt and cockroach. So the maid needs to hold the matching weapon and brush as displayed on the screen.... And same as the bad kid... so the player will need to run around the room instead of standing on the balance board.
    But we believe playing this game at home and using the normal Wii system instead of the 4 walls will be cheaper and more efficient.

    thank you for taking the time to read all of this... I am just trying to keep my game cool :P and I was going to present our conclusion after the video in presentation..
    But Floyd ran out and started to take our photos... I was nervous and shy to tell Floyd that its not finished and continue what i need to say.... I’m sorry
    But now I learned this lesson... I will be a bastard next time and stop everyone talking to listen to my clear conclusion about the presentation.... :>

  14. Raphael Chung Shang Yuen S3242135June 8, 2009 at 10:50 PM

    I do believe the game has potencial, look at those other Wii games, i wouldn't play em if i didn't know what Wii was capable of. However, I don't think Wii games should require player constantly waggling the controllers for more than a few minutes, the Wii games are physical but requiring overexertion everytime might have players backing away. That being said i don't play the Wii extensively.

    Yeah, all in all, i just doubt players can go on shaking too long, but the idea can be refined. Distinction.

  15. video was hilarious. game looks fun to play. i don't think i'd buy this game myself.

  16. Originally when i heard your idea, i thought oh god, sounds pretty lame. However, when you presented it, i felt a lot better about it.

    It seemed like you spent more time thinking about the concept and aesthetics than you did about the gameplay elements. There's no website aswell :(

    The video was pretty funny though.

    Score: Credit

  17. Samantha To s3197261

    The video was very funny,
    I wouldn't buy it personally cause i rather clean my house and have results. Maybe the funny animation would get people into it.

    = C

  18. hey guys good presentation and the video was great i thought you had worked on alot of different aspects of gameplay which is good and you did well to make something in the real world that isnt all that interesting and make it competative and fun.

    also people should stop comparing this to reall cleaning..why...because its not real cleaning the game isnt a replacement for it and it doesnt try to say play me instead of cleaning its a game ! like so many others that are based on things we already have like wii tennis or baseball...or any sport game ever or those ds games where you raise puppies..the game is good because its competitive its a race against your opponent to undo everything hes done and it takes something you wouldnt normally do and gives it a twist uses the wii remotes really yeah stop saying i wouldnt do it cause people wouldnt really even want to clean their own home so why do it in a game...cause the game and real life are different which is the same for all games..blah blah blah..thats what i rekon anyway...people could say i dont wanna rock climb or stomp on dooshies face so why would i wanna do it in a game

  19. Ben Taylor s3168518June 9, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    Your presentation was great. The videos were very funny, and the images were great too. I'm just not sold on the idea of a game based around cleaning, I know you mentioned the yard work simulator from the Simpsons, but basing your idea on the idea that cleaning is something you would want to play a game about is a little ridiculous. Especially when its a mundane cleaning game like this, if you had modifyed your idea a bit to make it more appealing, like there are evil dust bunnies trying to take over the world, or some evil guy dirtying up the place ala Super Mario Sunshine I think it could have been better.

  20. This game does look entertaining and engaging, but does not seem to have any great appealing qualities. It would probably work well as a party game when combined with other party games, but stand alone does not have a real pull for an audience.

  21. I don't see the big criticism with the cleaning idea, it's got a lot of potential. I reckon more design (like ben's suggestions of a evil dust bunnies) would really pay off. It does embody a lot of physical game qualities so I think that deserves credit.


  22. this is a very brave move and i think you guys have pulled it off great! I would love to see millions of subscribers clinging to this like they do WoW and spend all there time virtually fighting filth! The presentation was very funny with what looked like a great time making the clip! great idea :)

    Mark: D

  23. Physical Exertion: 6/10
    a lot of it is waggling, which can be physical but focus' too much on the hand and wrists. It would be very uncomfortable to work up a sweat

    Mind Body Conflict/loop 7/10
    mind body loop is in sync, watching for mess/ oppurtunities to create mess and having to meet those discoveries with a quick reaction.

    Social: 10/10
    As demonstrated by the video, this game has potential for great social interaction between two people, together or online.

    Emotion: 6/10
    Not sure how emotionally invested one can get in cleaning.

