Thursday, June 4, 2009

Team P



    Here's the URL for Mr tile
    cheers folks, hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Great idea, entertaining video (nice music to it). The gameplay seemed a tad bit confusing, but that may just be me.

    A question that I thought about was, what if a player presses on two squares at the same time?

    And is this game playable by more than two players?

    Your website is quite good :) Nice job on that.

    Your game gets a D.


  3. Hi Chad,
    Your questions were both asked & answered after we finished our presentation. But I will answer again;

    1) If a player presses on two squares at the same time? If they want to, they can, and the squares are not owned by the other team, they can but the tile only becomes claimed by them if it was yellow (step once) and also once they leave (take pressure off) that tile.

    2) "Can more than 2 players play?" In the future, yes, that would be great, either in bigger teams or multiple teams. Ultimately, this would depend upon technology costs which is why we simplified it to 2 players for the initial concept.

    I hope that helps answer your questions,
    cheers :)

  4. My mark: CR
    Good game idea, I was also a little bit fuzzy on how exactly the virtual aspect of it plays but it’s the overall connection between this virtual game and the physical action that’s important anyway. nice video.

  5. Sounds like a fun game to run around and gather as much tiles as possible.

    I give this a HD

  6. A real interesting and kinda intriguing game which I'd try out.

    Nice video and presentation though!


  7. Loved the video, it was so dramatic! ^_^

    This reminds me of the game, reversi, which follows a similar objective. ^^ Quite addictive =P

    The website looks good, and covers the game concept and aspects well. :)

    You get a distinction from me.

  8. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 6:16 AM

    Cool video and a very cool concept, this game, like the shock one, I could see in an arcade or laser tag arena type place. The tech is definently ithing our reach to be able to create this game. It is very well thought out and quite professional. Great job boys and girls 9/10

  9. I'm not sure how exactly this game can be much fun,but there was an interesting video and at least the way the game works is explained.

    Distinction. Well done!

  10. well explained, nice video and great presentation.


  11. would be a fun as game to play.
    and very exerting.
    the idea of blocking people in aswell adn using strategies is really cool
    you could even make mods for the pad and have games where uve gotta destroy the other peoples blocks and stuff.. so many possibilities.


  12. This is a very strategic idea, I love strategy.
    The idea is somewhat intruiging however I didnt understand fully how it worked. Otherwise the video was pretty cool and it seems that the concept could allow for very broad gameplay that could go on for a long time.
    I'd try this out for sure.


  13. I... I dont know what to say...
    I didnt love anything about it, i didnt hate anything about it.
    Yet i cant think of any criticism, constructive or otherwise, worth giving?
    I guess all i can really say is that it seems to lack any implicit emotional investment?
    Mr tile promotes exertion gaming and smoking,


  14. One question i wanted to ask was what happens if you stand on 2 tiles at the same time? coz in 2 steps you could get 4 times. although that might be a bit hard if your rushing who knows.
    your game has good social, physical, mind/body and i ant remember the other one i was gonna say.
    To be honest this isnt the kind of game that would appeal to me (i know im not everone though)
    so im gonna give you guys a

  15. Physical Exertion: 6/10
    depends on your style of play, could be a game based around walking slowly, in which case there would be limited exertion.

    Mind Body Conflict/loop 9/10
    well done, a physical puzzle game would definitely have a great mind body conflict

    Social: 8/10
    2 players, not clear whether this game is contact non contact, the board is non parallel but are the players?

    Emotion: 8/10
    strategy is important and its understandable how players could immersed in the mindset this game extends to players.

    Performance: 6/10
    once again this varies on style of play, could be very boring

    Originality: 7/10
    tradition concept that has been transformed quite well.

    Style: 8/10

    Presentation: 6/10
    confusing presentation, rules were difficult to ascertain.

    Website: 10/10
    Great website

    Grade: D

  16. Raphael Chung Shang Yuen S3242135June 8, 2009 at 11:04 PM

    Wonderful, just so colorful.... I'd suggest being a bit more "non-paralllel". But still a great game.

    Distinction as is.

  17. idea is very original. would like to play. video was funny as.

  18. Brought back nostalgic memories of Tron

    Idea seems fun and very exerting. Where exactly would you play this game? In an arcade place?

