Saturday, April 28, 2012

Design Teams for Radical Games #3 - 2012

Below is a list of the third design teams for your radical games. You will be presenting on 21st May. You will also have an audience from the IGDA Melbourne chapter to present to later that night.

M. Sarah C, Alex J, Shaun S
N. Amy H, Jayden G, Anushka D.M
O. Amanda B, Adam W, Charlie Le
P. Georgie Z, Timothy D, Dakenum J, Patrick W
Q. Ahn-Tu T, Priscilla W, Chris B
R. Kamila K, Alex T

Please post below or email me your team member names and blog URL so that I can put them up on the list. Please do this as soon as possible!


  1. Pretty sure that Amy has emailed you our team member’s names and URL, however, incase you didnt receive it, the group consists of Amy H, Jayden G and Myself.
    Whilst the URL is:

  2. Amanda, Adam, Charlie

  3. - group q

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