Thursday, June 4, 2009

Team N


  1. i can forsee a lot of problem with the physicality of this game. the combination of an old non-physical game and a physical interface is good but i'm scoring this with a C.

    i think you could have done better in your implementation of the physicality - i think there are better alternatives to a treadmill (ie. a large steering wheel - like one on a boat) and you didn't adapt or change the original gameplay which i think might land you in a bit of hot water

  2. Credit, its a good idea. And i love tetris, but the treadmill aspect seems like it would cause problems, and make the game needlessly hard

  3. It is really harsh to use the treadmill as a reason for it not being good considering games are getting HD with less practical interfaces or even without mentioning one. And the game does have a steering wheel - It's used for rotating the blocks.

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  5. My mark: DI
    Yeah, cool idea. It would obviously be very physically exerting and by incorporating the virtual play of Tetris (which can already get pretty intense and competitive I’ve noticed) it should also have a good level of sociality (I may have just invented a word there). The concept was well communicated and I can see a nice amount of thought has gone into potential technically viable physical installations.

  6. I agree, the treadmill would make the game too complicated. Not much people can multi-task and would wear out too quickly to continue on through the levels. I think it would be impossible with the really fast pace levels - hard enough with the D-pad.

    I give this a CR. But it was almost a D for me ^^"

  7. A real physical game here (Obviously) . Too much running/use of energy for a simple game though, which kinda puts me off it. I like the name though, very memorable.


  8. @Bao Di:
    I think it would be impossible with the really fast pace levels - hard enough with the D-pad.

    Well we did say we would adapt and balance the difficulty level and gameplay accordingly.

  9. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 6:10 AM

    I think it is an intriguing concept but it would exhaust you rather quickly and the game would be over pretty soon. I think you would have to be super fit to play this game otherwise you will be lying on youy back panting within 5 mins ofstarting it. Just thinking about it makes me tired. Anyways great job guys 8/10.

  10. Mark: CR
    Reasons: Arguabley you weren't creating a new game, but a new interface for a particular pre-existing game. Like you said, you have difficulty levels so no-one gets too tired, however, what about the pain in your ankles for sidestepping so much?

  11. Sure, this game is possibly just modded Tetris plugged into a treadmill controller, but that's really beside the point. The point is that the virtual aspect and physical aspect (might I note that it WILL make you sweat oceans) are combined quite well here.

    Distinction. Well done.

  12. Distinction from me. Nice concept and all the new ideas compare to the original version

  13. Scott Battye S3201290June 7, 2009 at 3:10 PM

    I think the "tris" part is the actual part of the name which is protected...? Not sure exactly. But if you get passed that then I'm sure it would popular for some people.

    The thing I'm mostly worried about is "one revolution for one side movement", this would make it quite hard (in my personal imagination of gameplay) to move a block the entire way across the board, then having to move the next one in the opposite direction.

    There's a few things that REALLY need polishing, but the idea to make people sweat is there.


  14. Hey guys sorry to be an arsehole
    But i wouldn't play this game.
    It's tetris.
    But more annoying tetris.
    Tetris is a puzzle solving game not a physical game and I feel those sorts of games really shouldn't be combined.. Unless its really easy type of physical activity and not a clumbersome treadmill and wheel.

    The exertion aspect would be high but only because I can see the game being really hard to play.
    Running on a treadmill and then going the other way is REALLY difficult and it would make it less accessible for a lot of people with weak legs (little kids and the elderly)

    The game concept isn't original at all.
    As its just Tetris.

    Sorry to be really harsh but I feel I need to be honest. As I have been with all the other game ideas.

    Level of exertion: Medium (as its not enjoyable type of exertion)
    Fun level: Low
    Originality: N/A

    Hope this explained my reasons enough to give this game a mark of:

    if you need more explaining or whatever then ask me on here or on my email.

  15. Some comments are pretty harsh but lets pretend Team N is part of the Tetris Organisation...?

    I do somewhat agree with the whole treadmill functionality as it would be difficult to maneuver yourself left and right. Probably another form could be used? But if people think they can face such a challenge then I suppose this idea is viable.
    Either way a good effort I give you a Credit.

  16. To be honest, i cant see this game ever working, just simply because you cant change directionon easily on a tredmill (due to the tredmill still wanting to spin even afer you stop) which is something you need to do constantly in tetris.
    I maintain that space invaders or pong would have been fantastic to implement on this console, so the overall idea is still viable.

    im going to go with a Distinction for this one

  17. I think you guys gave it a good shot. Redoing a classic is always a good start. However the tredmill seems a little bit how to say "overwhelming" for such a simple game. And i think someone mentioned that with the higher levels it would be hard to control the blocks with the tredmil.
    Also i dont really seem much social aspect to this game.

    good try but i think it might need a little bit (like oh so small) of refining


  18. tred tris was very well explained. would love to play.

