Thursday, June 4, 2009

Team O


  1. hey the URL is

  2. Scott Battye S3201290June 4, 2009 at 11:23 PM

    To be honest.


    'nuff said...

  3. love the way you've animated this and made it hilarious, although not original you've updated to use modern technology and a decent amount of physicality.
    purely becuase it's not a new idea you guys are gettin a D from me, not an HD.

  4. I think you guys did great, the animations for the presentation were well done (Logan ;D), some great humour in there.

    It seems like a pretty physical game, I can imagine people sweating quite a bit after playing for 10+ mins, especially once the pace of the game has gotten faster. The idea of having master/boss levels is a great addition to the game.

    I will have to disagree with Mariah regarding the game not being original enough. Floyd did point out that the game could easily be modified so that the surface is placed above instead of below. In fact, you could have it so there's six screens on each side (if you can imagine being inside a cube). Just my two cents (or knife in an eye).

    Great job with the website, really pleasing to see that you guys ended up with your own domain (Geoff ;D). Excellent work with coming up with a playable flash demo and having it up on the website.

    If you ever do end up making this game, just make sure you have a high-score chart ;D

    I'm giving you guys a HD :) Keep it up.


  5. My mark: DI
    Loverly illustrations/animations and explanation. The best part about it has to be the awesome humor and douchey sound bites. “NICE SHOES JACKASS!”

  6. The game is hilarious, however when other people play this game they would not know who is dooshie what-so-ever in person like we do. Also, it's kind of weird to stomp a person that seems to have done many "good deeds" - i love the animation and voice overs (too funny) but this would go with children gaming...although it's a simple exert game

    I give this game a D

  7. The animations and website would probably have to be one of the best that I've seen. Really funny sound effects and idea. Replace him with Billy Ray Cyrus and I'd never stop playing.


  8. Fantastic job guys!
    The presentation was excellent, the game was well explained and the sounds effects were epic! well done Dooshie ;D

    There is a good level of exertion on poor Dooshie :P Especially when the rate that Dooshie's face appears increases ^^

    The website is fantastic and is well set out and easy to navigate around and displays all the information that you need to know about the game. Well done on the interactive flash too :)

    Great job guys!
    THIS GETS A high distinction

  9. George SelemidisJune 7, 2009 at 6:13 AM

    Presentation was pretty good and concept was fairly original. I just think people might get dizzy from constantly staring at the ground for the dooshie head and jumping up and down and stomping. It might get a little irritating after a while. Regardless it was a pretty cool concept. 8.5/10

  10. Very funny setting and presentation (both by the team and the game itself) overall. Stomping on the doosh's (excuse the possible wrong spellnig I'm not sure) head every few seconds will surely be tiring. Good job.

    D. Well done.

  11. I would play this if I saw it at an arcade. No doubt.

  12. great idea and attractive video


  13. Rockin' idea I'd probably go nuts trying to stomp the dooshie, probably try and get some knees and punches in their too just from rage. Some of dooshies quotes are pretty damn funny. There should be more variety but no doubt you would implement that if the cheque was in the mail.
    Awesome idea however with great design and character, didnt know at first it was linked to dooshie within the class cause he's a good guy.

    I'd definately play this.


  14. This was one of my favourites,
    points lost for having a very rigid idea.(whack a mole style game)
    points gained for making your rigid idea awesome!

    High Distinction

  15. Hahaha you guys automatically get points for being the most comical game made (in my opinion)
    Reminds of of that game "wack-a-mole" (im guessing thats where the inspo came from)
    I really dont know whether id play this myself. id be like hmm yes.....wait um.......hmmmm
    but yeah good idea i liked the way there are different modes of doosh stomping madness
    so im gonna give you guys a ....


  16. Physical Exertion: 8/10
    decent amount of physical exertion

    Mind Body Conflict/loop 9/10
    The hilarious nature of this game, will have you in stitches whilst trying to concentrate on trying to stop the douches

    Social: 5/10
    no multiplayer was mention but it gets 5 points for the exciting atmosphere it would create, in which you could socialize.

    Emotion: 8/10
    interesting and immersive concept, terribly funny.

    Performance: 10/10

    Originality: 2/10
    this is already game, it gets 2 points for being original in its style.

    Style: 10/10
    great art, hilarious voice acting.

    Website: 10/10
    grade A flash work!