    Performance: 7/10
    video showed that this was infact entertaining to watch. Although im sure we'd get sick of it eventually

    Originality: 9/10
    Very original, control scheme is obviously not brand new, it is however applied in a original way.

    Style: 8/10
    website and game has great colour scheme and style.

    Website: 8/10
    great website!

    Grade: D

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  25. I wanna know who did editing video clip?!! It's interesting and fun video!!
    Your game is good but not enough interesting to me. Because I can do housework , so why i do play this game and spend time while i can not get any real result ( e.g. clean house and bathroom).
    65 = C for your idea.

  26. Good presentation, as mentioned the video was very funny.

    I can imagine this game working very well as a large team based game, with armies of maids and bad kids. This would enhance the already good social dynamics you had set up.

    You might have trouble with the mind-body conflict - as was mentioned earlier, the reliance on aggressive hand/wrist movement could cause wrist fatigue and pain.


  27. The presentation was hilarious. Try to mess up your friends cleaning? Why not. The concept really worked well in your video and I can see it being a popular game with younger people. Also, awesome job!



  28. very good work.. yes it does raise the question of why would I play this game if it's about cleaning ? but that aside it seems very fun & makes good use of the wii mote & it's definitely in the vain of those "cooking mama" sort of games yes your presentation was very funny, i'm giving you a distinction

  29. Hey Guys

    I didn’t see this one coming…a cleaning game. Perfect for every female… ill be dodging bullets after that, I’m just joking girls. Anyway, the presentation was OK, website is good and I understood the game and what had to be done. My only concern is the content. I love the idea of being able to interact with your surroundings in a game, and the Wii remote might be able to make it feel a bit more ‘real’ however cleaning…I’m not too sure about that one. If I am going to clean I would rather do the work for real and have an actual clean house in the end rather than only in my game. Everything else is gr8 it just needs to hold the players interest.

    Games are a way of allowing people to do things they don’t or can’t normally do in real life. Or it helps them escape reality for a while.

    I’ve decided to ditch the mark allocation list. From the presentation and what I think I’m able to give a mark that I think is fair.

    Final mark

    C - Credit

  30. I think this game could be a fun enjoyable game, but I think you need to design it further. It's definitely an interesting idea to take something people usually consider a chore and try and turn it into a fun game.

    Perhaps if you made it a little more surreal. By that I mean creating more unique/less realistic situations you needed to clean in. Or creating intelligent muck or something.

    I think the control scheme is fine. I can see peoples arms getting tired really quickly! (which I think is a good thing)

    Overall I reckon the gameplay of your idea would be solid. But I think design wise it's a little bit thin.

    Great video though!

    Concept :: 5/10
    Physical Exertion :: 6/10
    Mind/Body Conflict Loop :: 6/10
    Social :: 7/10
    Emotion :: 7/10
    Performance :: 8/10
    Originality :: 6/10
    Presentation :: 8/10
    Website :: 6/10
    Bonus :: 10/10
    TOTAL :: 69/100 = C

  31. I would have never thought cleaning would be fun but since you have made it into a game perhaps it could be. The video was so good, i wanted to do something similar for our own group video but the whole group didn't agree which is a pity. Overall you get a distinction

  32. I'm sick of long comments so...

    A fun, twist on a boring task. Thanks for the video laughs, nice cockroaches & stuff... Not overly social or physical but not bad either. Balanced, all the same. Mind-body loop has been incorporated nicely into the game. Website is informative & full of great technical info & imagery... like the "screenshots". Overall, nice work!


    Physical Exertion: 7/10
    Mind Body Conflict: 8/10
    Mind Body Loop: 9/10
    Social: 7/10
    Emotion: 7/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 8/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Website: 8/10

    Overall, that gives you 78% which is a D

  33. @Thao Jason filmed and edited the video, I added the animations

  34. you guys rocked, and your video totally won me over.
    i love that you took an everyday boring thing like cleaning and made it into something fun.
    i think it'd be tough getting people to initially give it the time of day, but if you won them over like you did with us i could see this game taking off like cooking mama.

    score: D

  35. Logan Gray s3235083June 10, 2009 at 11:33 PM

    Hey guys, very original idea accompanied with a hilarious video. very cool stuff, the idea however was kind of marketed towards a "specialest" market in my opinion. i mean cooking mama was fun but this was... i dont know.