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  20. everyones problem with the game is easily resolved. Instead of the blocks falling from the center of the map, they fall from either the left or right hand side. This way the player only has to run one direction and only tempers whether they run fast or run slowly to move it only a couple of spaces. If a preview system is used that shows you what block is next you can also choose to hit a button on the rails that make the block go straight down so you can maintain your speed and not have to stop suddenly when you want a block to go down.

    Good website, presentation and art direction. One of the strongest mind/ body loops combining puzzle with physicality. Gameplay needs tweaking (as mentioned above).

    Grade: D

  21. The game idea was ok, but not terribly innovative. The idea of using a tredmill seemed unneccesary and forced just for the reason of making it exerting. I think you could have done better with buttons like Dance Dance Revolution that you had to step on. A tredmill would be difficult and dangerous to use, constantly changing left and right. You could spend forever tweaking and padding it to make it safer and easier to use, but i think your just grasping too hard to the treadmill idea. Think about other options.

    Score: Credit

  22. Samantha To s3197261

    Its an ok game, though i think people would get tired of playing, Tetris is a game you wanna prolong it, but you're tired and you just give up.

    = C

  23. heya

    i like this game alot even though its still esentially just tetris with a tredmill instead of buttons which has had people captured for years so that raises the question why change it? i would like to see this game maybe with the big ball from roly poly and agree with whats been said about the tredmill
    also hey you Anonymous dont tell us how to mark this game and if the tredmill has issues than its a perfestly good reason to mark this game harshly as it seems to be the only thing seperating it from real tetris. also if other games have bad interfaces than to bad for other games were marking this on!!! ARRGGHHHH TRANSFORM....................any way i give you guys a credit.

  24. haha awesome idea this may actually make me play tetris... the website is very cool and has some really cool 3D animation. The game play tho seems intense and very crazy which i like, you have thought outside the "block" and i think that was the hole idea of this project.

    mark: D

  25. Ben Taylor s3168518June 9, 2009 at 11:45 AM

    Tetris is all about fast paced, frantic action, and you want to slow it down? I know it seems like it would solve problems, but it would just make it boring to me. Also using the treadmill to move the pieces by having it move one full rotation seems a little harsh on the runner, especially if you have to change directions. Not to mention, you're running while looking at the screen, it all seems impractical to me. You could make some big improvements by either having it so the treadmill faces the screen and you run backwards or forwards to move the block from side to side, I know it messes with the mind body loop a bit, but it would make the game make a bit more sense to me.
    Aside from the flaws, the premise is good enough, good exertion and multi player would be interesting.

  26. Hahaha "Tredtris!" Seems like a pretty catchy game. There's one thing that stands out though- Why would it matter if it is an addictive game as the original Tetris when you would have to go all the way to an arcade to play it? Well yes i can see that it would keep you there if your actually at an arcade - but it doesnt have that easy access that the original does- which is part of the reason it does well at keeping an audience.
    However i can see that Tredtris will be a little more entertaining than its predecessor and incorporating a more physical method of playing it will make it more appealing to those who find the original a little boring.

  27. I love the amount of thought you guys put into this design, particularly with the technicalities. But I probably wouldn't be too eager to play this game myself. I think original tetris is fun and I don't see anything new and awesome in this reinvention that'd pull me out into the cold, dark world in search of an arcade. Still, you did a great job with the design and presentation : ).


  28. Really interesting seeing the varying responses you're getting. I'm a bit confused by the people saying your concept is no good because it's not original. I don't think too many of the games presented are completely fresh.

    My team's game "Stomp-a-Doosh" is exactly Whack-a-Mole except with Dooshie where there once was a mole and a stomp pad. We haven't copped any flak.

    Regardless, I think it would be possible to set a treadmill in a way to make this game playable.

    Also, I think this would be a great game for basketball players. Instead of running, you could face the screen and defensive shuffle. (I don't know if many of you know what that is... It's basically squatting and pushing your self from side to side.)

    Anyway, good concise presentation. The models are a nice extra. My breakdown:

    Concept :: 7/10
    Physical Exertion :: 9/10
    Mind/Body Conflict Loop :: 7/10
    Social :: 5/10
    Emotion :: 7/10
    Performance :: 7/10
    Originality :: 6/10
    Presentation :: 9/10
    Website :: 7/10
    Bonus :: 8/10
    TOTAL :: 72/100 = D

  29. It's interesting game. I want to play it . Although, same other guy, your game is an expanding game from original game(I think),you still get people who want to play it. Because from the really old game you could make it more interesting ... that is great work.. Weldone 75(D) from me

  30. it's a very neat idea to combine one of the most popular games of all time with a excer-control system, it's enticing enough to make anybody want to try it? but does it have staying power? the use of the treadmill is inventive but seems to me it may really tire out some people after play. Again your idea is good...but the looming question in my head why would any one want to play tetris while doing tiring physical activity when they do the easy thing and just play the game? there needs to be more incentive....

    giving this a credit

  31. Well said, Geoff - most of the game ideas that have been presented haven't been all that innovative. The "defensive shuffle" suggestion is a good one, too - helps resolve the conflict arising from having to run but also turn your head to face the screen.

    It's clear you guys have thought hard about the technical considerations involved. There are some gameplay issues still to be worked out, but the premise is interesting.


  32. The concept sounds like fun, but in reality I can see a lot of problems already. It seems fairly unsafe and could result in some serious injury. Moving around on a treadmill in that way is really difficult and unnatural. Some hand movements would seem like a safer way to play the game - say with a glove peripheral?

    But overall its a good job!



  33. Hey Guys

    Hmmmmmm, well, Tetris does exist already so I can’t give you much for that. The treadmill is a nice add on though. I think getting use to the running and turning and pushing of button might take some time. Website was well done, everything made sense. I definitely would like to play the game.

    I’ve decided to ditch the mark allocation list. From the presentation and what I think I’m able to give a mark that I think is fair.

    Final mark

    C - Credit

  34. Had some good ideas towards trying to make the existing game tetris into a physical game. I am not sure if i like the idea of using a treadmill though, perhaps trying to replace it with something else would have been a little better. An example of what you could of used might of been a bike, pedaling forward and backwards.

    I did like the wheel and button though because it was nice and simple and made it more interactive. Overall i give you a distinction

  35. Physical Exertion
    The treadmill definately brings your game into the world of physical exertion and as I am lazy & hate to exercise, it looks a whole lot more fun that a boring old treadmill by itself. Just wondering about possible ankle injury though (as mentioned by Ned in class)??? It is because of this that even though it is physical, it is not necessarily good physical.

    Mind Body conflict
    Leans towards the body side a bit more but the mind is challenged well, calling for some fast responses...might lead to injury though (see above).

    Mind Body Loop
    Extremely good use & take on equipment already available but hopefully altered, which satisfies the mind.

    Could get the heart pumping but not in an emotional way. I could see how it could be fun for some and exciting if you get the blocks in the right bits.

    Not an overly social game, people can watch & comment I take it? Due to the requirement of both the mind & body to play, I can't see the playing enjoying a social aspect to the game.

    Described well in the presentation but not as well on the website. Would be quite difficult to play, and thereby perform.

    An original take on an old game but is it really necessary as TETRIS does not need improvement.

    Some great visual aids were provided in both your presentation & website.

    Spoken & put together well with some sweet visual aids.

    Great looking site with excellent, descriptive imagery but not enough explanation about actual gameplay, is that because you assume most people know how to play Tetris? Always best to act like your audience knows nothing.


    Physical Exertion: 7.5/10
    Mind Body Conflict: 8/10
    Mind Body Loop: 8/10
    Social: 5/10
    Emotion: 7/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 7/10
    Style: 7/10
    Presentation: 7/10
    Website: 8/10

    Overall, that gives you 71.5% which is a D

  36. Your idea was pretty rad and definitely physical, i do wonder though how long it would take for the player to tire and just give up. Plus, having the player run, turn a wheel and push a button wouldn't be too friendly to un-coordinated folk, i know i'd probably end up messing it up completely.

    Great website and presentation!

    Score: D

  37. ps. Damien, you look about ready to eat our liver.

  38. The classic reworking of a classic was done quite well
    Good website - I especially like the reviews
    Nice presentation - was clear enough
    Good idea - although so much is going on at once - running, turning a wheel, pressing a button, strategizing - it's mind body conflict to the Xtreme
    You guys obviously thought about and developed your ideas

    It's a Distinction!

    -Kalonica Quigley

  39. Logan Gray s3235083June 10, 2009 at 11:31 PM

    Hey guys, this game for me kinda ruined a classic, sounds too exertive, and so much effort for such little outcome,



  40. Raphael Chung Shang Yuen S3242135June 11, 2009 at 12:57 AM

    Good thought went into this, it's different and that counts for something in this line of business.


  41. Ben Goodvach-DraffinJune 11, 2009 at 1:08 AM

    As a lot of other have said, I find the risk factor a little harsh. Running in one direction then trying to change on a moving treadmill is just ask for a broken ankle/face. Maybe if you had two treadmills heading in different directions or a force stop on the single treadmill. Other than that, its like a damn tiring game that would defintely get the heart working pretty fast

    High D

    Ben Goodvach-Draffin

  42. A pretty neat idea. While it's an interesting twist on a classic, and "Tredtris" is a totally A+ catchy name, I think you guys should have tried to develop the fundamental game a little more? i.e. made it Tetris-like, but not actually... Tetris. Just to elevate the originality a little. Also, yeah, single treadmill = not really viable, whatever mode you'd have it on. And if the speed of it was constantly in flux changing to suit the pace of the game...? yeah, I just don't see that happening without some sort of lawsuit happening right after. It'd be epic if you developed some sort of ultra-sensitive physics-defying Super Saiyan treadmill that could withstand/achieve opposing forces with ease, but seeing as technology isn't at that point yet...

    I give you a D, anyway. Great website and presentation, and it would be physically exerting as hell if it worked. No denying that (Y)

  43. First off, I find those forged reviews hard to believe. Well to be honest if this game is out in the actual market I can see people playing it for maybe a couple of weeks, but perhaps not so much in the following weeks.

    Well for starters, I think the mind body conflict is very messed up here. As it is I screw up at normal tetris at higher difficulty levels getting confused when the blocks are coming down at mega speed. So imaging how many bajillion times more confusing it will be when your controller is a treadmill.

    Second, I have to agree with gregg, tetris have been reinvented so many times already the idea is getting old to me. I would be happy with regular tetris.

  44. Right forgot about your grades, well I have to give you a C. Sure it maybe exertive, but being too difficult lowers any motivation to actually run. You're going to screw up again and again, why bother?

  45. It seems very exertive, which was the whole point.

    70/100. D.

  46. Tetris was boring for me to begin with! Maybe this can make it more exciting.

    Physical Exertion
    definitely physical, but the idea of changing direction screams injury to me.

    Mind Body conflict
    A definite conflict, challenging and rewarding.

    Not as social as some of the games presented in this lecture. Could of done with more social aspects

    I'm not sure

    Not too much performance oriented activity here

    Not very original, alot more could of been done

    Very tetris-ish

    The presentation was adequate

    The website could do with more information


    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 7/10
    Social: 6/10
    Emotion: 6/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 6/10
    Style: 6/10
    Presentation: 7/10
    Website: 7/10
    Conclusion: 8/10

    Total 68/100

    C (Credit)Do-doot-dee-doo-dit-dee-doo-doot-di-doo-dit-dee-doo-dooo

  47. This game would be very hard to play, with all that turning and what have you. Still a nice take on a classic. Slick website.

    a Distinction i think!

  48. My major concern with this game is a health and safety issue. I don't think it's too safe to be running on the treadmill sideways whilst trying to turn a wheel.
    however, innovative game and it could work


  49. sorry for this late reply

    idea: 4/5
    exertion: 5/5
    performance: 4/5
    social: 4/5
    emotion: 2/5
    presentation: 3/5
    website: 4/5

    overall score: D

  50. i love tetris its so addictive i think i would love playing this game!! plus since all the awesome peeps are in kidney ;pp.... HD for sure

  51. Andrew "Dooshie" DemetriouJune 16, 2009 at 2:37 PM

    to me, tredtris is a synonym for fun.
    yes, lame. but i wanted to express that i like it a lot without saying i like a lot. which i just did. SHUT UP.

    all right. basically i love it. i think that adding proper interactivity to tetris is awesome, and having it in the form of exertion is even better.
    i dont usually like ideas that are already a game (even though we did one) but i like it how you've made it something that isn't traditional tetris. It's completely different in the way that it's played.

    I would play this like a mofo, seriously. I dont even like tetris but the idea seems so fun.
    exertion up the yin-yang, and the mind will definately have to get used to the body's movements, since the mind knows teris but the body usually jsut presses buttons.

    I think gameplay would be really competitive aswell.

    Good shit hombres.

    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 10/10
    Social: 9/10
    Emotion: 9/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 7/10
    Style: 8/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Website: 7/10
    Conclusion: 8/10

    HD methinks.