  17. Raphael Chung Shang Yuen S3242135June 8, 2009 at 11:01 PM

    Seems like one of those games you would put a million quarters in just for teh luls, then another million to try and beat the high score.

    Great content, nice gameplay. I might put in a couple more moves like having the player kneel, or having the interface be abit more complicated. Kudos to you guys for self sacrifice in order to make a great game, in particular Dooshy/Dooshie.

    High Distinction, Distinction,Credit isn't even an option.

  18. big fat LOL. playing would be hard unless you didn't find the game funny at all

  19. Great idea. Great presentation. Great website. Very exerting. Well done on the flash game. Pretty damn funny too.

    Score: High Distinction

  20. Samantha To s3197261

    Great Flash work!!

    I think the game would kinda annoy you after a while

    = D

  21. hey guy cant add anything not already said great job also i think dooshie loves the attention even if hes getting stomped in the face....but by all of us........ feel the love hehe

  22. hehe awesome idea tho not so original but then again in its a great new take on the old hit the crap out of the crocodile! Ur presentation was extremely entertaining and i think the final game was very polished and looked amazing :) full marks for fun and presentation a great way to kick doouchies face in!!

    Mark : HD

  23. Ben Taylor s3168518June 9, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    Hilarious, and a very exertive game, my only concern is underdeveloped multi player.

  24. Although it seemed like a very simple idea at first, is now a clearly fun game. Even though not too many people can play it at once, (well.. properly) it still engages the whole group. A perfect example was us during the presentation - all laughing and applauding the computer version... imagine at the arcade!

  25. Ok I see a lot of HDs and i know why. You guys put a lot into the design and that always pays off. Great animations and I'd love to see this out the front of the movies some day : D.

    HD!!!!! (For 'Harm Dooshie')

  26. This my team, I cannot mark my team , but I think my team mates worked very well!!!Dooshie!!!!Yeah Yeah!!!
    Thank you for all you comments.

  27. Probably the most funny idea pitched. Nice artwork!

    I do have to second the underdeveloped multiplayer criticism - it seems like this game could be really really fun, but even more so if you involved more people.

    In terms of emotions, it'd be great if after connecting a stomp with Doosh's head, he sported some kind of injury. So the more hits you connect, you are rewarded with the sight of a mangled and bloodied Doosh.

    Because you managed to make a simple premise look so fun, you get a High Distinction.

  28. This would be a complete hit in arcades. I can see hordes of people stomping-a-doosh! One of the funniest and most entertaining concepts yet.



  29. a decent variation on the whack a mole game allowing the player to get more physical, extra points to dooshie for allowing his likeness to be stomped on, prefer the arcade version to the home one as it allows more pysicallity + performance as well! very funny & very amusing!

    giving this one a Distinction

  30. Hey Guys

    WELL DONE. Fantastic guys, presentation was excellent, I understood everything. The only thing I have a problem with is that it might get boring after a while. The things that I’m attracted to in this game are Dooshies commets, the more the better, and the visuals. The game is very basic so just make sure there is enough content to keep the players interested.

    I’ve decided to ditch the mark allocation list. From the presentation and what I think I’m able to give a mark that I think is fair.

    Final mark

    HD – High Destinction

  31. I have always wanted to stomp a doosh and this game gives me the chance to do so which makes me happy. I enjoyed the hilarious catch phrases that he says before a stomp and the awesome visuals. The flash part of your presentation was very well done and it was great to see a playable demo version of one of the games. Overall you get a high distinction

  32. I'm sick of long comments so...

    Excellent Visuals, presentation & website! I'm still a bit unsure about the technical "how it works side" of things. Do the tiles have a trigger or motion sensor? That kind of thing. Website could have explained this a bit better but it's funny & looks great. The great images & audio made up for this however. Good going lads & lasses.


    Physical Exertion: 8/10
    Mind Body Conflict: 8/10
    Mind Body Loop: 9/10
    Social: 8/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Performance: 7/10
    Originality: 8.5/10
    Style: 10/10
    Presentation: 9/10
    Website: 9/10

    Overall, that gives you 84.5% which is a HD

  33. Great site
    Great preso
    Great use of pre-existing game
    Unoriginal game play made sweet.
    Nobody would dare give something this cool anything less than an HD

    SWEET Flash game


    D. Kidney s3237937

  34. It's so simple, yet so awesome
    That you have your own, proper website is such a win - bonus points
    And it's such a pretty and interactive one too, well done.
    Very good presentation

    It's a High Distinction!