  36. Ben Goodvach-DraffinJune 11, 2009 at 1:20 AM

    The video sold it for me, I don't know how many people would play a cleaning game, but i think you took it the right way. I like idea of the nemesis naughty child dirtying stuff. Might get a little repetative, or RSI may set in, but nice one.


    Ben Goodvach-Draffin

  37. Yeah, wasn't totally convinced by the game initially, but that video... beautiful. Brilliant job guys. I do actually think that the "cleaning made fun!" sentiment would actually be carried over to real life in some cases, and could subliminally help people become more tidy/etc. That is unless they were utterly absorbed by the game that is, and became more slovenly as a result... so maybe you should develop a threshold for the game in the case that happens, haha. Wait, lightbulb! It would be great if as well as being a game in itself, it had an "actual cleaning motivator" mode or something along those lines, wherein at certain points of the game the player has to clean parts of their home in order to activate further Cleaning Maid goodness? Don't know how that would work out logistically but food for thought nonetheless. I give you guys a HD!

  38. wasnt too convinced with this game it just wasnt too striking. but the video was defiantly classic
    Damien S3235475

  39. Sounds all right. I mean I know theres the issue of Cleaning not being something everyone wants to do but I can see where you are going with the addition of the bad kid getting to mess things up as well. However, I would really recommend more evil and conniving ways for the naughty kid in order to make the game more interesting because as you know, many people still go on with the issue of claning not being something they would like in the game and you need some kind of solid and unique gimmick to make this game truly work

    Overall: Distinction

  40. Interesting concept, brilliant video.

    69/100. C.

  41. The video was awesome
    Presentation was clear
    Bonus points for the idea that you play as your Mii character
    Website is good - clearly explains everything - the concept, controls, characters and how your game relates to the mind/body conflict, performance etc.

    It's a Credit

    -Kalonica Quigley

  42. My comments for this group are on my home computer, will update tonight.

  43. Loved the video, it made everything really clear. And for those who ask, 'why play a game about cleaning?', well because you can do it in ANY HAT YOU CHOOSE, the customization was great! I could really see this being an actual game.


  44. Okay i'm giving you a distinction. Not because i've given all the others that - i've meant every mark i've given. But because you put in no less effort of thought into your game than the're just catering for a different audience and your game is in a different league.
    The one criticism i do have is how physical you can get, as this game doesn't quite get the heart pumping as much as the others, but i won't hold this against you as i found this point and the line as to how physical it should be rather vague too.
    On the note of why wiiclean when you can realclean, it's different, it's a game! You can win or lose, there's a challenge there would be consequences, CUSTOMISABLE HATS. In RL, you can't win or lose, either you clean it or you get sidetracked but this is not the same!...
    But mind you if you could lose in RL, i would still be on the first level...

    so yes, Distinction!

  45. sorry for the late reply:

    idea: 3/5
    exertion: 4/5
    performance: 3/5
    social: 5/5
    presentation: 4/5
    website: 4/5

    overall score: D

  46. I missed this presentation too. Again, I went outside and didn't come back in time to sit in my seat before you guys started presenting.

    Anywho! The whole cleaning being turned into a game concept is quite original and interesting.

    I can't properly mark you but I think : D.

  47. Apologies for missing the presentation! although i was talking to trevor before hand about it.. i like the cleaning idea its good and like carla said orginal D for me too

  48. Andrew "Dooshie" DemetriouJune 16, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    In the beginning i didn't warm to the idea completely. It's not that whole "OMFG HOW CAN YOU MAKE A GAME ABOUT SOMETHING SO LAME AS CLEANING!?!" coz there's games about lamer things. Like farming. I would rather clean a house than clean horse shit.

    ANYWAY basically what i'm trying to say is, through your presentation you made me believe that a game about cleaning is actually fun.

    I would play it... but probably not for that long. There isn't that much exertion, and you need something more than just cat and mouse between 2 players to make it more fun.
    Perhaps a multiplayer mode like left for dead (i think kidney said this) where you have a team of cleaners and a team of messer-upper dudes.

    over all i like it though.

    Physical Exertion: 5/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 7/10
    Social: 7/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 8/10
    Style: 6/10
    Presentation: 10/10
    Website: 7/10
    Conclusion: 7/10

    i think that be a D.