    Score: Distinction

  19. Samantha To s3197261

    Nice and colourful
    Something children would enjoy more though i think

    = D

  20. hey guys nice work with this it sounds really good...i gotta a litle lost in the presentation about how the game actually works and when i went to the wwebsite i found that maybe the insrtuctions could have been a litle more friendly...anyway i think you guys put a lot of thought nd effort into this and i give you a D FOR DISTINCTION!.

  21. It seems quite hectic but very strategic at the same time 2. I like the way it has been designed so its got clear color tiles and fairly simple game play. I would like to see more player able to play this at the same time on the one bord/matt thing.

    over all great work

    mark: D

  22. Ben Taylor s3168518June 9, 2009 at 11:47 AM

    This is a pretty good idea, and the multiplayer could handle several people too, it very exertive too. There is a lot of potential here.

  23. cheung yu kai S3232755June 9, 2009 at 12:55 PM

    Hey~! your game is great!
    physical Exertion: running on those squares! easy to get start!
    mind body conflict: Not bad! i just dunnno why people get confuse about the rules.....
    social: 2 players competition = good!and player share the same tiles floor. RE: "I'd suggest being a bit more "non-paralllel"" i think it is quite non parallel... what do you suggust to be more non parallel?
    emotion: competition can be emotional.
    performance: can be pretty kool if player can omplete the game quickly.
    presenatation: not bad video ^^ and clear tone explaination!
    good good good :D

  24. Quite an original and interesting game although im not sure i fully understood the concept. It seems like it could engage players for a while and i can see a crowd gathering to watch close and intense matches between even players.

  25. Interesting, but it could do with some added pizazz. It's a good idea but it's also a big game that'd probably take some expensive technology so it'd need something to really pull the customers in. Like explosions : D.


  26. Great concept. Smooth presentation. Thorough website. Nothing else I can say. You guys smashed it.

    Concept :: 10/10
    Physical Exertion :: 10/10
    Mind/Body Conflict Loop :: 10/10
    Social :: 10/10
    Emotion :: 8/10
    Performance :: 7/10
    Originality :: 9/10
    Presentation :: 9/10
    Website :: 10/10
    Bonus :: 10/10
    TOTAL :: 93/100 = HD to the max.

  27. love to play this game! However I'm still confusing about the rule of game! And in your game You use green, drak and yellow, these three colours are hard to see ... should think about the reflection of colour to player's eyes.

    Another things is your game requires a large floor.It's mean expensive. I think It's hard to become popular in game world.

    72 = D for your game!

  28. First off, well done for implementing a strategic puzzle game with an exertion interface. Effective navigation of the mind-body conflict.

    I could see there being a good performance aspect too, once the hectic-ness (?) of the gameplay subsided. Say, for example, when you box your competitor in. Then you could saunter around, taking all the tiles like an unstoppable champion, and they just had to stand there and rage.

    You said there'd be scope for more players to play: I think this would really enhance the game.

    High Distinction.

  29. I loved the concept and the website. The presentation was funny and really worked. Its a puzzle game and an exergame, what more could anyone want?

    You guys deserve a D!


  30. very funny video, very easy to understand game. reminds me of the sort of thing they have on kids game show... very simple & very physical..I've got nothing negative to say about this one.. giving this an HD

  31. Hey Guys

    Like the idea. Website makes sense, very well set up. I was a bit confused at 1st as to how the game is played at all, I get it now though.

    I’ve decided to ditch the mark allocation list. From the presentation and what I think I’m able to give a mark that I think is fair.

    Final mark

    D - Distinction

  32. This game seems completely different from what i thought it would turn into the first time i heard about your idea. I liked the video and how you made it funny using dramatic music and funny stop motion visuals.

    Stomping on the tiles could be a lot of fun and i also like that you have tried to make it more challenging by adding different colours causing the player to have to stop more times to acquire a tile. Penalties was also a good touch in making the game more difficult and overall i give you a distinction.

  33. it was pretty obvious you guys put effort into your game and site and everything, during the minute madness i wasn't totally sold, but you guys developed it really well.

    Loved your answer about people in wheelchairs being able to box in the other player, and if course i loved Ned's jig from the minute madness so bonus points for you guys there.

    score: HD

  34. The music was so marvelously epic and gave the impression that the game must be awesome
    And it pretty much was
    It's clearly exerting, competitive and social. And it addresses the mind-body conflict quite well.
    Good presentation, nice website - both explain the game very well

    It's a Distinction!

    -Kalonica Quigley

  35. Logan Gray s3235083June 10, 2009 at 11:30 PM

    Hey guys, didnt really get the gist of the gameplay but i still liked the most of it, enojoyable presentation.



  36. Ben Goodvach-DraffinJune 11, 2009 at 1:02 AM

    Hey Guys,

    I like the idea and the gameplay of running around linking up squares, kind of like that old pen and paper game when you have a grid and have to connect vertex's to claim boxes. Not sure on longevity though. I mean, games would be pretty short and there would be a fair bit of messing around setting it up each round, however, grats a Distinction

    @ Ned : I'm pretty sure Floyd should have won in that video, he has had many year experience in exergames after all.

    Ben Goodvach-Draffin

  37. A very well thought-out, thoroughly detailed presentation that has been obviously been very much developed past its nascent stages in the Madness session. Don't know which version I prefer; the simple blue/red triangle one was appealing in its own way. This one obviously addresses a lot more criteria though, and sounds like it would be fun to play. Great website + video :) I give you a Distinction!

  38. running around a boar like how the video was demonstrated definitely original in a good way would be pretty fun stomping around and all that jazz
    Damien S3235475

  39. Original concept. Very fun presentation.

    72/100. D.

  40. Very cool idea, well doone

    Physical Exertion
    A very physical game, running around chasing the Floyd!

    Mind Body conflict
    The strategic, and co-ordination aspects of this game combined with the intense physical effort creates a challenging game.

    Fantastically social, playing and watching and cheering would be really fun. I like it alot.

    Great sense of fun, excitement and challenging non-parallel gameplay would provide a fun game

    I'm not sure about the performance aspects of this game.

    Great idea!

    The style was very B grade!

    Well done o the rpesentation very smooth, covered all topics well.

    Excellent website


    Physical Exertion: 9/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 8/10
    Social: 9/10
    Emotion: 9/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 9/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 10/10
    Website: 9/10
    Conclusion: 9/10

    Total 88/100

    D (Distinction)

  41. I think Floyd was on to something with the 'Mr-tiles-over-a-distance' thing. But yeah, good game concept. Nice vid too!


  42. i think this is a great game and does well to combine physical exertion with strategy. However, i feel that you could've been clearer with your presentation but i think i got the point of the game anyway. Original idea from where i stand
    If Ned's head avatar comes standard with the game then it's a Distinction!

  43. sorry for this late reply:

    idea: 4/5 it's fairly original
    exertion: 5/5
    social: 5/5 it'd be funny to watch
    performance: 3/5
    emotion: 3/5
    Presentation: 4/5 funny video
    website: 3/5

    overall score: D

  44. I didn't really understand the game play much.

    Website was rad.

    Video was good.


  45. sorry i'm late posting floyd... my internet konked out last night! I was here for any of last weeks presentations but i looked on the webpage for group P and i really like the idea of there game when i'm at home i love racing my friend mikayla to the stairs only stepping on the orange tiles this game kind of reminded me of that, i jsut love jumping on tiles (: HD

  46. A reasonably physical game. The explanation was a little confusing about the rules and how the system really worked but really that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Try explaining cricket to some one who hasn't heard of it. In its current form it is restricted to only two people but could easily be expanded into a small team game. Would be great if you could simplify the system to the point where it could easily be set up and packed up quickly - Allowing for use in schools, especially primary schools for teaching thinking ahead as well as being physical. I can't really give you bonus points for my own ideas on it but it is a solid concept that could be done.

    A good solid Distinction

    Daniel Kidney

  47. Andrew "Dooshie" DemetriouJune 16, 2009 at 3:10 PM

    i like it.. but there is one problemo.

    It's practically this mini-game in "Crash Bash". Reinventing unoriginal ideas is all right (as our group did this to a certain extent) HOWEVER, i think you guys could have developed it a little more.

    That being said, i do like the game. I'd play it. The exertion is good, people will be running around and camping squares and stuff. Very social.
    I like the amount of gameplay types, it probably wouldn't get boring or anything.

    for me, it's just minus on the unoriginality.

    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 7/10
    Social: 9/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Performance: 6/10
    Originality: 4/10
    Style: 6/10
    Presentation: 6/10
    Website: 6/10
    Conclusion: 6/10

    it's a bouncing baby D