    -Kalonica Quigley

  35. Man your game rocked.
    Presentation was awesome and everything you guys did was rad as.
    It would be cool if you had random blind kids popping up or something that you don't hit, just to make it a little harder. Dooshie as a spartan had to bump my mark up to an HD.

  36. Ben Goodvach-DraffinJune 11, 2009 at 1:16 AM

    So, amazing site and really impressive flash work, as well as the sound effects. And although it was in no way original, it didn't have to be and you pulled off the rendition nicely. My only gripe however is that it's already a physical type of game with whack-a-mole (one of the few exer games you already see in arcades). And its funny for us in the class because we know who Dooshi is, but if you don't, then it just comes down to being able to beat up some random dude with a goatee, just a little facebook applicationie (new word) i guess. But great job.


    Ben Goodvach-Draffin

  37. Dear god, I just want to marry this game and never let it go. Epicness embodied. The unoriginality of the basic concept is almost entirely overridden by the sheer amount of awesome. I can't even articulate why it's so awesome, though I probably should...

    Social = check,
    Emotional = hell yes,
    Performance = yeah,
    Physical exertion = yes!
    Site + animation = (Y)(Y)(Y)

    Being slightly more objective though... I have to give it a D. The reason being that so much of the awesome rests on the fact that we know Dooshie for who he is - if you'd developed a character that was more universally lolarious instead of an M&P in-joke, it'd be a HD for sure.

  38. lmao i friggen love this its hilarious before the first presentation i was soo confused with why Logan was drawing Dooshie now i understan it was for complete awesomeness

    Damien S3235475

  39. Dont feel like saying much.

    Just because Doosh, you have a face I really wanna stomp.


    (Just kidding, or maybe not)

  40. Hilarious twist on the original game. Freakin' amazing website. Arguably one of the best.

    86/100. HD.

    I'm also sick of long comments! :P
    So here we go...

    Physical Exertion
    STOMP-A-RIFFIC! Really good, use of whole body!

    Mind Body Conflict
    CONFLICT-A-DOOSH! Nice challenging game with lots going on to get the physicality going. But too many dooshes at a time could be a bit confusing.

    stomp-a-jokes getting old now. The multiplayer aspect was nice, adding to the social game play

    Great use of Dooshie, could be great if you could use your own friends faces as well as dooshies

    Going mad stomping dooshies!

    The game isn't so original, but the application of the whole body is great. Using a friends face is a great idea

    Great visual style!

    Fantastic, well done

    Excellent, has alot of information and interactivities


    Physical Exertion: 9/10
    Mind Body Conflict/loop: 8/10
    Social: 8/10
    Emotion: 8/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Originality: 9/10
    Style: 10/10
    Presentation: 10/10
    Website: 10/10
    Conclusion: 10/10
    Bonus Dooshie points: 5

    Total 95/100

    HD (High Distinction)


  42. What about all the people out there who dont know who dooshie is?? thats probably irrelevant. Very good game, bonus points for the funny-ness.


  43. Great game, but may i just say that this game is very much context sensitive. In the sense that to get full satisfaction out of this game you need to have met dooshie. But i think we could remedy that by hiring guys who wear Dooshie costumes.
    Great idea, again, simple yet affective.
    I think the flash game is great too, same game, yet different representation and so it brings with it a different experience, so kudos for that part.


  44. hilllarrrriouussss!!! i'd love to watch someeone play that game!! hhaa

    idea: 4/5
    exertion: 4/5
    social: 5/5
    performance: 3/5
    emotion: 4/5
    presentation: 5/5 love the sound effects!
    website: 5/5

    overall score: HD

  45. This game was awesome:

    Concept :: 9/10
    Physical Exertion :: 8/10
    Mind/Body Conflict Loop :: 7/10
    Social :: 8/10
    Emotion :: 8/10
    Performance :: 8/10
    Originality :: 10/10
    Presentation :: 9/10
    Website :: 10/10

    The website was great!!!

    Overall: HD

  46. i wasnt there for the presentation and i couldn tload the website but i seen you guys workign on it and the drawings and all were really neat. good effort (: i love the idea!!!! D(: