Monday, April 16, 2012

More Radical Games

Thank you all for your contributions. Today we analysed some more radical games and tried to pinpoint the novelty and contribution of each one. This becomes very important when talking about your games and crucial when writing a research paper (somewhat like the relationship between identifying your game's core mechanic when giving an elevator pitch). The radical games discussed today were 'Ere Be Dragons (paper), Combiform (interview), Fingle (interview), Johann Sebastian Joust! (paper).

We also talked about why facing each other while playing games is important, and played a game of Cheat. Then we discussed the Designing for Critical Play paper and did an exercise on modifying and critically engaging with existing games.

Don't forget that your second radical game presentations are next week. Please have ready by next week the following.

  • Critical reflection on the class in the comments section below
  • A blog for your second game (post the URL and team members here)
  • Your abstract
  • A video of your radical game
  • Practice your presentation


  1. Great class, really enjoyed presenting to everyone, despite first thing on a Monday morning. I think both presentations revolved around elements that build a game and what happens when they are altered or taken away from the game. Discussing the effects this has upon different genre's of games is a great way with coming up with new idea's or just understanding when too many elements are added how it can ruin a game entirely. hope everyone enjoyed our presentation. :)

  2. I like that both presentations found a way to engage the class and have them do something different. Discussions that follow are great because they let you think about different aspects of games in completely new ways.

  3. What I have liked about both rounds of presentations so far is that each game presented has been different from each other. Great to get feedback from Floyd, Chad and the other mentors and class who tried out our ipad drawing game, what people liked about the game and the improvements that we could make if we decide to pursue the game further. Trying to come up with new radical games quickly is a challenging but rewarding experience that has definitely helped me improve upon my own ideas for games development moving forward and the opportunity and potential for the final games to be shown to the IGDA community is an experience that I am really anticipating and motivating.

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